Mini Games and Sides Quests in Role-Playing Games considered to what can keep an adventure going when an adventure doesn’t want to play the main story or just wants to relax and pass time on the game. Some of these Sides Quest can be rather hard or easy depending of the game and reward of the quest, but some of the Side Quests can keep bring the player back for more or the Side Quest is remembered as one of the best moments of the game so here is my list of what I considered the best RPG Mini Games and Side Quests.

Ok At first it may seem rather tough because of the time limit and when it runs out you fail the dig but once you get the idea on how to do it your unstoppable. It may sound dull but just think of all the treasure and experience you can earn here.

This is the second Final Fantasy game on this list and I bet that people reading this are thinking that I’m insane or just stupid, but in Alexandria at the beginning of the game it is not only the first mini game you can by getting a high enough score you can earn items like the Master Jump Rope and to this day I have no clue to what exactly it is for.

What would a list of mini games be if it did not include the old line a hook, but in Dark Cloud it is actually worth while because the bigger the fish the more FP (Fish Points) you get and FPs can be use to purchase items that can be put on weapons for stat raising and a lot faster development of the weapon for example the Diamond give about a +5 to every creature killing attribute.

STRUGGLE?...Why?...well first off you need to do it to complete the journal other than that it is fun to beat the crap out of Characters like Hayner and especially Seifer since I played Final Fantasy VIII I always wanted to beat the tar out of he and not take a scratch.

The Creature at Miridan’s Pass was really quiet amusing if you took good care of it and feed well an keep it cool or warm when you return to the Pass it will help you out in the fight later when kept cool it will use ice when warm it will use fire. Their where only 2 problems with this one it you abused it or refuse to take care or it later it will attack you, and the second is finding food the creature.

I don’t know if this could really be considered a Side Quest or not but it sure took forever to get ALL of the rages their were two good things about this one is the party will earn experience and may level up or learn more magic in the mean time and two is once Gau has all rages he can be one mean and nasty character think about Heavy Armor abilities against Kefka?

More Kingdom Hearts and this time the Coliseum why?...Simply for five reasons one to lock the Coliseum, two you get to take on Herc and a whole bunch of other characters like Leon and Cloud, three it is fun the cream an assortment of Heartless in one place, four to unlock hidden matches like the Gold and Platinum, and Finally to get the Ultimate weapons for Donald and Goofy. It can be quiet a challenge particularly if you take on Sephiroth in the Platinum Match I can not count how many times I got kill be him even at max level with max defense, max strength, and the Ultimate Weapon…Damn!

This was a Side Quest that I thought was very funny all you had to do was go to the hot string when they were open and let the girls go it while they are in the springs a conversation comes up about female looks now Zelos being his usual self he decides to take a peek at the girls it the bath and Lloyd trying to be a hero tries to stop Zelos, but what happens is the girls notice Lloyd and falsely accuse him of being a pervert.

The Monster Team? Why? Well simply because it is awesome think about it HackZilla a monster that is a Godzilla joke a lizard with a freaking Axe! Sweet!

And Number 1 (finally) is know other that the Final Fantasy VII races at the Golden Saucer at first you can bet on Chocobos and get some item and money. Later in though you can raise you own Chocobo and take it to the race and ride it which can be used to earn items and more money it is just also fun to travel the world with your Chocobo and get to place that you could not and it is a fun form of travel.

That Concludes The Top 10 Best RPG Mini Games/Side Quests that I think are the best Mini Games and Side Quests that I have found in some of the RPGs I played. I belive these Side Quests and Mini Games add more fun a humor to their games just have to wonder what would an RPG be without them.

List by Arcreium (07/18/2008)

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