Although I can't entirely say I prefer ports to entirely new games, many of the greatest games of all time were released long before the current generation. That's why so many developers release "collections" of older games. Beloved franchises all have their list of all-time greats, and it's always nice to see developers pile together old favorites. Here's the list of the top ten collections of all time.

I won't even bother trying to describe in detail all of the Mega Man games on this disc, much less name them What I can tell you is that this is the Blue Bomber as you know him and love him -- in side-scrolling, action-packed, super-freaking-hard gameplay design. Mega Man's forrays into the world of 3D have conjured up mixed reactions, and 2D is the one places where the little guy gets respect from all.

There's almost too much Sonic to even mention on this incredible disc. Sure, Sonic 3D is on here, but put it out of your mind. The first three Sonic games (all of which are awesome and contain the franchise's trademark roler-coaster like levels) are included here, as well as Sonic Spinball, Sonic & Knuckles, and the funky puzzle game Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. This only helped to build up the Sonic fanbase on the GameCube console.

Another Final Fantasy PSX collection, and this time, both of the games actually belong in the Final Fantasy series. What was released as Final Fantasy III over here was actually originally Final Fantasy VI, and it's one of the best RPG's on the planet. What's more is that Square went and included Final Fantasy V, which was never before released in NA. A treat for fans of the series, and there are plenty of those.

Grand Theft Auto III was one of the most influential games of all time, spawning the "free-roaming" style of gameplay and starting a chain reaction of disgruntled parents and hot lawsuits. Vice City was equally amazing. It's only fit that the two games got ported to another console to expand the franchise's already enormous fanbase, and when these two games got paired together, Rockstar even upgraded the graphics. Nice.

Another incredibly popular and highly-praised franchise that unfortunately hasn't seen any recent continuations. This set includes the original point-and-click dungeon crawler Diablo, the bigger, badder sequel, the Lord of Destruction expansion set, and a truly massive player's guide. It's twice as expensive as Starcraft Battle Chest, but don't let that stop you.

If you've never heard of this excellent collection of classic Nintendo puzzle games, then you live a sheltered gaming life. Though never released in NA (for reasons that escape me), this GameCube games featured three Nintendo classics -- Yoshi's Cookie (in which you must line up rows and columns of cookies), Dr. Mario (the famous pill-infested Tetris clone), and Panel De Pon (a somewhat Tetris Attack-like game, which later became Pokemon Puzzle League). All three games are amazingly addictive and hold up well, even today.

Arguably the greatest real-time strategy game ever developed and inarguably treasured by just about every PC gamer out there, the Starcraft franchise has built up one of the strongest fanbases the industry has ever seen. This terrific bundle set includes the original 1998 game, the Brood War expansion set, and two strategy guides, all for only twenty bucks. Deals don't get much better.

This is my favorite franchise, and remains the best collection of Zelda games on any console. This set included the original Zelda and Zelda II (both NES games) and ports of the two N64 games, Ocarina of Time (which I consider to be the greatest game ever made) and Majora's Mask. While a stunning collection, it places third on this list because the N64 ports suffered from problems (plus, the NES games didn't age well).

Although the two games featured in this set were both already released in America on the SNES, they're still arguably the two greatest console RPG's of all time. Final Fantasy IV (or II here in America) was the first game to truly stabilize the franchise in American soil, and to this day remains the blueprint for all RPG's. Then, Chrono Trigger came along and created an amazingly lush world with terrific graphics, memorable characters and a spot-on battle system. Together, they make an unstoppable force.

This is the perfect example of taking a beloved franchise and remixing it for a newer generation. Mario is one of the greatest videogame characters in the history of the industry, and his games are just as special. This awesome SNES cart featured Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 and 3, as well as the legendary Lost Levels (some versions even had Super Mario World). All games were graphically enhanced to fit the SNES standards and demonstrated picture-perfecting side-scrolling platforming gameplay. A collection like no other.

Great. Now when do we get a Metroid Collection?

List by MSuskie (12/19/2005)

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