I don't know about you, but whenever haters try and bash on Nintendo to me, it always focuses on one of two concepts: The lack of "mature" games (RE4, thank you) and the "poor multiplayer experiences". Well, that last statement is just a load of bull. Nintendo, while having little to no online support, has had some pretty fun multiplayer games over the course of it's existence, and I'm gonna show you the best ones.

Kicking off this list is a largely unknown racing game where every vehicle is some variation of a Volkswagon Beetle. Wait, what? Yes, this game is truly a hidden treasure. While it only features six tracks, they are enourmous and have plenty of hidden passages and detours. The battle mode features a slew of arenas not seen in the normal racing mode. Is there nothing cooler than seeing two Beetles firing missiles at each other inside an old castle?

Coming in at number nine is Star Fox 64, one of the first (if not THE first) Nintendo games to feature voice acting. But, we don't care about that. It's the multiplayer we want. Having four people at once with the ability to choose three playing "modes"--an aircraft, a tank, or on foot--you can go crazy constantly trying to blast the opposition out of the game. Unfortunately, it's very unbalanced, as the flying Arwing has most of the advantages. But, it's still a fun game worth the time of you and your friends.

Unexpected? You bet. This is a traditional console RPG in almost every sense, with one exception. It's multiplayer. Seeing as how the battles are action-based instead of turn, it can get pretty fun if you have all four on-screen characters being controlled by real people. You can assign one unlucky person (your younger brother, probably) to constantly heal. Have one person constantly cast magic, and the other two simply be up and front mauling the enemy--and that's only one option. It can get really zany against tough bosses. "Quick! Somebody draw him off Derek!" "Sombody fight him so he won't maul me while I summon!" "Jonathon! Heal, NOW!!" It's possible to play the game from start to finish with the same couple people. Now, that's awesome.

It's largely thanks to this game that the racing genre went mainstream. Who can forget the hours spent in your childhood in front of that screen with a friend, laughing as you sent Mario and co. zooming over jumps, skidding across ice, and being constantly rescued by that weird cloud guy. The game also had fun battle modes where your main objective was to pop all the balloons circling your opponent. Sounds weird, but it's fun. Even today after dozens of other racing games have been released, a few of the later tracks are still some of the most difficult tracks around, Rainbow Road especially. Don't miss a chance for you and a friend to revisit this classic.

Crazy fun awaits you and a buddy in Wii Sports! Pick a sport (I prefer boxing or tennis) and start swinging that remote like crazy. Be sure not to accidentally hit your friend in the face like I did, though. It can get very competitive, and you'll often find yourself yelling, whether at the game, you friend, or nobody in particular. And the best part? It comes packaged in-game for free!

The most recent offering on this list. Pretty much any of the mainstream pokemon games could fit in this spot, but I chose the newest versions because WiFI allows you to play wirelessly all over the globe. Pokemon will always have to endure an endless supply of taunts and ragging, which is sad, because at it's core lies a very solid gameplay mechanic. Pick two creatures, and use elemental attacks to deal the optimal damage possible, but keep in mind each species' statistics and how they can be altered by in-game moves. Also, don't overlook hold items and how they can change the tide of battle in an instant. Oh, and watch out: your opponent could switch out his current pokemon to one that easily trumps yours at any time. Although a little complicated, the competitive battling is still quite fun, and definitely worth looking into.

We've already had a racing game on the N64, but hey! There's room for two on this list! Plenty of different racers and racetracks offer tons of replay value (I still can't find my way around that Yoshi Egg Canyon level...) and several arenas for brawling are available as well. Truly a classic, this game will never get old.

I'm sure legions of Nintendo fanboys were devastated by Soul Calibur III going PS2 exclusive. However, that doesn't stop this game from being any less enjoyable! With a wide selection of characters wielding exotic weapons, just pick a couple and duke it out. This game holds perhaps the most exotic array of moves out of any fighting game (some unlocked only through certain stances) and certain characters *coughIvycough* take quite a bit of practice to use efficiently. The professional tournaments would literally knock your socks off.

Barely ousted out of first place, this is probably the most played and most expected title on this list. This game, which is a follow up on the N64 classic, took everything that made the original fun and multiplied it by ten. You and your friends just have to pick a zany Nintendo character, pick a stage, and go for it. DK vs. Ness vs. Pikachu vs. Young Link all on an F-Zero race track? "Ha! Eat Fire Arrow, sucker!" "Oh, no! Ness just absorbed my Thundershock!" "A Bob-omb! It's MINE!!!" "What? Why didn't you wavedash?" "Oh no, here come the racecars! AHHHHH!!!" Yeah...fun times, Nintendo. Fun times indeed.

Could there be any choice for number one? Goldeneye showed us several things that were thought impossible: A movie game that's actually fun to play? An FPS on a consle? Yeah, righ--wait a second. This game is actually pretty fun! Whoa! Yes, this is the game that reminded us why there were multiple controller plugins for the N64. With an incredible number of fun modes, a slew of playable Bond characters, some crazy weapons, and plenty of versatility to go around, this game kept the N64 players of the world occupied well into the night. Good job, Mr. Bond.

Well, there you have it. The top 10 multiplayer games on a Nintendo system. Now, go grab a friend, pick up one of these games, and go wild!

List by Dee_man_45 (07/20/2007)

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