We've all heard of games with online play such as Halo 2, Counter-Strike, etc. But here's the list of games with great online play that are overlooked in the gaming community.

This was the only game I ever really got into on the PSP that had online play because it was the only one that never really required a headset to make tactics up. The deathmatch was fun, but did get quite old after a while. But due to the number of weapons you could use, it kept it fresh for a while.

Doom for the Xbox Live arcade has online co-op with up to 4, so it'll be even easier killing those tough bosses. It also hosts a fun online death match game play.

Although this game can be very, very annoying and difficult sometimes, the online fights can be fun as hell and time consuming at that. You can go into a game with 3 of your friends and spend hours fighting each other. When you win, it's the greatest feeling you can possibly get from a video game, and win you lose, it can feel like you just dishonored your family. This is one that's definitely worth checking out.

This game has been called many things and has many views on it. Some say it was a horrible let down while others say it was the scariest game they had ever played. But that doesn't matter with this. The online death match wasn't all that revolutionary or original, but it was fast paced and fun. And with the maps that were so easy to get lost in, it only added to the fun factor.

The only WW2 shooter I've ever played online that has been quite so fun. The only downfall with the online is that there were no Achievement points for playing so that had a real impact on the number of people playing it. The only problem with it was the camping factor, but when there's someone who's great with a sniper on the opposing team, you tend to not want to run out in the open so much.

Why am I putting the BF2 from original Xbox instead of the newer one for the 360, well the reason is because few people ever played it online. I couldn't figure out the reason why, but they game play made up for it. The few friend's that I had that played that game was fun enough for me, so if you're still stuck with the old Box, definitely get this game.

This game wasn't really all that big, even when it first came out, but it is definitely one of the most fun games I have ever played on Live. It plays like Counter-Strike, but with a much quicker pace and more players, larger maps, and tons of weapons makes this game a must own.

I played this game quit a good bit and it was the main game that got me through those lonely nights when I had no plans a few years ago. I played it in its first few months after it was released and there wasn't that man players online like BF2. The multiplayer also seemed more fulfilling than any of the other Splinter Cells, including DA.

Here's another one that many people look down on because it censors the F-Bomb. But the online was incredible. There were several different classes of soldiers you could play as including scouts, grunts, snipers. There were also two teams you could play as: the squirrels or the Nazi teddy bears. Another plus is the gore factor, if you're into seeing squirrels and teddy bears getting holes shot through their heads or chopped up into several pieces.

This is the best all-time game I ever played on Xbox Live or any online multiplayer set up. The goal is to build up an arsenal of different attacks and use them on your enemies. You could only hold 4 attacks at a time and 4 new ones would respawn periodically for you to pick up and use. The base price of this game was only 20 dollars yet barely any people have even heard of it, let alone played it. It is NOT backwards compatible which pisses me off because I'd love nothing more than to get back into this game. So if you still have your old Xbox, I would highly suggest picking up this game, and for only 20 dollars, it's hard to argue over the worth of this game.

In conclusion, I went over the 10 best online games I've played that haven't been heavy hitters or highly popular. And I know most of the were for the Xbox/360, but since that's the only console that I own anymore with online functions, it'd be hard not to be biased toward it. But I hope I helped some of you make a decision on some games you want to play that are jam packed with fun that you might not have thought of before.

List by GearsOfWarr (06/04/2007)

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