We all know that Nintendo and Sega have had very strong relations in the past few years which have led to few specific games, a partnership on the Virtual Console, and a joint venture featuring Mario and Sonic for the first time. Now the Wii is the fastest selling home console out there but has seen less than spectacular efforts from third parties. Furthermore, more than a few people have seen the Wii as the spiritual successor to the Dreamcast for various reasons (Sega involvement, early Sonic and Monkey Ball games, or simply the console's rebellious nature). For those reasons, Sega is in a position to put the full force of its past franchises and cult followers into play on the Wii.

While being an unlikely candidate, a new Shinobi game for the Wii could be well received. With no Ninja Gaiden or any ninja game on the Wii, it could have high appeal to the core gamer who often feels flooded by a sea of casual games. With possible 1:1 weapon controls, Shinobi for the Wii would allow the player to experience being a ninja like never before. Also, it's just plain cool.

House of the Dead is an easy one for the Wii, but it's doubtful that it'll happen (at least not anytime soon). The Wii can be the best emulation of arcade-based light-gun games outside of the arcade itself, and one of the first to come to mind is Sega's House of the Dead series. An original Wii entry of this established franchise or a compilation pack would be an easy fix, but unlike most other games on this, there's definite competition here. Sega's already working on their first arcade turned Wii shooter with Ghost Squad, and Capcom's Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles may hit a little too close to home. Either way, here's hoping that the franchise somehow finds its way into our homes.

Next up is a long shot: Burning Rangers. It was a futuristic firefighting game for the Saturn, and there haven't been much like it since. Of course, being on the Saturn with a relatively small user base, the game was never really given the opportunity to roll with the big boys. The Wii could breathe new life into it with 1:1 firefighting controls, especially if was done in 1st person. The Wii is about new levels of immersion and immersing the player in firefighting could easily set this game apart from the crowd. In addition, we'd also get to hear the catchy tunes all over again.

With its entries on the Saturn and Xbox each receiving critical acclaim, the Panzer Dragoon series is definitely a franchise that deserves another shot. With it being both a dragon flying game and a rail shooter, it provides multiple control options for developers to explore such as Warhawk-like tilt flying controls or Wii Remote and Nunchuk rail shooter play. The possibilities are wide open and definitely warrant another entry to the frenzied franchise.

Samba de Amigo. It's easy. It's fun. While the dancing levels in Rayman Raving Rabbids are fun, they're shallow and could never single-handedly fill the void of rhythm-based games that the Wii currently has. The connection of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to a pair of maracas is a no-brainer and would allow for a quick and simple game for Sega to produce with the casual appeal for Nintendo to flaunt. Where are the maracas, Rock Band?

Rounding out the top 5 is Jet Set Radio. With cult followings from Dreamcast and Xbox iterations this games stands out in the urban graffiti and roller-blading genre. However, with its last appearance on the Xbox, why should this game come to the Wii as opposed to, say, the 360 or anything at all? This questioned bothered be until just recently with the announcement of the Wii Balance Board. With Nintendo's history of making a peripheral for just one or two titles, the Wii Balance Board will need more than just Wii Fit to stay alive. With an easy correlation of the balance board to rollerblades and a possible chance for the Wii Remote to play as a spray can, the title would have the opportunity to utilize a creative and unique control scheme that's, at the very least, worth a try.

Next is the Crazy Taxi series. Even though it has had a few titles on the PSP, the series has sort of fizzled since the Dreamcast days. With the original two titles on the Dreamcast, it was a major success, and it even had a decent presence in arcades. But why does it deserve a sequel on the Wii? Well, the whole family enjoyed it. While the Dreamcast saw a lot of great games that have because classics such Soul Calibur, Sonic Adventure, or Phantasy Star Online, few could entertain the variety of people who enjoyed Crazy Taxi. In addition to just how fun it could be with motion controls, the game could play very well for the casual crowd that Nintendo loves so much. With that said, it's a game I look forward to, Offspring or not.

The third from the top is Skies of Arcadia. With great critical acclaim during its time on the Dreamcast and a large installed user base on the Gamecube, a decent crowd of Wii users are thirsty for a sequel. Unlike many successful titles which receive sequels regardless of whether the first game's plot warrants one or not, Skies of Arcadia leaves more than enough room for more adventures. Through the plot of the first game, the main character Vyse gains his own pirate ship, a crew, and even his own base as he becomes his own pirate captain. A pirate's journey does not end there. With a beautiful world, a dynamic cast, and spectacular ship battles, a sequel could quite easily recreate and improve the formula that worked so well before. Even though I hope that it'd be for the Wii, this is a franchise that deserves a sequel at all cost so we can join the Blue Rogues for a second adventure.

This one is easy: NiGHTS. We all know that this highly-demanded sequel is on its way so no need to spend much time here. The formula should work well on the Wii, but its got some big shoes to fill, and it's questionable whether Journey of Dreams, or any game for that matter, can live up to expectations. Regardless of how it turns out, it's effort that counts. If third parties don't put any effort into their Wii entries, they'll never compete with Nintendo and don't deserve room to complain. Let's just hope they do well with Journey of Dreams rather than just put the franchise to sleep.

The top Sega franchise in need of a makeover was and is simply Sonic. Thankfully the Wii-exclusive Sonic and the Secret Rings hit months ago. Despite a mediocre critical reception, the game shows plenty of promise and easily stands as the best Sonic game in a long-while (possibly best since the Genesis days for the fans). Contrary to the trend of most games, every facet of this title improved as the player progressed. Gameplay became faster and more responsive. The levels were more creative and fun. Graphics got sharper, cleaner, and prettier. The music, while havings it low, low points, also was at its strongest at the end of the game. While being held back by a few problems such as a dull start, a terrible backing-up element, and an overall short quest, the game is probably, for the moment, the prettiest game on the Wii and is a step in the right direction for the overall franchise. No frivolous hunting stages, no extra characters to get in the way, just Sonic and just speed. This is definitely the formula that needs to be expanded upon to make the franchise successful again.

There you have it. With Sega's strong relationship with Nintendo and the notion that third parties cannot perform well on the Wii, Sega is in a position to step up and deliver a powerful force of timeless franchises and cult classics that many fans are clamoring for. Sure there are other titles such as Phantasy Star, Golden Axe, or any Virtua game, but here are 10 that a tailored to work well on the Wii.

List by Axios717 (07/20/2007)

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