I have few memories as fond as my siblings and I trying to strangle each other over a videogame. As disturbed as it is, those were the good old days. Playing games is fun, but playing them with another person is even better. Of course, multiplayer isn't what 2-player used to be. You can't compare the inflated egos of online gaming to playing with a close friend at home. So if you have a good friend and play old games, these are the ten that my brother and I thought were the coolest as kids, and still think are coolest to this day.

What's better than racing go karts? I'll tell you what, listening to that hilarious sound when someone drives over your banana peel. Super Mario Kart probably doesn't need an introduction, since there are new installments still coming out in recent days. All the same, this game had about a dozen two player arenas to smash each other up real good. With a wide variety of battle armaments (from banana peels, to Roc's feather and even turtle shells) you needed to eliminate all competition in the arena. As an alternative, you could race circuits, trying to land yourself and your friend in the top two spots using any dirty tricks you could muster up to help or hurt each other. Launch those turtle shells and let loose the chaos.

Most people are familiar with Commandos, which is a great NES game that still remains fun. Heavy Barrel is very much like Commandos, but much more fun in my opinion. You'll get to pick up weapon upgrades and grenade upgrades as you battle ferociously through this game. From dodging laser beams and mining carts to blowing up helicopters and tanks you'll have a blast. Funny enough, the worst part of this is when you're unlucky enough to get the Heavy Barrel gun instead of other upgrades, as the Heavy Barrel ammo is based on a timer rather than ammo expenditure. Still, you'll have plenty of opportunities to save your buddy's hide in this great classic.

Pure chaos. If you've ever seen Running Man, then you pretty much know what this game is about. You and your buddy will go through a series of rooms killing literally hundreds (possibly thousands) of various enemies with a wide arsenal at your disposal. You can get rotating shields that destroy nearby enemies or piercing bullets, grenade launchers, spread shot and all manner of weaponry designed to inflict massive damage to scores of enemies. If you like white knuckle games than grab onto some Super Smash TV! It's more chaos than you'll ever expect. Be prepared to laugh maniacally and die while admiring your luck throughout this game. Even new games have a hard time challenging the white knuckle frenzy that this game inspires.

If you've never heard of Contra then I don't know what to say. This game is tough, and it's debatable when wondering whether two players makes it easier than one. You'll be jumping over laser beams, dodging bullets and yelling at your buddy when you're running out of screen while running the several trap gauntlets in the game. If you like intense, non-stop action for two then hit up Contra. This game made spread shot famous, and is no doubt the inspiration for many games that came out afterwards. Grab a friend and then grab Contra for more white knuckle action.

I didn't think there were too many great games for the Sega Genesis, but this was among the few that I played to death. Between shooting up enemies, destroying nodes to unlock the exit and splitting the plunder between two players you'll have to cooperate a lot to get the most out of this two player experience. You can choose from six characters who have very different weapons and special abilities and begin the long journey through this game. Sharing money is key, since you'll use that money to upgrade your character in several ways. From ambushes to big mazes you'll probably want to throw your controller a lot, but with a little patience you'll have a fantastic experience.

Yeah, rush and attack. What could be better than a two player game where all you get is a knive and tons of enemies to kill? Not much, if you ask me. How many times you'll thank your buddy for killing an enemy you neglected will amaze you. You can pick up pistols, bazookas, grenades and other things to help you even with their very limited ammo count. With tricky enemies popping out of the woodwork as you rush through this game you'll be kniving like crazy. Just don't confuse a pistol enemy with a jumping enemy, because that will cost you one of your four lives. And who doesn't love that cheesy sound effect when you swing your glorious knife?

Wide scale vandalism and the destruction of humans is great in this classic. Think King Kong on steroids with a temper problem. You'll smash hotel signs, jump on passing cars and punch helicopters out of the sky as you set out to destroy one of many cities. Not only is this game of mindless destruction fun, it's funny to boot. You might get a chuckle or two when you're transformed into this little naked human, or go up in a roar of laughter when your buddy accidentally punches an electric sign and electrocutes himself. It's good old mindless destruction of massive proportions. Smash it!

Right up there with stabbing and monster vandalism is the comedic destruction of any enemies in Zombies Ate My Neighbors. You start out with a squirt gun and the objective of saving civilians who are randomly found through each of the fifty some odd levels. You can pick up weed whackers, bazookas, tomatos, silverware and all manner of weapons to fight the various horror themed enemies. There's even a Jeckel and Hyde type potion that transforms you into a massive monster for a brief period. Hedges can be cut through by the Jason Voorhies enemy or blown up with your bazooka, and secrets are littered about in this game. Be prepared to kill zombies, werewolves, famous horror flick characters, balls of slime, vampires, giant ants and many other hilarious and demonic enemies.

Super Bomberman is very different from most games on this list. You start out on a single screen arena with some bombs. You need to blow up blocks to make your way to your enemies and blow them up as well. Along the way you'll get upgrades that increase the distance your explosions go, allow you to kick or throw bombs instead of just setting them down, allow remote detonation, let you place several bombs at once and many more. It's more or less a puzzle game where you need to predict your enemy's movement and trap them with a thoughtful placement of several bombs, blocking them in to be incinerated by the flames of your big boomers. With kicking and punching bombs, duds and all the other great things here you'll have plenty of obstacles to overcome. You can select arenas to play in, pick teams and a rule set which allows you to get victory by winning just one battle or getting the best of a series. Team up with your buddy for some explosive fun.

In River City High there are a lot of gangs, and you'll have to beat them all up to rescue your girlfriend who has been kidnapped. As you and your buddy make your way through River City you'll beat up tons of people and steal their lunch money to buy food or books. Food will increase your stats and books will teach you new attacks to assist with the cracking of skulls. Like Soldiers of Fortune, sharing is caring in this game. You'll need to cooperate nicely and save your buddy a lot to ensure that they don't lose all their hard earned cash. From machine gun punches to stomping on unconscious rivals you'll have a blast. In addition, you can pick up a wide variety of weapons to help you along. These include rocks, brass knuckles, lead pipes, garbage cans, bicycle chains and much more. Just make sure you've got several hours to play through this game (which has two difficulty settings, yay) because the password system is terrible.

Compared to the modern online gaming, I think two player gaming is still much better. Not only are you guaranteed to play with someone you like, but you won't have to deal with all the hassles that come with the online territory. I hope you like older games, because all these classics are the funnest multiplayer games that exist. Just remember: Sharing is caring!

List by FeralBerserker (05/18/2009)

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