If you're like me, maybe you're thinking of ways to maximize the enjoyment of your PS2 while you save up the cash to finally buy a next-gen console. Well, what better way to while away the days than by playing some great ps2 games you've never tried? Here is a list of some very good games for ps2 that for some reason never really caught on and got the attention they deserved. Most of these were also released on Xbox or other platforms, so check them out even if you don't have a ps2.

Huh? Why'd he put this game on the list? It got terrible reviews! It must be a bad game! Well, I've always been a big fan of the Final Fight series, so I rented this game and gave it a try, and actually I was surprised at what a fun game it is. It's one of the few 3D brawlers that works. Fun moves, urban levels that feel realistic, and good graphics. The controls sometimes feel a bit unpolished and the story gets kind of goofy towards the end, but I still don't understand why this game was so assailed by the critics. Also released on Xbox.

This game is probably the most obvious one on this list since it's rather notorious for not selling well despite being well-received by critics and gamers. I found it to be a pretty fun platformer with some really interesting levels, fun skills, and maybe the funniest and wittiest dialogue I have ever heard in a video game. Basically you're a kid with psychic powers who goes into the minds of other characters he comes across. Highlights are a level where you're a hulking giant stomping around a city full of lungfish (yes, lungfish) and another level where you go inside the mind of a demented, paranoid night watchman. I found the game's controls to be a bit less-than-perfect, and the game looked and felt a bit less polished as you go further into it, but overall this game is definitely worth your time. Also released on Xbox.

Bloody fun. Quite possibly the goriest fps game for the PS2. In terms of graphics, story, and level design the game is pretty average, but the unique thing about this game is that you can blow off the limbs of your enemies in a variety of ways, and you have a nice variety of weaponry to do so with. PS2 exclusive.

It's a cel-shaded fps game based on a French comic book series. Interested yet? Well actually it's really quite a fun game with a lot of intense action, and the interesting graphics make this game quite unique. It's also quite a bit longer than your average fps game, so you get more bang for your buck. Also released on Xbox, PC and Gamecube.

Dragon Kick you into outer space! This gem from Capcom and Clover is one of the wackiest, funniest, and most intense games I've ever played. It's a beat-em-up where you're a guy name Gene, and, well, you have to fight a bunch of guys. You get to customize all your moves, which makes pummeling your opponents feel that much more personal. Add in hilarious cut-scenes, awesome music, and chihuahua racing, and you've got one heck of a fun game. It's pretty lengthy for a beat-em-up too, which is nice. Oh, and it's really challenging until you get the hang of the controls and get enough practice with the combat system. Maybe not for everyone, but definitely worth a try. PS2 Exclusive.

This is a futuristic shooter made by Rebellion, a small British developer that also made Sniper Elite. What makes this game fun is the variety of things you can do to assault your enemies. Lean against a wall, fire blindly around the corner without exposing yourself to enemy fire, throw a variety of explosives, use a hologram to distract your enemies, set up your machine gun as an auto-firing turret, and so on and so on. Good graphics, nice controls and good levels make this a pleasure to play, but unfortunately it ends before it really picks up steam. Also released on Xbox and PC.

An extremely stylish adventure that is one of those rare games that makes you really feel like you're in a real city. This game is very much story-driven, but unlike most video games it has an interesting and powerful plot that keeps you riveted right to the end. The game is mainly set in a seedy Tokyo neighborhood, and the level of detail and interactivity in the city make San Andreas look like a cardboard cutout. I can't think of another game where you can go into a bar and order a whiskey just for the heck of it, or buy dog food at a convenience store. For a while it seemed that Sega would not be releasing the sequel in the US, but fortunately the game is to be released for PS2 in 2008 after all. Sweet! PS2 exclusive.

This is a game where you build ships and then take them out to sea to blow up the enemy. Sound like fun yet? Well actually this is a really fun game. You complete levels in the campaign and get money, then use the money to research naval weapons and ship parts, then build a ship from scratch using the parts you've researched. There's something very satisfying about winning a tough naval battle using a ship that you've painstakingly designed yourself. PS2 exclusive.

This game is ridiculously fun to play. It's a fps where you play a cop who is out to take back his city from a vicious terrorist group called the Burners. It might have been merely an average fps but every aspect of this game is done well enough so that it adds up to a very satisfying game. The action is fast and furious, the weapons are insane, and the levels are well-designed and fun to play through. The ragdoll in the game is pretty impressive too--use a shotgun to blow away a Burner and often he'll flip over backwards a few times before smacking into a wall--in slow motion! Dang! Also what makes this game unique is that you have a riot shield which blocks you from all enemy fire. Use the shield wisely and you may survive. The graphics in this game aren't the best but the action and level design and general fun factor more than make up for the dated look. Also released on Xbox.

This is it, the king of the PS2 games the world forgot. Definitely the game on this list that I've spent the most time on, mainly because of its spectacular online gaming. Basically it's a third-person shooter set in WW2 Germany, and you play a sniper sent behind enemy lines. The sniping is more realistic than most games, with bullet drop from gravity, and your shots can even be affected by wind on higher difficulties. The offline campaign is a lot of fun and is quite long, but the best part of the game is its online game, where up to 8 players can fight in teams or individually. The graphics are good, the controls are fluid, and the sniping is intense. Unfortunately the game never caught on with a huge audience and sadly the PS2 servers are scheduled to be shut down on 11/15/07. RIP, "SE." Also released on Xbox and PC.

Ok, there you go, 10 very good but criminally unappreciated games. Due to low sales, pretty much all of these games (except Yakuza) unfortunately don't have sequels in the works. On the other hand, you can find these games for pretty cheap now. Happy gaming!

List by sfcalimari (10/03/2007)

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