Gaming nowadays does a pretty good job at creating balanced weapons so that the player can be skillful at whatever particular weapon a game might give them, but never too underpowered or over powered. Many weapons have limits on them such as ammo capacity, reload times, or aiming difficulties. However, certain games have weapons that are completely broken beyond any conventional form of sanity. These weapons give the wielder an undeniable advantage over everybody else, and not much skill is needed. The following 10 weapons are the ones I have found in my gaming experience to be the most brutal, the most grotesque, the most unfair, and the most diabolical weapons of any video game ever. I guarantee these weapons have caused more than one maniacal cackle.

Anything this powerful IS a weapon. Mewtwo is so broken that he is almost always banned in Pokemon tournaments. He has the highest stats in the game in damn near every category, and his special is unrivaled. He is a Psychic pokemon, weak only to the pathetically weak Bug type, and he learns all the best moves for his type including the formidable Amnesia and Psychic. Add this to the fact that you catch him at level 70 and you have an absolute powerhouse. I know that you cannot catch him until you have beat the game; that's part of the reason I put him at number 10. But in terms of battling with other people, Mewtwo is simply gruesome.

Anybody who has used these in multiplayer knows what I am talking about. Normally, this weapon wouldn't be too great due to the opportunistic approach, but one thing in Goldeneye saves it from disuse. Normally, you would have to switch to your watch and wait for somebody to walk past it before you could blow them up, but the good folks at Rare had the good sense to include the A+B detonation which is all it took for this weapon to easily become the most powerful in the game. You don't have to aim it; just throw the mine in the general direction of your enemy and hit A+B as soon as it gets close to your adversary. Dead. It doesn't matter if the enemy is wearing body armor, one hit is more than enough to do the job. Who needs a rocket launcher when you have these? I do know that the golden gun gets one hit kills, but because of the fact you have to reload after each shot, and the Gold PP7 is not in multiplayer, the Remote Mines easily win the slot for the most overpowered weapon in Goldeneye and definitely one of the most overpowered weapons ever.

I know that the Hookshot doesn't actually defeat your enemies, but rather stuns them. But in a Zelda game where enemies don't take that many hits, and you have a dedicated button for your sword to follow up with right after hooking someone, this weapon is diabolical. I shouldn't forget the fact that you can hit enemies that are on the other side of the screen, and the hook travels very fast. Faster than arrows. On top of it's stun capabilities, it can defeat SOME enemies, usually the pesky ones that can't take very many hits, but not all, yet it's very good for crowd control. It can also hook onto blocks and chests to whisk you away to safety. In the 3D iterations, it's usefulness was constricted, but it was king in this 2D epic.

This has got to be the cheapest weapon I've ever seen in a racing game, bar none. You can get this from item boxes when you are in 6th place or below, and in Mario Kart races, the racers tend to stay together in a little line most of the time (unless you are playing somebody really good). This weapon is basically a really nasty form of autopilot. You activate it whenever you see a good chunk of victims in front of you, put your controller down, and you will turn into a giant Bullet Bill that will scream ahead of anybody in front of you, going around those tough turns on its own while everybody else actually has to manuever them, and most likely putting you right in first place if the conditions are right. You travel FAST as bullet bill. On top of that, anybody you hit will lose their item. It's just not right, I tell you!

With each new Halo game that has come out, people kept saying things about how the pistol would just get worse and worse. If you've ever experienced the Pistol in Halo 1, you know this to be true. This bad boy held up to 120 shots in reserve, had a zoom function, and was the only other weapon in the game besides the sniper rifle that could score head shots (no BR or Beam Rifle here my friends). It reloaded fast, fired fast, was insanely easy to aim and packed quite a punch. I almost put the shotgun in this place, but for all practical purposes the pistol was superior in all different scenarios of combat. Aside from the shotgun, it was definitely the most effective weapon against the flood. For most, this was the weapon of choice. And who would have thought that a measly pistol could be considered the best weapon in the game? Usually, you have to wait until you are far in a game to start getting the best guns, but the pistol is the very first weapon you ever acquire in Halo 1.

