Can't find any good games to play for your next-gen systems? Don't worry about it, because you still haven't played some great games from last generation. So drag that dusty ps2 out of the closet and sit back while I hit you with some knowledge. This is a list of ps2 games that I found highly entertaining, but at the same time hardly anyone played them. You won't see these titles recommended or praised very often, but feel free to research them further and then go out and play them if they sound interesting to you.

This ancient game started development back in 1996. The gameplay is an addictive blend of Time Crisis and Gears of War. As a member of an elite SWAT team, the only way to get back a secret satellite is by ducking and shooting....for 31 levels. The core game play is simplified by a single action button for taking cover. It's not quite Metal Gear Solid in terms of production values, but I found the actual action in this game to be more entertaining than the action in that game. *Initiates flame shield*

This game possibly has the coolest premise for a game ever, which makes the fact that nobody played it especially sad. It's an adventure game from Konami. At the beginning of each of the game's ten chapters, you watch the main character die. The main character is then given a second lease on life by a mystical being known as the Homunculus. For the rest of each chapter, you have a limited amount of time to prevent your character's impending doom, of which you already know all the details. It's worth checking out just for the premise, but it's worth playing to death(lol@puns) because of the seemingly endless number of endings and story paths based on your in-game actions.

It's hard to understand this game without seeing a screen shot. In fact, look up some screen shots right now. Back yet? Alright, this is a 3rd person shooter that emphasizes music and visuals over gameplay. You fly through the levels and shoot enemies. The levels present little in the way of challenge, but you won't care because you'll be looking at the futuristic, wiry environments and enemies. Nothing compares to floating through a level while the subtle beat of drums sets the mood perfectly. Check it out if you can find this.

Let me start by saying that I hate role playing games, and then let me continue on by stating that I enjoyed Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits. My buddy tells me that it's formulaic and lame, but then again, he is also a straight-up fool at times. In the game world, Humans compete with Deimos over a power source called spirit stones. You play as Kharg, a human prince, and also Darc, a half-deimos slave of th Deimos civilization who becomes their leader. Battles are turn based and I was always engaged because you only fight when it makes sense for the story. No random fighting here. The story also becomes appropriately epic and eventually deals with some pretty serious themes that you don't expect to see in videogames. Anyways, this rpg is cheap as dirt these days and comes highly recommended.

There's a sequel for this game, but I don't know why considering this game's poor sales. This is like a new-school 3d iteration of Ghosts n' Goblins. As Maximo, you try to reclaim your throne by destroying an army of the undead. Because you can't control your jumps in midair, you need to think before you jump. Jump and fight your way through challenging platform levels with swamp, snow, and graveyard themes. There are powerups littering the levels, but it's still ridiculously tough. Also, you need to "pay" for saves and continues with items you find and this makes the game exponentially harder. With the difficulty point already having been beaten to death, know that the gameplay in this has a addictive quality that keeps you coming back no matter how many times you get your butt handed to you. They don't make games like they used to, and games used to be awesome.

I consider Shadow of Rome to be the best hack n' slash action on ps2. I hold it in higher esteem than Dynasty Warriors or Champions of Norrath based solely on how cool I feel when I play it. It takes place in Ancient Rome, and the story involves famous personages such as Caesar Augustus. There is a lot of meat to the fighting, and you need to utilize shields and special attacks. Equipment breaks often, so you must scavenge the battlefield for pickups. An appropriate amount of story sequences and light stealth break up the action well. Imagine killing a tiger with your bare hands. You CAN in this game. It's like all of the fun of Gladiator and 300 in videogame form. I don't know why it's not higher on the list, but honestly, the numbering is semi-arbitrary. Just play this and witness a new level of awesomeness.

Sometimes I play games just to see the awesome boss battles. Clover answered my prayers by making a game of nothing but epic boss battles. You need to climb these giant beasts known as Colossi until you find their weak spots. Colossal is an understatement to describe these guys. You need to see them to believe it. It can take some brain power to bring them down(I know this because I failed many times), but I still thoroughly enjoyed this game. Why can't more developers follow suit and make games of just boss battle goodness? No clue, but in the meantime, make sure you've played this gem of a game.

Psychonauts is a wacky platforming game. In order save a psychic summer camp, you travel into the minds of different individuals and basically do some good old-fashioned platforming. The psychic powers play a part in the platforming as well. The reason you need to own this is because it's incredibly offbeat and original in execution. The story and characters made me laugh a ton while playing this one, and I was addicted to the bizarre visuals and smooth platforming. Easily beats out Ratchet and Jak as my favorite platformer. It ties with Sly, though. Sly will always have a place in my heart, no matter what. *thinks of sly and a lone tear drips out of eye*.....*cue cheesy video montage of me and sly having fun together*

Downhill Domination is an old favorite. I don't think it sold any copies based solely on the fact that people don't like mountain biking. However, this is way more fun than SSX 3, and that game was widely acclaimed for its awesomeness. As rock music blears out of your tv speakers, you and your bike go careening down steep mountainsides at speeds that can only be described by the word "ridiculous." If navigating these mountains doesn't sound intense enough, factor in that you also need to punch your competitors and pull off insane aerial maneuvers. This is my most-played ps2 game, and I own a lot of ps2 games. Finding a copy of this game should be fairly high on your list of things to do before you die.

Darkwatch beats out some tough competitors and takes the top spot on my list. This game uses the universal formula for epic coolness, which can be written mathematically as "Wild West + Vampires + FPS Action = Epic Coolness." If you haven't take calculus yet you might not understand it, but just know that Einstein would surely approve right before his mind exploded, because this game is mind blowing. Forget tactical, realistic shooters. They aren't fun. (*coughGRAW* *cough*) When Jericho Cross, who is likely the most badass character in videogame history, robs the wrong train, he accidently unleashes an army of evil. He joins up with the Darkwatch, the organization that protects against these evils, which he screwed when he robbed the train. This is an arcadey shooter with a relentless pace of action. You will kill monsters at an extreme rate. Also, your character can jump about 50 feet and use vampire powers to wreak mayhem. It borrows the recharging shield and melee attacks from Halo. The multiplayer is decent, but this is the best single player on any console fps. The amount of fun you can have with it can not be expressed in words. It's awesome. Playing the story mode on this game even takes precedence over playing Downhill Domination, and let's face it, that's pretty important.

There you have it, folks, the most awesomely awesome ps2 games nobody played. Those are ten games that you can't go wrong by playing. They made this list by their sheer awesomeness. You couldn't just show up and make this list. There were tryouts...and stuff. Anyways, the ones at the top of list should probably be played first but they are all worthwhile. If there is a game that you like but I didn't include, I honestly don't care. This list is based on my opinion and not what other people like. Thanks for reading, and also, be sure to petition to have this put on the front page because I spent at least a half hour writing it. *thinks of sly again* Why, Sly, why must you torment me like this?!?!? WHY?!?!?

List by TheTrackStarr (06/07/2007)

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