Welcome to my list. Remember, these are the <most enjoyable> modes of transportation. You'll find no warping here. Sure it's efficient, but where's the fun in it. You'll most likely be travelling around for hours with what's on my list. Now what are we waiting for? Let's get started.

I loved this for a little while. I really did. I enjoyed riding around firing cannonballs at enemy ships. But it really did take too long. Also the wind thing was an issue. Can't Link just install a motor or something? Anywho, it was fun for a while, but got pretty repetitive. Zelda, please stick to Epona, she misses you.

I think I broke my hand playing this game. The skateboarding was just way too fun and addictive. I played for hours, doing tricks and catching air, not knowing the carpal tunnel forming in my wrist. Why is it that I can't play DS for too long? Why do I always start cramping up after a while? I don't even play that long. Skatboarding would've been higher on the list if it weren't for my crappy hands...

As a Zora of course. No fun in slowly wading around as a small boy. But shooting around leaping from the water in incredible time as a cool aquatic creature is good enough for this list. I, for one, loved this game when I got the Zora mask. I could finally be one of these guys! Don't deny it, you thought they were cool looking in Ocarina of Time. Too bad all they give is the Zora Armour in Twilight Princess. Not that it's bad, just that I liked to leap from the water like a dolphin...erm, next up on the list!

Tis the arwing. The greatest jet that happens to be piloted by taking animals ever. Assault was my first Star Fox game and the arwing sucked me in. Flying around and shooting animals in large machinery! How'd they know what I wanted! I would've put the DS game on the list but...that DS pen gives me a cramp in my hand after playing for an hour! Assault does no such thing to my hand so it's on the list.

The best part of this game was swinging. It was so addicting I could play for hours just swinging around New York, performing tricks. It was especially satisfying jumping from the tallest building, then at the last moment, shoot a web and swing away to safety. It was a huge improvement over the last game. You can see where the web connects with the building, instead of swinging on some invisible ceiling.

You know her. Link's trusty horse who seems to never die. Voiced by 50 Cent, shes a memorable part of the Zelda games. Twilight Princess takes horseback riding to the next level though. I cannot get enough of riding around firing arrows at giant birds and trampling Moblins. Also, the jousting with the huge monster riding the...bull thing was the best memory I have in a Zelda game. I just wish you could control her someway while firing arrows so she wouldn't run into that wall!

Mario says hi. The kart may be tiny but it packs a punch in Mario Kart games. Zooming down the road on rainbow tracks throwing turtle shels at apes in ties is a treat only found in Mario Kart. This series of racing games is my number 1 on my favourite list for racing, but not number 1 on this one. Although, it's still amazingly fun to play kart games, just not more fun than the next few things on this list.

I like explosions. You probably like explosions. The tank provides us with explosions. We're happy about that. Yep, the tank is number 3. It's not just Battalion Wars that offers us this grand vehicle of death, tons of games include it. I just decided to be different and have a game no one's played on the list. I also get a big smile blowing apart other war vehicles with this massive machine. It would have been higher on the list if not for the speed. The tank is just way too slow. I'm also an impatient guy. So if you're quite patient and think the tank should be 1 on this list, stop reading now.

Ahh, the motorcycle. The fastest one on the list. Who doesn't have fun riding around in this bad boy in games? Riding around shooting at cops and such is quite enjoyable in Grand Theft Auto. How can you not smile as your chased by police and slow down slightly to allow them to catch up...only to start up again and fly down the road away from them? Racing with these bad boys is fun as well. Pulling tricks off as you fly through the air off a ramp makes me feel totally badass. Not to mention, fighting off the Covenant is satisfying with the Ghost, an alien version of the motorcycle.

Yes, the car. The most popular vehicals ever. What'd you expect to win, the bike? No it's the car. I particularly chose the car from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas because of the huge amount of fun I have driving around. Now, racing games are also a big part of this. Would you rather ride a scooter around the track? No didn't think so. The car is obviously one of the fastest vehicles on the list so it's hard not to have fun riding around in these. But like I said, I mainly picked it for Grand Theft Auto. Driving around running over people, drive- byes, escaping police, and inputting cheats to make it fly are just one of the many things you can do with a car in the game. Not to mention most of them look totally awesome. Personally, I like "pimping" my ride to impress the lady nerds.

That's my list. But this is all just what I found fun. You probably disagree with most of the list but go ahead, this is just my perspective. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a life lesson somwhere. In conclusion, never smoke. You see those lungs on the package, they're all black. Don't do it.

List by nic_uberpawnage (07/02/2007)

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