Even though the Super nintendo/Super Famicon consoles are outdated, but they provided many gamers with entertainment. The games on the console contributed to many ideas in games today. Many of the games are still fun to play when your bored.

Many of you might ask: Why is this Fighting game on here? When there are better games out there? Because This game is a game that stands out in its catagory/genre for the SNES. Gundam Wing: Endless Duel is a fighting game created for the SNES console. Many fighting games on the SNES wasnt really worth playing but this game is different. This fighting game differs than others on the SNES because it featured "Super Moves" such as ones in later games in the "Street Fighter" series. This game also includes special moves that you can put into a combo. Other SNES fighting games only allowed you to combo with single button moves. This game includes a Trial Mode which is also one of the first featured modes in fighting games. Gundam Wing: Endless Duel has excellent graphics for the SNES. The Gundams are detailed really good. Each one has their own set of stats that really affected their fighting. Their sound tracks fits along with the fighting scene alot. If you want to try some old and good fighting game for a change you can try this one.

Super Mario World is widely known around the world as it is in one of the most popular game series. Super Mario World added new changes to the game play which made it a much better game at the time. Super Mario World conserved the Jumps, run, Mushroom Power, and the Flower Power, but in addition this game has the "Feather" and "Yoishi". These two things made the popularity of Mario bigger. Even though it is a side scroller, Super Mario World has good graphics and good sounds. Your abilities from items allow you to fight monsters in stages. The many levels will keep you busy and there are lots of secret passages in this game. Because this game is an all time classic and a popular game it deserves to on this list.

The game that started it all. Yep Super Mario Kart inspired the upcoming racing games on 2D systems. Super Mario Kart was the first game ever to race on 3D stimulated fields. Many Racing games created after used the same method to make their games look more realistic. This game featured Mario characters and Donkey Kong. If you're wondeing about the start of racing games, you should play Super Mario Kart. Even if it's not because of that Super Mario Kart is still a great game bcause it is challenging. You can challenge others in a race or a battle game. This game's hardest mode, the 150cc race is extremely hard to beat and will pose a challenge to anyone.

Actraiser is like a 2 games in 1, the game is split into to sections. The 1st section of the game you fight monsters in side scroll action. You can use your melee(sword) or limited magic power. At the end of each stage there is a boss. When you liberated the area from monsters people will move in and live there. The 2nd section of the game is the part where you build a civlization/village. You get to command people themselves where to built their homes in the area you liberated. There are still monster lairs that you have command the people to seal them. You grow levels as your civlization/village get bigger and improves. During this section of the game you control an angel. As the angel, you can help defeat monsters that flys around with your arrors or magics(Note:You fly above your Village in this section of the game). As you move in to new areas, new challenges await you in the 1st section. Later on you will have new terrains to deal with. This is the first game that actually let you built your own areas, even before Sim City. Actraiser is new experience for the SNES back then and it is still enjoyable today.

This RPG introduced the "Ring Menu" to it's series. The Ring Menu is where you can select different tasks to do in a ring of commands. This is very convenient. Secret of Mana was also one of the first games to be able to train Skills on Weapons and Magic. The more you use the magic and weapons they increase in ability. Each character have their own level of skill with your team's weapons making them unique. This is very special for a SNES because its new to the game play. This game's graphics and sound aren't that good, but it's alright though. The storyline makes up for this. Secret of Mana's story features many puzzles and stages. For the SNES Secret of Mana have relativly alot of bosses. There are over 2 bosses in every stage and over 30 bosses in the game. This game is a very special RPG. In total 3 players can play at the same time each controlling a different character. This can give multi-players fun.

Super Metroid is one of the best second person shooters of all time. You control Samus in her suit like the 2 games before this but this time it's a new type of experience. The graphics of Super Metroid is very good. It depicts the little details on the monsters on the planet. The story is very exciting, you fight your way through the planet where bosses are huge. The areas on the planet features many different terrains. As you go on the Weapons gets more interesting. You obtain weapons such as different beams, different bombs, and different missiles.The abilities introduced in this game are way past abilities in other 2nd person shooters like Megaman games. You gain new abilities that improves your jumping height, speed, and some mobility items. You move around in areas/stages where they are all connected unlike some where you have to select stages. This makes the maps appear more realistic. The special abilities makes this game much more fun on the SNES. Each ability is also Unique. Without using the abilities and weapons well, this game could be one hard game. This game could be played many times and it still would be fun. Super Metroid shows how fun 2nd person shooter experience could be even on SNES capabilities.

