Cool, damp, and often relaxing. Many games have a themed area that revolve around water, and sometimes the whole game is themed around it itself. I would love to point out ten lovely water based areas found in all sorts of games, ones that are beautiful and unique. So put on some swimming trunks and prepare to get soaked as we explore some of the finer water-drenched locations through-out gaming.

Though it may not be completely submerged in tons of water, it's the watery effects that make the ancient city so appealing. Whether it's the alter room, which appears to make the whole area appear in a different dimension of glowing colors and deeps waters, or it's the room that holds the keyhole of the Ancients, surrounded by waterfalls of ever-flowing pure H2O. To top it all off you even get a pathetically easy Water based boss, all you do is wear the Water Ring, which you find in the same area, and all of it's attacks are nullified. Though if it's your first time through this area, you may not enjoy the scenery as much as you should, it's still a wonderful water-based area.

A game that was probably to underrated for it's own good, contains one of the coolest underwater dungeons, and also one of the most difficult ones. This dungeon is very much in vein of Ocarina of Time's Water Temple, with the whole changing water elevation to access new areas. The water looks good, and all the Reaver bots looks great as well. The main attraction of this dungeon though is the diversity of it. A lot of the rooms look very different then one another, such as the entrance room, in comparison to the room where you ride on a giant stingray to gather treasure. Looks great, it's lengthy and it's challenging, great Watery Atmosphere.

Massive underwater cave, full of Killer Fish, Frozen Shades and mysterious Ferrymen. Before you go diving into the watery depths of this cave, you may want to reconsider, as water actually HURTS you being in it, which limits your exploration for a while. The bosses of this area are creative, one you fight at a low level, and one you fight after a plot "Twist." (upside down.) After long you find a Holy Artifact (Which looks a lot like a Snorkel mask.) that allows you to breath underwater, allowing you to find great hidden passage ways, and fantastic items to make you more unstoppable. The scenery is full of well placed Waterfalls, Boat rides and Jet streams, all enclosed by a dark and damp cavern background. You wouldn't get a tan here, but you would likely get hypothermia from being in the water too long.

I would like to state now, this is on the list of the great underwater scenery and visuals, NOT on the content of this stage, or the vocals. What would you expect from a level based on perhaps the most popular underwater movie? I chose Kingdom Hearts 2 over the first one, as I felt it had much more detail, and that the visuals were more advance, resulting in a great atmosphere, full of finny fun. This rendition of the classic movie has accurate scenery and wonderfully colorful additions that make you actually want to visit this stage! (Although you may regret it immediately, due to the horrifying vocals.) Swimming through the underwater city isn't an option like it was in the first one anymore. You were to participate in a musical that involved classic songs from the movie, and new ones created by someone who was most likely deaf. Regardless of the levels contents, the backgrounds, the colorful effects and all the unique fishy characters make this place truly a great watery adventure!

This game was drenched with watery additions. Not only do you spend more time in the water in this Final Fantasy, but you also battle monsters, explore ruins and even play a sport underneath the waves. Blitzball is a full fledged and unique sport created for this game. It has it's own sets of rules, it's own teams and it's own championships. I've known people who played Final Fantasy X for the Blitzball aspect alone. Blitzball takes place in a large sphere of water, where two teams compete for a ball, and to send that ball flying into the nearby enemy goal. Besides Blitzball, this game had a lot of great underwater moments, like fighting a giant fish with no one but the main character, and barely escaping being it's meal. Classy underwater ruins were there a few times as well. This game had a lot of water, and it all looked great, and made for wonderful sceneries and atmosphere.

The third dungeon often has a tendency of being Water themed in the 3D renditions of this series. The spot goes to Majora's Mask though, for a brilliantly designed city and pre-dungeon, but also for what was my most dreaded dungeon. The City was named Zora's Domain, and was inhabited by the Zoras, water dwelling fish like people, who were friendly, and loved to jam out on their sea-instruments (Under da Sea, UNDER DA SEA!), through a chain of events, you yourself were able to take on the body and soul of a dying father to be, and the lead guitarist in the local band. You were given the responsibility to rescue your girlfriends eggs, keep the band afloat for a short time, and then complete your ultimate goal of completing the local dungeon, all with your new fishy powers. Zora's Domain was brilliantly designed, and was a great step up from Ocarina of Times. The water theme was strong here, with coral littered through-out the home, colorful sea like decorations and crystal clear aqua. The dungeon on the other hand, was Dark, twisted, dangerous and confusing! Toped off with a deadly boss, who would hunt you down if you ever made the mistake of getting in the water. Good luck, and enjoy the scenery!

