Game today mostly have killer zombies and Pokemon trainers that are willing to take you out. Here are the games that are actually safe to do whatever you want and no, this doesn't include cheating.

Imagine having a dog. Thats basically the whole game. Your dog has to be fed and cleaned every now and then or else it will run away. However its not losing the game. You lose the dog but it might come back. The only effect of losing the dog is your trainer's points. :(

Tilt, jump, assemble, dissemble. Thats it. I've only play the demo but i've played demo a lot of times. The game hass no shotguns, swords, or even humans. Roll around and find your way to the next level. If LocoRocos can do that, so can you. Safe environment, safe fun, safe game.

This game isn't hard but there are times where you can screw up while making curry rice. If you do screw up, your cooking mama will fix everything and you advance to the next stage. It seems that your kitchen will never burn down. Great game for everyone for a cheap price.

There is no plot to the game. Just paint knowing there is nothing to risk. Music fan? Use the piano to create any music the way you want. Nothing to lose just have fun.

An old game that will never get old. You build cities in territories and keep your citizens safe from fires and floods. There are people that will get hurt that won't stop your game. This game is about population and keeping everybody happy in your land. Therefore, you can't lose in the game.

A very underrated game when compared to a series from Nintendo. This game consists of minigames that you play until you "make an error" or just stop playing. You recieve one penny for every pen you cap right and for every log that you chopped up that isn't a bunny. Then you can use your pay amount and buy other games like a ramen timer which a girl/guy entertains you until your noodles are ready to be eaten. <3 The voice dubbing.

It is okay if you don't know what 2+3 is. Brain Age is the game where everything (even Dr. Kawashima head) is safe from any danger. The only risk on the line is the increase in amount of Brain Age. A 55 Brain Age? Why me?

Pay your rent or meet Tom Nook's fist of fury! J/K. Animal Crossing takes place in a safe environment place where it is okay for a lion to be neighbors with a hippo. The wi-fi features also makes the game a lot better knowing your friends can't hit you with a shovel.

Another hilarious game in the series that makes the Pirate gimmick look nicer than the ones you've seen in theaters. This one includes singing pirates, a new pirate crew, and Murray, the Mighty Demonic Skull. There are a couple of times that looks like your dead but you will pull your way out of it. My favorite part of the Curse of Monkey Island is the rhythming sword fighting in chapter three where it is okay to lose because no pirate is gonna take your empty loot. Its too bad everybody remembers the insults from The Secret of Monkey island instead of these.

My all-time favorite game, Wario Land 3. This game actually makes Wario look unstoppable knowing he can survive fire, zombie bites, hundred feet falls, and a thunderstrike. The puzzles you have to solve in the game will only expand the game or give Wario new ablities such as swimming. No gombas can kill you.

There you are. Safe games for everyone that will not say "Finish him!" Now do you feel safe knowing there aren't zombies living in your toilet?

List by Blue_Target (07/09/2007)

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