The Neo Geo... one of the most advanced systems ever, and fighing games paradise. This system had everything to outlast the competition (SNES, Genesis, etc), but it didn't had much of a success. Why? Because of its high price. And by high, I mean like games going up to $1000! Seeing that the Neo Geo is being somewhat 'resurrected' by the Wii's Virtual Console (with $9 the games) and SNK releasing PS2 collections, I made this top 10 to know for which games to look out for purchasing them. Also for, AES (Neo Geo's console version) owners like me.

Bomberman is back, looking good than ever! The gameplay mechanics didn't change at all from the Super Bomberman series. The only thing are the graphics. Beautiful. Its pick up and play nature allows it for almost infinte replay value, and multiplayer is always fun. If you haven't played Bomberman yet, this version is the most appealing for newcomers.

A puzzle. A shmup. What can go wrong? In this puzzle game you control a ship, shooting enemies. The premise is to send falling enemies as some sort of punishment similar to Tetris Attack. The graphics are good, as the sound, but the fun factor is this game's strong point.

A soccer game. A great soccer game. Its gameplay revolves around 3 buttons. Simple, quick and fun. The sound isn't good, nor the graphics, but the gameplay it's its Holy Grail. Recommendable.

This game enters into the genere of Shoot 'em ups (also known as 'Shmups'). It features great, colorful graphics, great music, and gameplay. You got a selection of varied ships, each of one have different weaknesses and strong points alike. The challenge goes from Medium from the 1st level, to Insane Hard on the last mission. A fine shmup that any fan of the genere will enjoy.

A beat 'em up, known for its intense gameplay, and smooth animations for each of the characters. It features 6 playable characters, and 6 stages, each of one packed with great traditional-style japanese music and colorful backgrounds. Beat 'em ups fans shouldn't miss this one.

Similar to Samurai Shodown, this games features a great soundtrack, and great graphics for its time. The gameplay is easy to understand, and features 2 systems for more replay value. The cast is also quite memorable. A must have for any Neo Geo owner.

Metal Slug revolutioned the Run 'n Gun genere (Contra, Gunstar Heroes, etc). Metal Slug 3 perfected it. It retains the basic mechanics of the first games, but the sound, length and graphics is what changed here. Near perfect.

The best KOF of all. This release brought back old favorites missing from '97 (and some not so favorites), and made a dream match out of it. It has 2 fighting systems, which allow replay value. The sprites and animations are big and well done, the music has each of the characters classic themes remixed, and its gameplay is just superb. The best KOF ever.

The ultimate Samurai Shodown! For those who don't know about this long series, it was the first to use weapons to fight and some blood. Now, on to the game itself. It adds 4 new characters from the previous installment (but 4 were removed). The gameplay didn't change much, except for the big difference: Finishing Moves. Each character now has a specific move that'll kill its opposition in a single blow. The graphics and animations are on par with Garou, and the musiv is an odd (but cool) traditional japanese with rock mix. Cool.

SNK's response to Street Fighter III, well executed. SNK threw away all the old characters (except for Terry), added new ones, replacing some old favorites (Kim's sons, Andy's pupil, etc). They also changed the gameplay, making it faster than its predecesors, and more dynamic. This, combinig it with the great music, animations, and graphics, make the best game for the Neo Geo.

There you have it! Hope you enjoyed the list and remember, if you were uncomfortable with my top 10 list, your opinion is the one that counts.

List by hokuto_orochi23 (09/13/2007)

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