As the gaming industry has grown more popular and technology advanced, the "cutscene" was created. A movie with voice acting and moving characters moving and acting it out. Sound has helped us draw into the game even more, and beautiful mysteries, stories, and music have been added to video games. Some games go over the top to bring you this cinema like experience. The following are the cream of the crop. Here are the most cinematic games in video game history(according to me).

To start the list off, I start with my dark horse. The ace attorney games may have no VO, no snazzy graphics, and they may be GBA games, but damn they really do suck you in. The game has a great story, script, characters, sound effects(more like a fighting game than a law simulator), and point and click mechanics that really make you think you are watching a TV show. The game is more of a book than a movie, but if you have not at least given the series a chance, you should. If you don't mind reading a lot of text....a lot of text.

A war game? Yes, Call of Duty 2 is the Saving Private Ryan of video games. The sound is top knotch and the graphics are great for a 360 launch title. The game puts you into the war and it has some great cinematic war moments that you must play to believe. The game is at a bargain price and if you haven't played it, get it now! The newest one is awesome too, but I decided to go with the original next gen one.

The blockbuster of all video games. Resident Evil 4 is a triumph of pace and gameplay. The story may be a little too familiar, and the dialogue not too great, but the game is a rollercoaster of paranoia and horror. The game is suspenseful and fun. You will never find a dull moment in this game. The games context button presses are great. They really add to the experience. And the game is actually really scary. Especially when it comes to the regenerators. The game is a marvel, and if you haven't played it yet you have issues. MAJOR ISSUES!

This is, hands down, the strangest game on the list. And it is probably the most confusing one to. Not much of the game makes sense and the ending will leave you scratching your head. The voiceovers are great, the story is a political mash up of ideas. The game is a shooting game, but it is on rails. This is to favor cinematic camera angles. Really, the only game of its kind. The characters are all memorable. The Killer 7 , the playable assains, are the most interesting bunch of characters. And the game's style is almost the best in any game(only topped by Suda's other game No More Heroes). Killer 7 is an experience that any true gamer needs to experience.

This game was GTA before GTA 3 came out. It had a free roam feel to it, even if there wasn't much to do, and the story was pretty cool. I don't want to go into detail and spoil it for you, so if you have a dreamcast, you should have this game.

This game is an epic classic that any PS2 owner needs in their library. The game is about a boy and his lost love. He comes to a distant land on his horse to see if he can resurrect her. The god that talks to him, Dormin, tells him he must kill the colossus in the land to have his wish. The story isn't what drives the game though. It is the cinematic, epic gameplay. Scaling the giants is one of the coolest moments in video game history. Each one is like a platforming puzzle, a living breathing one. And when you stab them, you feel grief. The sword goes in and they start bleeding and reacting with pain. And you don't even have an unselfish reason to be doing it. They didn't harm you! But the ending is just great. And the ability to be able to control the camera during cut scenes is also nice. And the music is perfect. A top notch game.

A PS1 game on this list? Why yes, it is! And anyone who has played Kojima's masterpiece will understand this. One of the first games to do voice acting right, MGS was single handedly the most cinematic game of the PS1 generation. The plot is a convoluted mess of psycotic spies, assasains, and betrayl. They don't call it Tactical Spy Espionage for nothing! The game's camera is a bit screwy and hard to deal with, but that is due to its fixed angles, used in games like Silent Hill, to increase the cinematic experience. A genuine classic.

Ahh, Final Fantasy X! What a game! The first Final Fantasy in the series to use voice overs, Final Fantasy X was almost an entirely new experience for fans of the series. The CG is amazing, the story is a mix of a love story, religious conspiracy tale, and a whole lot of daddy issues due to the game's main protagonist. Speaking of characters, they make the game. From the annoying Wakka, the stoic and boring Kimarhi, the cold and cool Lulu, the winy brat Tidus, the selfless, shy Yuna, the sweet and child like Rikku, and who could forget Auron, the badass. The gameplay is a pretty straight up turn based fare with long spell and summon animations(the summons can last three minutes!). The whole tale is epic, and I don't know how to tell it without spoilers. So play it now!

From the first part of this game when the protagonist is just staring in the mirror and I think it is just a cutscene. But no! I'm actually playing the game now. Silent Hill 2 was a psycological horror game, if there ever was one, about a man and his wife that he lost to an illness. He gets a letter from his dead wife to meet him in Silent Hill, and the story just goes from there. The grainy film quality is a very neat effect, and most of the voiceovers are great. The cinemas and monsters are disturbing, and you will be on the edge of your seat because of the eerie sound effects. The static is one of my favorite qualities in the game. If a monster is near you'll hear it. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

This should have been a given. Not only does the game have over 12 hours of cutscenes, but there is more watch time than play time! Not that this is a bad thing because Xenosaga is a great game. Its slow turn-based battles with their long, greatly detailed battle animations add to this. And to top off the experience perhaps one of the best soundtracks to a Sci-fi game ever! This game actually has a few(two I believe) one hour movies! But don't worry, for those of you who want to skip to the behemoth robots and skip through all of the moral, religious, robot, space opera nonsense, you can! The story follows Shion Uzuki, who works for Vector, and her robot KOS-MOS. Her space ship is attacked by Gnosis, an evil alien race, who are after the mysterious Zohar. It was meant to explain the PS1 game Xenogears, but ended up being an extremely new series filled with even more convoluted plots.

Other cinematic games include the rest of the Xenosaga series, Final Fantasy VII & VIII, Max Payne, F.E.A.R., Call of Duty 4, Out of This World, Half Life 2, God of War, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Parasite Eve, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, and Beyond Good and Evil.

List by Fatalheart14 (12/12/2007)

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