Back in the days of 8-bit, it was rare to have a game where your character could fire in more than one direction. Most games had characters who only shot in front of them, and in some cases up or down. This was usually the case in Mega Man games as well. The Metal Blades in Mega Man 2 are a gross exception to this. Normally, the weapons you acquire from the bosses are more powerful than your Mega Buster but at the cost of ammo. Not only do Metal Man's Metal Blades fire in 8 directions, but they have an almost bottomless supply of ammo. These things are nasty enough to kill nearly every normal enemy in 3 or less hits, and you have to fire somewhere around 6 of them just to take a notch off your ammo bar. With ammo capsules plentiful throughout the entire game, you probably won't ever run out of ammo. You really didn't even need any of the other weapons after getting this one. Not to mention Metal Man was arguably the easiest boss in the entire game after Wood Man, so getting these was absolutely no sweat at all and many players got these first anyway because they were so good. Which brings to mind: if the Metal Blades were so good, why didn't Dr. Light change the Mega Buster to be more like these?

This guy is so overpowered that he even has a term coined after him. An Orlandu is considered a character so powerful that his presence could be considered cheating (taken from Urban Dictionary). If you've played the game, you know this to be true. Orlandu simply cannot die. It doesn't matter if he's the only one left of your crew, because you are still going to win. In the numerous times I've beaten this game, I have yet to see him fall in battle. By far the most overpowered RPG character of all time.

This item can make the toughest levels in this Mario game turn into absolute cakewalks. Assuming you can use it (and it's not very hard), it's quite easy to fly to the end of the stage as long as you aren't in a castle, auto scroller, underground, or underwater. This item turns Yoshi's Island, Donut Plains, Chocolate Island, the Forest of Illusion, Cookie Mountain, any bridge level, and the devious difficult special levels (including Outrageous) into absolute jokes. However, it shouldn't be forgotten that in terms of dishing it out to the bad guys, the cape is up with the best. The twirl of the cape has impressive reach and can knock out bad guys like Charging Chuck in one shot when he can usually take 5 jumps before biting the dust. It is also the only weapon I know about besides the Starman that can permanently defeat Dry Bones.

Obviously when you create a game that has damn near 100 weapons, one of them is going to be extremely broken. This sleek blue alien sniper rifle not only eases your worries on single player, but it is the video game equivalent of playing God in multi player. This is a sniper rifle's dream and a victim's nightmare. This gun can hold over 100 shots and each one of them is a one hit kill. You'll probably be searching for cover, until you find out cover is meaningless. This gun not only kills in one hit, but it shoots through walls. So you might be thinking: if I can get as far away as possible from the person holding this beast, I should be fine, right? That would be the case if only the secondary mode on this gun didn't search out any enemy players on the radar, regardless of location or distance. On top of automatically sniffing out targets and killing in one hit, this gun is incredibly easy to aim. It doesn't even really matter if your enemy is far away or right in front of you. There is quite literally nowhere to run and nowhere to hide when you are facing this weapon. If you've played Perfect Dark, you definitely remember this one.

Also known as the P.R.L. and only appearing in the Wii and PS2 iterations of the game, this weapon is by far the nastiest beast ever to be programmed into a game. Sure, you can't get this until you beat the game on the hardest setting, but once you unlock it, coupled with the game's new save + features, you can plow through the whole game with this baby. This gun redefines "cheap". For starters, every single hit from this gun is a one hit kill. Every enemy in the game has no chance. Bosses aren't excluded either. Every single boss dies in one hit, including the final boss. It simply doesn't matter- one hit will obliterate literally ANYTHING in your path. Ammo? Who needs ammo? Obviously you won't if you have this gun. Not only does it kill in one hit, you never run out of ammo. Hell, you don't even have to AIM it. The shot creates lasers that travel instantaneously to your target. And you won't have to worry about charging up the gun (takes less than one second for a full charge) for each enemy. This thing shoots EVERY ENEMY ON SCREEN at once. No aiming needed, no ammo to be found, no skill whatsoever. You don't even have to pay for it when the merchant starts carrying it. For a game that normally takes over 20 hours to complete, this weapon can allow you to beat the game in less than one tenth of that.

I do understand the fact that I have not played every video game out there, and that there probably are weapons in games that I have not played that make some of the ones in this list look like sticks and stones. However, out of all the games I have ever played, this list of weapons simply cannot be topped. I hope you enjoyed the list!

List by CannabisLecter (05/19/2008)

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