Playing with friends is a blast. Multi-player is a great thing that almost all games should have. However, there are those times when you want/need/are forced to play alone. For these times, you need a game which can entertain you without needing the human factor of multiplayer. This list is the ten best (in my opinion) on Xbox.

The single-player on this game is incredible. Not only is this a brilliant FPS with great graphics but the story is so involving you do become like a brother with the characters. The system of 'Find, Fix, Flank, Finish' works brilliantly too. One of the best WWII games out there.

The dark isn't scary when you're a guy who has built in night vision! This game had some great graphics and a great story. Though technically a FPS this game features very little shooting. Your main weapons are knives, blunt objects or your own fists mainly. The combat is great because melee combat is developed further in this game than in any other. Atmospheric and involving. Plus Vin Diesel's in it.

Aren't sandbox games great? Mercenaries does have a good story and some good missions but the true fun comes from just running (or driving or flying) through North Korea shooting and destroying everything. The fun doesn't end when you run out of ammo either. You can call in air strikes and buy vehicles whenever you want. This game just rewards destruction.

This game promised more than it delivered but it is still one of the best on Xbox. Almost a neat introduction to RPGs rather than a serious one, this game will please you just as much as it annoys you. But there's no denying that its colourful world and the freedom to choose good or evil make this a game with vast replay value. There are also plenty of skills to increase and many spells to be learned before taking on the main villain.

The best platformer on Xbox. This game is a great one. There is a good story to it, varied levels, a hilarious script and brilliant characters which all combines to make one great single-player experience. This game will entertain you for hours especially as there is so much to collect too.

The greatest stress reliever known to man. Ok, so the story and missions were pretty weak but this is game that lets you go wild in a huge city as the Hulk! You can smash almost everything in your path, including some buildings. There are loads of challenges which will test your abilities as the Hulk and it's just great to sit and play for ten minutes or three hours!

A great RPG which is basically KOTOR but in a mystical, ancient Chinese setting. KOTOR is better because of the familiar setting but Jade Empire is still a brilliant game. It's the same as KOTOR in pretty much ever respect except combat. Jade Empire's real-time combat system is much better than the turn-based combat seen in KOTOR. If you play KOTOR, you must play this.

Htman has been a series with obvious good and bad points. Gradually the series has improved its flaws and we have Blood Money. Some of the traditional niggles remain but by now, it just wouldn't be Hitman without them. Taking control of a cold-blooded killer has never been better. This Hitman feels much more like Hitman 2 and puts the dark, mature themes of Contracts behind it. A great game to immerse yourself in with seemingly limitless replay value.

I think this is the best Star Wars game there is and I also think it's better than the second KOTOR. There's no denying that this game is fantastic. An RPG set in the Star Wars universe 4000 years before the films, this game has you play through your own Star Wars adventure and lets you be a Jedi like never before. A must if you intend to play Xbox alone.

What a great game! This took me sometime to get into because it was the first RPG of this kind I'd ever played. Once I got a feel for it I spent around two years playing through Vvardenfel, each character I created being vastly different from the last. This game still feels fresh and the Game of the Year Edition gave us even more to play through, including the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions on one disc as well as the original game itself. The best Single-player game on Xbox. This game can consume you and you'll love it!

There you go. If ever your sat alone with no-one to play with and you spy your Xbox get one of these games up on it. Hours of great gaming awaits you. They won't dissappoint. Thanks for reading.

List by CHRISMC64 (06/15/2007)

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