As you can tell the majority of these games are from the 16-bit era. These are all 10 games that are still just as fun as they were back then as they are now but for some reason they've just been long forgotten. I'd do anything to see next gen sequels to all of these games.

In a world where the Prince Of Persia, the God Of War, and many other acrobatic blade wielding heroes tread, none of them can move quite like Strider Hiryu. He can jump, flip, climb, and even walk up walls and ceilings. He can go anywhere with ease, and in combat his sword will cut anyone down within the blink of an eye. He can platform with the best and he can kill like the best.

I chose part two since they did add two awesome new characters to the mix. Eric, Olaf, Balrog, Scorch, and Fang traveled through time and even fought an evil alien dude. But what made Lost Vikings so great was that it was all about team work, each guy has something no one else can do and if one person dies then you probably won't finish the level. You have to really use your brains to get through it. This is a game that is just timeless and it is a shame that Blizzard never made a part 3, maybe one day we'll see it on Xbox Live Arcade...

This is hands down the hardest game I've ever played. I'll also admit that I have yet to beat it. It is a classic adventure RPG with lots of death traps, monsters, and some very tough puzzles. Also it is very gory (exploding heads, brains, evisceration, and more gruesome kills.) The game is just really hard, when you first start the game you will be eaten by a giant worm if you don't move right away. But it was an awesome game, it had a very creepy feel to it, a good story, lots of gore, some puzzles that will drive you insane, and a difficulty that will make even the smartest and most hardcore gamer struggle. It is really hard but it is just so worth it, now if only EA could just make a sequel.

Do I even need a reason? SoR was hands down the greatest beat 'em up on the Genesis, and arguably the best on any 16-bit console, and many people hail it as the very best beat 'em up ever made. Sor was like the Double Dragon of the '90's. The characters had plenty of skills to set each other apart, the fighting was perfect, plenty of weapons, great bosses, and just everything a beat 'em up game needs. Perfection is how you describe Sor, and the two sequels were even better. Sega, please make a 3D SoR game!

With so many new Mortal Kombat, Tekken Virtual Fighter, King Of Fighters, and Street Fighter games being released over the years (many of which seem to redefine the genre) it's real shame that there hasn't been a Killer Instinct since the N64. KI is just as good as any other fighting game, if not better. The game play is fast paced and deep. The fighters are all so creative and unique. It is just such a perfect fighting game and there is no doubt that if they made a KI3 it would blow away all the competition.

Here's a real gem that just didn't make much of an impact in the US. It was a very creative beat 'em up that incorporated RPG elements like an inventory, money, and leveling up your stats. The game play was also just so perfect, it was easy enough to pick up and play but much harder to set down the controller. There was also a fantastic remake for the GBA. Also it has some very fun co-op play. I'd love to see a remake or a sequel show up as a downloadable game for Xbox Live or the PS3, not to mention if it had online co-op.

How did they forget Road Rash? I've never been that into racing games (except for casing chaos.) The Road Rash games not only had the best motorcycle racing you can ever experience in a game, but also some great fighting and depth. You start with a junker and have to earn your money to get a better bike, repair your bike, and pay tickets. But it's a long way to the top and your best bet is to get there by any means necessary, even if it means kicking the guy in 1st into a car or bashing his brains in with a chain. The PS1 had some great 3D RR games but it just never got a PS2 or Xbox game. Now hopeful EA will resurrect this awesome racing classic.

Now here is a game that was just so creative. Its the story of Sketch Turner, an aspiring comic book artist who is trapped in the world he drew. The whole game is made to look like a comic book and you fight from panel to panel with different choices in paths. The AI was tough, it was like each common foe was so tough that it was almost like a small boss fight. There were some tricky puzzles along the way and some very creative boss fights. Oh yeah and you can even use a paper plane as your most powerful attack. But a modern sequel could really work, I mean who wouldn't want to be in a comic book?

Wow, another awesome game that EA just abandoned. Sure it didn't sell that well back in the day but this is the kind of game that has a bigger appeal, even if you don't like sports you'll get a kick out of this game. It's over the top Blades Of Steel or NHL Hitz style but it has lots of humor and of course buckets of blood. Even if you don't want to play by the rules you can switch the options so that you can win by killing 99% of the other teams roster. Also having a hockey game with chainsaws is something you don't see very much of. This is hands down my favorite Genesis game and it never gets old. This could work so perfectly as a new arcade style over the top non-NHL licensed hockey game by EA. Give it a big graphics make over, give it some HD blood, and fix up the controls and then you would have the perfect arcade style sports game.

Who can't forget playing Punch Out on the NES? It was all about not only fast reflexes but also having a fast brain to figure out the weak spot of your opponent. Super Punch Out took that even further and I have to is still the best boxing game ever made. Punch Out games are not only very challenging but also they are just so timeless. I mean its like Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros. What they all have in common is so much replay value and timeless game play. Also the Wii just seems like it would be the best Nintendo console they could possibly make a new Punch Out game for. Punch Out is as Nintendo as Mario and Donkey Kong, come on Nintendo show us some love for Little Mac.

List by akuma634 (07/23/2007)

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