When games started out, they were two dimensional and were strictly linear. Now that new technology and gaming systems have been released, many games have started to offer vast, open ended environments that players can travel about. This list gives recognition to the games with the biggest game environments.

The first game on this list is one of the first games I remember thinking had a big game environment. Spyro the Dragon was up there as one of the first PS games, and its environment is big, but not colossal. The reason it's on the list is because of the many different levels and secrets Spyro's world contains, which really combine to make one of the earliest "Big" games. Spyro will no doubt always be in my mind when I think of big game evironments.

The first, and only GC game on the list, Super Mario Sunshine doesn't have the biggest game environment, but the sub environments add up to make it worthy of mention on this list. Like Super Mario 64, SMS has a main level that you can access the other levels from, (Delfino City). Like I said before, all the smaller levels add up to make SMS have one of the biggest game environments I've seen.

One of the newest games on the list, Crackdown takes place in Pacific City, a sprawling urban environment with three distinct districts. While most of the games on this list are here because they're huge horizontally, Crackdown is big both vertically and horizontally. On top of the thousands of buildings in Crackdown is literally another world, and tons of agility orbs to collect. Crackdown may not have the biggest game environment, but it definitley has the highest ^_^

Being a Pre-Cu player of SWG, (if you dont play the game, you probably don't know what that is), I just had to put this game on here. SWG is a MMORPG, and The Complete Online has the two extra planets that make this game have a simply epic scale. There are over 12 planets, each with HUGE landscapes. Just the number of planets with the size of each map allows this game to be on the list, no question.

Obviously the best game on the Wii, Twilight Princess reinvents the classic world of Hyrule with newer, more detailed and mature graphics. If Ocarina of Time was big, then Twilight Princess is HUGE. There are all the classic zones, like the Goron's mountain and the Zora's domain, but they are bigger and better for the next gen of gaming. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess earns its spot on the list by making a huge game environment bigger and better than ever.

You wouldn't think that a game that depicts school would have such a big environment, but Bully succeeds in making the town of Bullworth feel like an actual town, with a town square, different regions, and even a carnival in the corner. The school itself is enormous in its own right, with everything youd expect a school to have; classrooms, a cafeteria, dorms, a gym, etc. Another Rockstar gem, Bully earns its #5 spot in this list.

You may be suprised that Lucasarts' sleeper hit is number 4 on this list, but it is, for the one reason. When I first played this game in early 2005, I remember thinking, "Wow, North Korea is a big place!". In Mercenaries, you're playing as a merc in North Korea, and its a big place, often taking a while to traverse. Halfway through the game, you can travel to a second environment, which is as big as the previous one. Mercenaries definitley has a big game environment.

Considered by many as one of the best games for the PS2, GTA San Andreas takes a spin on California and its surrounding states and creates the realistic " state" of San Andreas. San Andreas is HUGE, and consists of people, buildings, cars, and gangsters to blow away. The sheer digital size of the environment is even bragged about on a sign in game. GTA San Andreas has one of the biggest game environments ever.

Easily recognized as THE biggest MMORPG ever, WoW succeeds yet again in displaying a simply colossal game environment. The world of Azeroth is full of people, creatures, and cities. Whichever way you prefer to travel, land or air, the graphical quality of this enormous world is also remarkable. Blizzard certainly succeeded in making everything about WoW BIG, including its game environment.

Now this game has to have the biggest environment for sure. The continent of Cyrodiil in ES4 Oblivion is enormous, full of lush forests and barren landscapes. There are many different cities, numerous ruins, and countless secrets hidden in Cyrodiil, and it is a blast to find discover a ruin with a special item in it while just randomly walking around. Hands down, ES4 Oblivion takes the prize of biggest game environment.

Well that's it, my list of 10 games with huge environments. I tried to keep sequels/prequels out of the list, and some games that deserve an honorable mention include GTA Vice City, Just Cause, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and EDS3 Morrowind. Some of my choices you may not agree with, but I stick by them. Hopefully, sometime in the near future, game developers will put even bigger and better environments into sandbox games, I know I'd pay 60 bucks for that :)

List by Kxrnidge (07/02/2007)

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