This is a list of the most ridiculous secrets I have ever seen. When I say these are ďridiculousĒ, I mean that they are either hard to obtain or hard to figure out (or both). Since Iím no stranger to games, I thought that Iíd share with you what I have seen over the years. Iím sure that if everyone at Gamefaqs got together, then we could make a better list. As for now, these are ones that I personally have experienced.

The Silent Hill was definitely a unique series. It had a creepy atmosphere, crazy puzzles, and multiple endings (even ones about UFOs). One of the strangest things that they ever put in this series was this secret right here. After defeating the sewer monster by electrocuting the water, you normally would continue on. If you examine the water on the bridge, however, you have an option of throwing you steel pipe into the water. Hmm? Well, letís do it. Suddenly, some women appears in a still frame and asks you a few questions in a weird tone. If you answer them truthfully, she will give you a gold and silver pipe, each of which is better than the steel pipe. Why is this random event in a game like this? Who knows? Even the UFO ending canít be reached the first time through since itís just thrown in as a joke, but this thing can. While it may not be much of a secret, itís strange enough to make the list.

Unless you looked online or in a guide, you probably would never know Aeris had her own limit manual. Since itís been awhile since Iíve played this, I wonít go into exact details of how to get it. Letís just say it involves doing it at a specific point in the game, requires backtracking in a specific manner, and talking to someone with a certain number of battles fought. Just to top it all off, you donít even get to use her limit for that long.

There were many things that SMB3 added to the series. There were new enemies, new power-ups, the ability to carry items, and much more. There are a few things that you can unlock in this game as well. Thereís a card game opens up for every 80,000 points and a special mushroom house appears if you get enough coins on certain levels. The treasure ship is far harder to get and can only be done on odd-numbered worlds. In order to transform a hammer brother into a ship you must get a number of coins thatís a multiple of 11, have a score with the tens digit equal to your multiple of 11, and finish the stage with an even number of seconds. Even when knowing all of this, it still isnít always easy to do. Good luck figuring that one out on your own.

This extremely hard game includes warps to let you advance a couple levels, but they arenít exactly easy to get. The first one is actually right near the beginning of the first level. In order to get it, you have to move extremely fast by head-butting enemies, then jump onto a platform over to the right. Though anyone can do this with a little practice, the speed that it requires is still ludicrous. Besides, having a warp at the very beginning of the game is rather unique.

Iím not really sure why this room was made, but itís supposedly from a contest that Nintendo held a long time ago. Regardless, no one would find this room if it werenít for the internet. You first need to get the Pegasus Boots. Starting at the Sanctuary, you must make your way to the hole in the castle that you fall in at the beginning of the game, but you must do this very fast. If you did it fast enough, youíll be in Chris Houlihanís room. There are just some rupees and a message to read, but itís an interesting secret nonetheless.

Goldeneye 64 is considered one of the best first-person shooters of all time, especially when it comes to console FPS games. Not only was the single-player great, but multiplayer was a blast. Itís also known for having one of the hardest cheats to unlock (That's right, cheats are secrets, too). You must beat the Facility level on 00 Agent Mode in 2:05. Not only to you have to master the games controls, but you need to memorize every step that you need to take. As if it wasnít hard enough that you need to be perfect, you also need to be lucky enough that Dr. Doak shows up in the right place. If heís not where he should be, then you have to start over. Itís needless to say that no other cheat in the game is as hard as this.

One of the few things in games that I didnít do. In Metroid Fusion, there are some blocks that you canít go through unless you build up enough speed and dash through them. This requires enough ground, of course. However, there is a hidden ability called Shining that allows you to use the dash speed in places where there isnít enough room. By starting in a certain room and making your way back to the top at a specific point in the game, itís possible to reach an area that would normally be closed off. Doing this is extremely frustrating since any mistake will mean that you must start all over. Whatís your reward? You get a message from the makers of the game congratulating you for accomplishing such a task.

Super Mario RPG is an extremely unrated game that has been shoved aside by most people due to its plentiful competition. That doesnít stop this game from being one of the greatest and most unique RPGs out there. The truth is that I could make an entire ďTop 10 SecretsĒ on this game by itself. I could talk about the Lambís Lure, the Lazy Shell, or the dream in Nimbus Land that rewards you with items, but I chose this. For those of you that were around when this game was out, you know exactly why. Grate Guy Casino was considered a myth for a long time. Several hints were scattered in the game to suggest that it was real, but finding it was still hard. Characters would mention it, you fought an enemy named ďGrate GuyĒ, and a traveler kept mentioning it in his sleep when you saw him at hotels. To get there, go to Boosterís Tower and play Knife Guyís game until he gives you the Bright Card. Then go to the golden chomp in a pipe at Bean Valley. Jump three times in the left-most corner and a block will appear. Unlike many of the secrets on this list, this one can actual get you a few nice things. Plus, taking a break from the game to gamble a little bit can be fun.

The series of Metal Gear Solid has always been famous for secrets. Just like Super Mario RPG, it would be easy to make a list on this game alone. Whether itís a method of fooling the enemy or a hidden conversation on the codec, there was plenty of stuff in the game to make sure that no two gamers got the exact same experience for at least the first time through. Not only is the secret of Psycho Mantis one of the most bizarre secrets in the history of gaming, itís one of the coolest ways to defeat a boss. Psycho Mantis canít be hurt by normal means. While itís possible to get a couple lucky hits in, you usually wonít be able to touch him. In fact, the trick to beating him has nothing to do with timing or using the right item. To find out the trick, you must call Campbell a few times. Each time he will say something a little different until he finally figures out a way to beat Psycho Mantis. Whatís the secret you say? You must switch controller slots. Thatís right. The idea is that by switching the controller slot, you are thinking differently and Psycho Mantis wonít be able to read your mind. Only by doing this will you finally be able to harm him. No boss in any game that Iíve played had such a strange and interesting method to beating him.

This game is hailed as one of the best 2D games to date. With a huge castle, well over a hundred items, and excellent music, itís no wonder this game became so popular. Not only did it carve the path for future Castlevania games, but its mix of action and RPG style continues to have an influence on games to this day. SotN was also well known for some weird secrets, the most infamous of which is the secret in the merman room. There is a room near the beginning of the game that has infinite mermen popping out, as well as a large rock. You can break the sides of the rock to make a small tunnel that allows you to move between rooms a little quicker. The way to open up the secret room requires your transformations. You must go through the tunnel in the rock as a wolf, and then go through again as a bat (or vise-versa). There is absolutely nothing in the game to indicate this. Not only can you not see that there is a hidden room from this place, but Iím pretty sure that the fairy summon doesnít even point it out to you. Thereís a lot of stuff in this game that you can completely miss out on, but this goes beyond anything else. This is by far the most ridiculous secret I have ever seen, which is why it gets my number one spot.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this list of crazy and strange secrets. Rather the rewards were worthless or not, thereís no doubt in my mind that these are some of the most ridiculous secrets that youíll ever see.

List by DanteRules (08/02/2007)

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