Not every game released is a jaw-dropping spectacle of masterful story-telling, superb graphics and in-depth game play. Just like awesomely horrible action flicks, some games are amazing or super-fun simply BECAUSE they're so simple and so well-designed in their intentional ridiculousness. Here is a tribute to those games!

Mario v. Ness v. Samus v. Marth v. Pikachu? I don't imagine many people have ever stopped to think about the concept of a brawling game using all of Nintendo's trademark characters, but the concept is just ridiculous. Watch out! Pikachu did Thundershock and just damaged Marth 11%! Oh crap, Mario just found a Pokeball and released Blastoise, but Samus has a home run bat! The concept is bizarre, but few would argue that this game is probably the funnest and most replayable on the list.

How ironic that one of the best entries into the Star Wars universe (beaten in fun-factor only by Battlefront and KOTOR, in my humble opinion) is also one of the most ridiculous. The title alone pretty much sums it up: it's the original Star Wars trilogy, only all the characters and levels are composed of Legos. The game is great in a light-hearted way. The cut-scenes are amusing, but even better are a lot of the minute details that were so lovingly crafted. I couldn't stop laughing the first time I saw Chewbacca rip off a Storm Trooper's little lego arms and watched the Trooper fret for a few moments before 'dying' by bursting into several little lego pieces.

An interesting puzzle game that is meant to be cute in the same way as 'Hello Kitty' but ends up being awesomely ridiculous, I think. You control the Loco Rocos, small... rock-like... things... that sing and bounce and combine to create one gigantic Loco Roco. Tilt and whirl the screen with the triggers on the PSP to collect bugs and build your own Loco House with lego-like pieces you find! This one is hard to understand in text. Just visit Gamespot or any other gaming site and listen to the opening theme. You'll understand.

The only quasi-serious game on the list (sometimes), SH: C is designed to be a legit game with small doses of ridiculous content injected for good fun. The quality of those doses, though, is so solid that it wins Covenant a spot on the list. Contributing most to this game's ridiculous credentials is Joachim, the vampire luchador. Every time he acquires a new weapon a hilarious cut-scene plays showing Joachim finding his wrestler's 'inspiration.' Being the hero of justice he is, he can hear the laughter of small children coming from the length of PVC pipe laying on the ground. Oh, the children used to laugh and play in it, so now he will wield it to beat enemies' heads with it~. I'm sure anyone who played this game need merely to hear the words 'Man Festival' to know it earns a spot on the list.

Mini games wrapped up in a crazy and silly format. Using the Wii-mote, you must attack rabbids (rabbit-like alien creatures who are invading) with a plunger, play whack-a-mole, load them into a slingshot to fire them, and all sorts of quirky and awesomely bizarre stuff. The various squeals of hilarious pain the rabbids make only adds to the fun. It was ported to the Xbox 360, but screw that: the game goes from awesomely stupid to just plain boring without the motion control aspect. On the Wii, though, few things can beat the fun of slinging your wii-mote and watching a squealing rabbid go flying.

I'll say outright: yeah, I own this game, and yeah it's fun, so haha. Xtreme 2 takes the concept of the original game (the top-heavy jiggling of DOA that Team Ninja is famous for, only substituting the fighting engine for bikinis) and runs with it shamelessly. New mini-games included. Forget the real names, let's call the mini games what they really are: butt-battle, ogle as the girl lays down and poses, etc. Like I said, I will admit I have enjoyed the volleyball sim and the gift-giving aspect, but even the patented 'one-hand' aspect (you only need one hand to play the game... gee, why would you need one hand free?) is a little much for a Kasumi fanboy like me. Because of that, you get the title of 'ridiculous but fun,' DOA. Don't play it, though, if you've got a judgmental girlfriend, or you'll never hear the end of it!

This game is like 'All Your Base Are Belong To Us' brought to life. The plot is short to nil, but that's actually a good thing. You've got a rocket launcher and a shotgun, and ants the size of city blocks are being dropped from UFOs to invade Earth. Using your trusty weapons, you must battle ants, spiders, aliens, giant robots and all sorts of villains from old B-grade horror movies from years ago. You do two things in this game: run around and kill stuff. Lest we are mistaken, though, I should clarify that by 'kill stuff' I mean literally hundreds upon hundreds of gigantic acid-spewing ants ten times your size who burst and bounce around when killed. Featuring completely destructible environments and a co-op mode, few things are quite as fun as getting drunk with a good buddy and playing EDF 2017 for hours on end.

Some of the dialogue and cut-scenes alone would qualify Disgaea, but the entire concept wins it the #3 spot. You are Laharl, the bossy (and often lonely, since he is just a small boy) boy intent on becoming Hell's next Overlord. Using your army of loyal prinnies (sword-wielding penguins with a fanny pack that call you 'dood' and explode when thrown), you will fight the Prism Rangers (haha, parody), the arrogant Midboss, evil angels, and generally create all sorts of strategy-based mayhem.

The spiritual predecessor to games like River City Ransom, only designed from top to bottom to be completely ridiculous. Using the powers of your God Hand in this PS2 beat-em-up, you can spank evil women, drum on the bellies of fat men, and give evil demons a swift kick to the nuts to launch them to the moon. Bosses include the likes of a gorilla in a luchador outfit, and it's all wrapped up nicely with rather 'interesting' choices of surfing and beach music. This game is ridiculously hard sometimes, ridiculously stupid in theme, and ridiculously fun in small doses.

When thinking of ridiculous games, Elite Beat Agents is the first game that should come to mind for anyone that has ever played it. You are an Elite Beat Agent, charged with helping others through the power of dance and song. EBA is a rythme game for the Nintendo DS. You are tasked with helping a dog find his bone, helping a student pass his exams, helping a baby-sitter watch over terrible children: and all by dancing to the rythme of the song and your stylus. Nothing says 'ridiculous' to me like helping a cabbie avoid the police to take his wife to the hospital in time to deliver a baby by tapping your stylus to Avril Lavigne's Sk8er Grrl. So so very stupid, and so very fun.

Bizarre, Quirky, Utterly Ridiculous: we've hopefully accepted these games for who they are, because if anyone gets stuck on something like lesser graphics, a non-existent story or a soundtrack not orchestrated by the FF team then they're missing a hell of a lot.

List by Azrael007 (05/29/2007)

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