Well... it's been ten Top-10 by now, and all of them about somewhat weird 1-player games... What about some multiplayer action?

This maybe has lost somewhat of an appeal with the crisis and stuff, but this is the game for anyone with any tycoon vein: as in the board game of yore, buy properties, build houses, pass through the Exit (and get 20000 bucks), and rince and repeat. Along the way, things like hitting the Jail, getting into someone's else property, charging munny from anyone getting into yours, making some deals and negotiations and so forth... until someone hits the "Must repair biuldings. Pay 4000$ for each House and 11500$ for each Hotel."; the most dreaded, and gets out of game. You'll love it!

Board games cannot be wrong to gather people together and have some fun, but a game with thousands of minigames (I wonder if there's a FAQ/Walkthrough here that covers all minigames from any of these games...?) and lenghty-as-forever gameplay (it's not a Game of the Goose - there's no Goal space anyone has to reach in order to win - there're a fixated number of turns), cannot be anything but the game of choice for a rainy day.

The holy mother of the turn based strategy...well, not even near; but without a doubt the most exhilarating ever!! The 2D ones win, and so do the PC ones (specially since you can customize both weaponry and speech banks; given you've got a microphone). Frag dozens of anellids! Kick some asses to water! Bang some cute sheeps! Flatten the battefield with some Canarian bananas (the spotted one, remember)!! YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT!!!!!

Without a doubt, THE turn based strategy game of all time. Finally Nintendo made some cool nonchildish game for one of it's portables (well, they did make several more adult-sized games for those, but bear with me a little...). This is like an Age of Empires but in turn-based fashion: there're 18 or beyond (it depends on what game is it) units (land, sea and aerial units) which are the same for all players regardless of faction and Commander you choose (you have to choose a commander); but depending on the Commander you choose, some units get a bonus and others get a bogus. That, and the fact that your Commanders have Limit Breaks á la Final Fantasy VII (which grant an one-turn überbonus to your units and/or an überbogus to opposing units), makes for a must have.

The king of nonfantasy themed RTS games. And one of the most complex. Command a throng of peasants, gather myriads of resources (lumber, food, gold and stone), and build an empire (well, that was pretty forward...). And don't even fear of magicks from any opposing unit: just military platoons. A very, very good game series, but it doesn't hit higher in the list just because we lüv fantasy! That, and the fact that there're the same units and tech-tree for everyone, which feels a little repetitive...

Most fighting games around tend to be kind of fast-paced, gorgeously-graphicked (is that even a word?), hard-to-master and almost-addictively-fun 2-player games, and the unparalleled kings of arcades (if there're still any of these in any city). This series sure isn't by no means as gorgeously-graphicked, hard-to-master (combos are insultingly easy compared to those of any Tekken worth it's salt), and it's not that fast-paced (well, it's not slow either, but matches can take several minutes). Why then is this the multiplayer game of choice and not any of those fighting games! 4 players. If twosome time is fun, foursome time cannot be anything but fun^2!!

The rightful king of Real Time Strategy games. This games has it all: dinamic matches, lotsa units, simple yet complex gameplay and the real treat here: three factions, each one with a completely different unit list and tech-tree; but with the best power-balance to date. No joke this is a Korean sport. I wonder if Starcraft II will be able to fill it's more-than-10-years-old-grandpa's boots. For a game to be almost as old as many readers of this Top 10 list and still be the king of RTS sure means big.

I'm not that fond on first-person shooters, but this game cannot be anything but the best multiplayer FPS of all time (most of my friends and known people in general probe me the same). Choose your team, buy your gear, rescue the hostages, defuse the bomb, kill the opponents, and so and so forth. That simple, yet so damn addictive!

Pent-up Battle-net action! You'll waste thousands of hours playing online this bad dude (I remember a friend of mine who played for 48 consecutive hours!). Frag thousands of critters, get treasure, gather munny, earn exp, get level-ups, and rince and repeat! You now you want it... It was THE best multiplayer ever in it's time, so it may be pretty weird that this hasn't hit the #1...

... but this one is the unparalleled king of multiplayer; period. No kidding: this game is soo absorbing that almost every player I know has rejected any other hobby when playing (they go out for a stroll, are in good shape, go out with their friends and so forth; but when alone they just play WoW!). Anything Diablo series had (and any of Blizzard's RTS franchises) WoW increases it to it's maximum level. Man... you may even DATE a chick (or a guy) ingame!

Sorry there's no Halo, but I'm no XBox player; thus I dunno a thing about it. The same goes for sport games like Football, Soccer, FIFA or Wii-Sports games, but hey! I think this list sure is accurate! If you ever want a play with your friends around a pizza, go seek these.

List by HighEntomologist (02/24/2009)

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