Games that were made by being based on something usually turn out bad. Either it's from movies or comic books, most of them usually don’t live up to the quality of their original material. However though, some of them actually do. Being an avid fan of animated Japanese TV series, I often try out some anime-based games. Like I said, most of them are bad. But some of them actually do turn out to be me more than I expect. Here is the list of my personal top ten of those anime-based games. Of course, some of them are Japanese-only.

Since I spent a part of my childhood in Asia, I know about this adorable, futuristic blue cat. To put it simply, Doraemon is the Japanese icon of a childhood’s dream, feel free to do some little research about him yourself. But being something that has an children’s icon in it doesn’t mean you may underestimate this game. What's good about this game albeit being another, simple platformer, is how it perfectly imitates the feel of Doraemon’s epic yet harmless, animated movies. I know that sounds subjective, but it's true. For me, at least. But boy, this game is HARD. It was even frustrating enough for me to slam my controller to the wall. Yeah, that means it’s good.

This game came as a surprise since it was developed by a company known for its... er, failures. Nevertheless, it's a hack-and-slash-like action RPG set in the Dragon Ball world. What's surprising about it is how good the environment was made. The unique world of Dragon Ball was made huge with lots and lots of sub-quests which involves the numerous characters we can play. The presentation was surprisingly good, as it retains Akira Toriyama's distinctive art style. The gameplay is NOT disappointing. If I compare it to other games in the same genre on the GBA, this game sky rockets in quality. Some of the dialogues were a bit of awkward, but this game is on my list.

At that time, this game was something no one had seen before; a fighting game unlike any other. Why? Because it was fully animated, as if it was directly taken from the TV itself. What I mean by this is that it was FULLY animated to the core. You don’t really work it out like a normal fighting game, it’s more like a strategy game where you input commands through your controller and then see how everything turns out as your character performs that command against his of her enemy’s move. You really have to see it for yourself to fully understand it. Another good thing is the wonderful story mode it has, which again, is almost like it was directly taken from TV itself. While the sound was a bit dull, the graphics were fabulous, and all that was on the SNES. That’s why it’s on the list.

Basically, I can pick any SRW game for this list. If you’re a fan of those animated big powerful robots, anything that has many of them joining together to battle villains who want to conquer the earth is good. The reason why I chose this particular game is because it was the first of the series to actually recreate many of the famous scenes found in the various TV series it was based from; the colony poisoning, Reccoa’s betrayal, and even the comedic antics of the Getter Robo pilots. While most of the story is very Gundam-influenced and the presentation wasn’t really that good, the game really has its merits. It’s really hard, it’s got story branches, and what’s best of all is that all of it is definitely satisfying.

No matter what people say about this game by now, for me, this game will always be one of the greatest fighting games I’ve ever played in my life. Being able to chain attacks, perform swift aerial combat, and unleash powerful super moves when the number at the bottom of the screen reaches max was something REALLY advanced at that time. Most of the good things in it can be compared to all the good stuff the more recent Guilty Gear series. But well, being old and having slightly mediocre graphics and sound, of course everything goes a lot more slower. Still, it was really fun playing this game. I remember how happy I was when I finally managed to turn Wing into Bird Mode. That was one... really... impressive move.

Despite my dislike towards Gundam Seed, I must admit that this game is good. I could’ve chosen any other Gundam game on any other console, but I have my own reasons to choose this particular one: the graphics are smooth, the sound is good, it simplifies the very complicated MS-OS into only several buttons, and what’s best of all is that it’s portable. In battle mode, you control the Strike Gundam, and later the Freedom Gundam, to protect your friends and comrades on the battlefield. Outside of that, you’ll roam the halls of the carrier ship Archangel and interact with the many different characters from the series in an alternate retelling of the events from the Bloody Valentine War. Add the many unlockables it has, it’s really good. There has been many other games like this from various other series, but this particular game somehow captures the atmosphere I want best.

I'm not sure what to say if it's about this game. It's already hard to portray the decaying world of Midland and it's even harder to make a proper game out of it, but this game does it. Perfectly. No, almost at least, since it does get repetitive at some parts. But aside from that, the FMVs are awesome, the gameplay is realistic, there's blood everywhere and we can really feel that the demons are out there to kill us. That FEEL is something that even Devil May Cry failed me to give. Since it takes some place during the Millenium Falcon arc, you may know that anything can happen here. Right, ANYTHING. It's on my list.

The series has always been filled with fights so awesome it makes it not for the faint of heart, so you may understand how curious I was when I saw the game. It plays like any other Capcom game (Street Fighter, anyone?) but the addition of Stands turns absolutely everything around. Stands are… well, these guardian spirits of sorts which each character has and its various uses is what makes this game neat. Add all the weird and unique moves each character has, this game is really lovely. The presentation aspect is beautiful, but it was the gameplay aspect that put this game on the list. Everything about this game sticks to the manga so faithfully, especially if you’re playing in story mode. I love that. It’s on the list.

Why protest? It has a good original story, beautiful presentation, and many of the endearing characters from the series make their appearance in it. The only reason to NOT play this game while being an avid RPG fan is that you can’t stand Sailor Moon! Aside from that, this game is really good. It captures the atmosphere from the series almost perfectly with surprisingly good gameplay. Starting from the girls’s corny heroic action scenes to their unimportant chit-chat about boys. Well, it is a bit sad that Tuxedo Mask isn’t playable, but that’s okay. This game definitely makes it to the list.

I simply couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw this game. It was precisely everything a Naruto-fan could ever dream of. The game pace is fast, the characters are exactly how they should be from the series, the battle arena is multi-layered and interactive, and we can toss daggers and shurikens! To add that, the controls are easy, the presentation is beautiful, and there is a load amount of things to unlock! Well, it has it’s slight flaws. But for me, it was already a dream come true. This game was one of those games that truly gave me an experience beyond my imaginations! Absolutely my personal number one.

There! Actually, there were a couple of other games I've also considered, like Jump! Ultimate Stars, but these were the ones I liked best. The key to make a good game from being based on something is simply to capture the "essence" in it. But capturing this "essence" and giving it out again is not something easy to do. That's I really appreciate these games and decided to make a list of it. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for reading!

List by eternalauraticsphere (08/30/2007)

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