Now for everyone who likes music, who loves Guitar Hero, and who hates that no music from this list will make it's way to any incoming installment of GH; this Top 10 list is for you. Squaresoft+Enix, the real master of console-RPG, wll astonish with it's daunting catalogue of cool musicks. Enjoy.

A pretty good way to start a Top 10 about music: a prologue. It's simple, touching and marvelous, and it's among the most derivated and rearranged songs ever. Some games use it for Game Over theme, others for Last Dungeon theme... I myself thought for a Battle theme rearrangement... A perfect tune for any cell phone (I don't like Victory Fanfare that much for it...).

For a battle theme not to be weary and repetitive is just a great triumph these days. Sure: the main nominee here is the Boss theme, but the regular Battle theme is soo cool it deserves a number in the Top 10 somewhere - and since it's not good to name the same game twice, here you are... Not only songs are cool, but rhythm too - specially with a Yangus dancing ingame! Pretty good rhythm...

This lil' Bender is a somewhat underused character, but it's one of the most endearing bots in RPG's history (and counting several Phantasy Star ones); it's one of the most human bots you'll ever see. It somewhat fits it's role as a healer rather than brawler in the game (working in tandem with the Frog, this buddy means business). You'll fall in lüv with it's song, really: you'll find yourselves choosing him in EndOfTime just for hearing it's clip - and then you'll switch to Magus when the time to get serious finally comes.

Most videogame heroes aren't much more than skilled warriors who raid through dungeons fragging like crazy for exp, cash, treasure or sheer fun; but this game hasn't such plain heroes: this one by no means wants to save any world - in fact he doesn't feel it's endangered - but to live in peace; but well - that's hard to achieve for a videogame hero... No song from this game shows it better than Lahan Theme - a song with the label LÜV & PEACE carved on the front.

Daunting, thrilling, eerie, yet so relaxing... How did they managed to compose a song capable of such a mixture of efects? With songs like these, you'll surely have a good time exploring even the last inch of each dungeon, and eventually hitting 100% map. A pretty good idea the secret dungeon has this theme song...

One of the best boss themes from one of the best soundtracks ever (which, by the way, half it's songs being boss themes...). You'll love the ascending crescendos and the eventual lowering and... descendos? Is it called that way...?

Boys and girls of every age; wouldn't you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see this, our town of Halloween. THIS IS HALLOWEEN, THIS IS HALLOWEEN; pumpkins scream in the dead of night. As cool as in the actual movie. A pretty, pretty fitting song for one of the greatest KH levels ever.

Hoho!! This one is sweet! And so is the whole sondtrack (which mainly consists of derivatives and rearrangements of this intro song)! I find myself starting this game time after time just for watching the intro video (not bad) and listening to the song (marvelous!). Pretty shame the actual game isn't that cool...

Well... THE final boss theme of all time... orchestrated... with chorus... ominous lyrics... a really badass villian... Do I have to explain any further anyway??

Just the masterpiece of Nobuo Uematsu - it's magnum opus! (I was about to nominate either the boss theme, the normal world map theme, or something else; but since I cannot repeat games, I have to choose an only song per game... quite limiting...) I recommend to anyone with the game and urge to play that they should save in another file before the Opera scene, just for sheer coolness and almost the best MIDI song ever made (it justs deserves a full orchestra just to make for the best of it...)

For anyone who loves to buy OST from his/her favourite games, these mustn't be missed by anyone who loves Square (if anyone doesn't, then go see another Top 10). Sorry for anyone expecting any Enix music (Valkyrie Profile and Bust-a-Groove would likely make to this list, but hey: this is Square; not Enix , whether or not they are now one and the same).

List by HighEntomologist (02/19/2009)

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