What would you expect from a beach resort? This is one of the most finely detailed games I had seen before when I played it. This level contains a few different renditions, as it can be played as few different characters. Sonic's trip through here is amazing, it's fast paced, well thought out and appealing on the eyes. You run through a beach resort, an grass covered cliff surrounded by nothing but water, and even down a pier. You may not get to enjoy the pier as much though, seeing that you are being chased by a Giant Enemy Killer Whale! Big the Cat has a trip down this gorgeous coast line as well, only he isn't being chased by sinister hungry whales. Anyone who's played Sonic Adventure, knew that they were going to get some nice fishing in this visit. The fishing area is almost a lagoon, with beautiful and colorful coral spread along the way. Lush plant life growing where there isn't sand, and sparkley water to let you know that you're in the sunlight. Don't forget the sun screen and whale repellent when you visit this watery haven.

As you fall down the Waterfalls of Angel Island Zone, you quickly find out that your headed to the bottom of a watery depth. Hydrocity is brilliantly designed, through visuals and gameplay. Dark and mysterious backdrops, that portray that of an ancient ruin, and water soaked slides, jets and pits are all common. Whether you take the high route, by running at high speeds across the surface of the water, or you take the low route, which is littered with air bubbles and springs attempting to raise you out of the water for a gasp of air. This level does not fail to bring you classic Sonic action at it's finest. The sub-boss is a great indication that this level is going to be treacherous, and the giant wall chasing after you, hoping to make some underwater Sonic pancakes, enforces the treachery. This level maybe dazzling, but don't forget that it's easy to be smashed, crashed and often drowned! No big deal about the drowning though, just grab a brand-new Bubble shield, and enjoy your underwater adventures.

The Watery area in this game is absolutely MASSIVE, seeing that the whole overworld itself is an ocean. This game creates one of the best watery atmospheres, particularly when sailing around the world, with no particular destination in mind. The ocean is full of things that keep game play fresh, such as magnificent and deadly storms, giant sea monsters, moblin pirates, enemy warships, tons of small islands, treasure hunting, and who can forget the dreaded and elusive Ghost Ship... You spend almost as much time sailing on the beautiful and detailed ocean as you do in the dungeons. An in game ocean has never been so brilliantly done before. Speaking of great watery atmospheres, this game contains one of the coolest final Boss arenas I have ever witnessed. If you still refuse to play this game because it's cel-shaded, YOUR LOSS.

Welcome to Isle Delfino, a sun soaked tropical paradise! This is the king of Tropical resorts and sight seeing, as the game itself water themed. Every last level in this game is water themed to some extent, whether it's the beautiful Delfino Plaza, which is soaked to the core with watery goodness or one of the many levels. This game has A LOT of water, and every last drop of it is magnificent! Colorful and always fresh, every area is a vacation on your eyes... Well besides all the gunky graffiti that ruins your vacation! Mario, in water-paradise, dons the F.L.O.O.D., a water spewing backpack contraption that uses the power of H2O to once again purify the resorts and tourist attractions. Whether your in a watery ruin, fighting a giant cavity filled eel, relaxing in a Giant Hot tub with your favorite King of the Koopas, or just plain laying on the beach getting a tan, you will love the watery haven that is this wonderful addition to the series.

I hope your not waterlogged or pruned from this Top 10 List, as you may now visit the bathroom, get a glass of water or jump into your neighbors pool if you wish too. (I wouldn't recommend doing all three at once though.) There are many themes commonly found in games, like Fire, Ice and Wind like dungeons or cities, but water always tends to have the most colorful and relaxing atmosphere, so next time your in a water temple, think of how much detail went into make this area as unique as it is. (Unless the game is Aquaman.) This list has a few honorable runner ups, such as Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Water Temple, Sonic the Hedgehog's Labyrinth Zone, Super Mario Bros. 3's Water World and Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past's Water Temple. Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to the pool.

List by Velius_ (06/25/2007)

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