Tales of Phantasia introduced a new type of battle system to RPG games. Not turn taking battles or real time battles on a plain, but rather real time battles based on side scrolling. In this battle system, you can move your characters to either left or right. Along your way you will obtain 4 characters. Each one has their own attributes, but they all have a physical weapon. You regularly move you characters on a plain on the map, when you meet an enemy you go to a battle screen. In the battle screen enemies surround your characters from both sides and you have to fight your way through. This new battle system required you to use strategies based upon where you place your characters in the battle screen. You can also give each character a strategy command such as Conserving MP, Etc. Tales of Phantasia has a extremely long story line. The game's storyline is very interesting as well. The musics and sound are great. When your characters use a Technique or magic, it is voiced out. Tales of Phantasia has skills that can master as you use them. The gameplay for the SNES won't get much better than Tales of Phantasia.

Unlike it's classic game play of side scrolling, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a RPG based game. Within the game you get to control some classic mario characters and some new ones introduced in SMRPG(Super Mario RPG). This game's battle system is the classic RPG style. Your characters and your enemies take turns hitting each other. You get to use special moves that takes Flower Points similar to games using magic with MP. This game's graphics are EXCELLENT, and I mean excellent. The characters and the map you walk on is 3D rendered and looks really smooth. The game retains the ability for Mario to "Jump" on the 3D rendered blocks. When you meet an enemy you switch to a battle screen. The sounds are good as you would expect from Nintendo games. The story doesn't relate to anything in the classic games much. The storyline is very good though. Mario fans should play this game on the SNES. As it is a change to the classic game play.

Another one of the greatest RPGs. Chrono Trigger is based around Time Traveling. The main character in the game time travels to different time periods in his world. If you changed something in the past, the future will be affected. As you go on in the game you will meet other characters you can use. Each one comes from a different time period and have unique abilities. This game's fighting system is similar to that of the Final Fantasy games on the SNES. Your characters attack with either magics, Techniques, or their physical weapons. This game has a partial different type of battle system compared to any RPG game before it(Chrono Trigger was released in 1995). The Characters have techniques called "Dual Techs" and "Triple Techs" where your characters combine their Spells or Moves. Chrono Trigger's story line is very interesting. It relates to actual events that happened on earth. One special feature Chrono Trigger has is its "New Game +" feature. You can restart a new game with the same stats and items u had on ur old game save. Unlike any RPG games before Chrono Trigger, this game has 13 different endings. Each one is unlocked by meeting a certain situation. The graphics in this game is good, but has kind of dull looking colors. the sound tracks are terrific. Chrono Trigger is a game that is highly recommended like Seiken Densetsu 3.

Seiken Desnsetsu 3 is one of the greatest RPGs of all time. This game is the 3rd game in it's series after Secret of Mana. This game was one of the first RPGs to ever have a Class Change System. Not only that but it is also one of the best Class Systems at the time(note: this game was released in 1995). It could even be compared to games today's class systems/job systems. It featured 2 levels of class changes for each character, 2 sides of classes light and dark, requirements for classes, unique class magics and techniques. This game's story line is known as a triangle story. There are 3 story lines depending on the characters you choose. Each story line have some of its own unique bosses and a different final boss. Seiken Densetsu 3 is a hard game to get through if you don't use any strategies. unlike other RPGs where you rely heavy on your magic powers, Seiken 3 requires you to fight with ur physical weapons more. During the game if you do not actually spend time training, the game will be extremely difficult to beat. Seiken Desnsetsu 3's story line is quite long. Along with its replay value, you can have hundreds of hours of fun. The graphics on this game is considered to be one of the best for the SNES. The enviornmental surroundings are very good for it's capabilities. The sounds and musics fits along with the scenes. Each sound track is made with several instruments and it is probably the best that the SNES can offer. This game is will GARENTEE a valuable play time for most gamers. Seiken Densetsu 3 is definetly recomended to all gamers even though this game is for the SNES. And fortunetly this game is built in 2 Players.

Even though these games are outdated but they still offer a lot of fun. I'm sure someone will like some of them. Old Doesn't mean something's bad and New doesn't mean something's good. It is the Value that matters about a game. If it is fun why do you care if it is old.

List by PaladinDuran (06/21/2007)

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