I am a horror fanatic. From books, films, to games, to even music. This top list is for those that just LOVE to be scared, or love to play horror games, or for people that want to completly avoid them at all costs. If you love horror, love being scared, and don't mind getting a little bloody along the way, join me as I list my top ten games that at one point or another, had a memorable effect on me.

Imagine this. Your a young female, just awakening from something tragic. You can't remember exactly what it was, but your going to find out. Now throw in the fact your in some sadistic mansion full of psychos, with no real knowledge of ways to defend yourself, and your now in a nightmare. You soon have a companion to help along the way, a dog that you befriended. That still doesn't help much with a huge guy chasing you thru-out a place you have never been before. Be prepared to hide...alot.

This was Squaresofts attempt (from Final Fantasy fame, duh) to do a horror game with RPG elements thrown into the mix. While it spawned a sequel, which I thought was a much better game, this game had more of an overall feeling of terror to it then the second. It's a tough game, a decent story, and some memorable scares.

I call it "the action-gamers horror game". This game gives you tons of weapons, and powerful abilites, but still manages to pull off an errie atmosphere, creative monster design, and a really disturbing story, no matter which path you head down.

If your caught, your dead. Very nasty dead, like by a blind woman crying blood dead. This is a stealth survival horror game. Imagine that? Unlike Mr. Solid Snake, you don't have all those cool weapons. You must have a TON of patience in this game. This game is not for the easily frustrated. But if you love sitting back, defenseless, praying that your next move goes unnoticed, sweat dripping off your forehead as you look thru the eyes of your enemy, this game is for you. I loved every minute of it.

This game is dark. And in the darkness you cannot see very well. You can't see what's five feet in front of you. You can only hold your gun, or your flashlight, and your flashlight doesn't have bullets. Do you risk bringing it out to look for some health...or do you hold that shotgun like it's your first born and pray the next thing that jumps out doesn't kill you. You only have one choice....so choose wisely.

Another game with almost no weapons, this game has two major factors in the way it scares you. The brutal insanity that is out to get you, and that your a teenage girl that doesn't wield any weapons. That's right, you have no weapon. The best you can do is throw some Holy Water as some Maniac chases after you... good luck with that Holy water. The fear of being defenseless, I love it. Oh, and no doggy to help you out hehe.

"What the heck was that!. Wait, I hear something.......CRAP!" You will be doing that alot in this game. While the battle system might throw people off, it's uniqueness also brings in alot of people. Saying anything else would spoil alot of the fun this game has to offer. Seeing dead people never felt so good.

Some might question this game on the list. Why not the first? Why not the fourth? Why in the third spot? This is my favorite series of all time. This is THE reason why I started playing survival horror games. While it doesn't have some of the qualities of some of the other games here, it sure as heck gets down the shock scares. RE2 is the reason I play horror games today. I play it once a year. Why am I still typing, go play the whole series!

What can I say without spoiling the whole point of this game. let's just say trust me. Good story, some of the best sounds in gaming, and has such a unique way of scaring it's players. Turn off the lights, and turn up the 5.1., and let your sanity deplenish!

This game has it all. Graphics for it's time, sound that is simply bone-chilling, from the sounds of monsters to the background sounds. I never felt an urge of fear that started within the first 5 minutes of a game and never let up, and the first ten minutes you don't have to fight anything! Without spoiling anything, this game has a little bit of everything for horror fans. Gore, Creepy Sounds, Mind Bending Story. It's all there.

That is the list, all wrapped up in a neat little package. If you like any of these games I have listed, I urge you to also play thier sequels/prequels, as they are just as good. To end this list, I thought to quote my favorite author. "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear." --- H.P. Lovecraft

List by cananyonesaveme (06/06/2007)

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