Letís face it the best location ever in a game has to be that of the Resident Evil Mansion. With its labyrinth of creepy corridors and locked doors, underground murky passages, twisted and often ingenious puzzles, and wonderful ominous backdrops dripping with detail. Just to survive in the mansion isn't enough, I cannot forget to mention the wandering undead that lurk around each corner with a thirst for anything with blood, very hazardous biological weapons of mass destruction, viruses galore, killer plants, hellhound dogs, and weird mutations; ideas the devil could only devise. This is the Mansion of madness, a place no normal person could survive unless you're Jill Valentine. So these are the Top Ten characters I believe would progress- maybe struggle a little- through the Resident Evil Mansion, but not unscratched. Enjoy.

Take a normal kid, someone like me 10 years ago. Give me six pocket monsters raised to level 99 and I'm sure I'd fly through the mansion. Go Nidoking. Tackle that Hunter. Go Arcanine. Use your Flamethrower, now! Cook those cadavers well. Go Pinsir. Use your Vice Grip on those spidersí legs. Go, Electabuzz. Fry the brains of those dogs that jumped through the window and scared me. Go, Dragonite. Use your Hyper Beam on that Giant Snake. Go, Mewtwo. Use your psychic attack on Tyrant. Manipulate him and get him to shred himself to pieces. Yes, being a normal kid in the real world can be daunting, but being a Pokémon Trainer, there is no enemy that can take on the might of your party of six, and if you can solve the puzzles now while sitting at home, I'm pretty sure that you could solve them there, too. If not, at least you have Mewtwo- the ultimate pocket monster on earth- to help you. Estimated time of escape: 4hrs 33mins

Regina is an intelligence agent and weapons expert, specializing in weapons maintenance. Dino Crisis is Capcoms Resident Evil with dinosaurs. Regina is sent to a research facility to retrieve a man named Dr Kirk, unbeknown to her or her company that the facility is in fact infested with prehistorical dinosaurs. Regina would survive the mansion because she's seen and survived situations like this before. A raptor is Reginas Zombie, the compys are the little snakes and the Tyrannosaurus is the equivalent to Tyrant, except much bigger and he'd probably eat the Tyrant for breakfast due to the sheer size of his killer jaws. Regina would also know such puzzles as they are quite similar in execution. Estimated time of escape: 3hrs 30mins.

Not just a Photo-Journalist, but also a Zombie Mall survivor, Frank knows the deal here. He has taken on masses of zombies already and has plenty of pictures as proof of this. He's survived many attacks and has saved many lives in the process. He's a great improviser and will could use the RE typewriter to take down a few the undead, a plant pot to crush the small snakes that drop from trees, and he'd take a sword from the armoury(he's not afraid to mess with the background) and use it to slice and dice those pesky zombies. The mansion would be a breeze for Frank, he's faced hordes of zombies at one time, the Mansion only puts you up against three or four at one time. Maybe it's time for him to relive the nightmare. Estimated time of escape: 4hrs 38mins.

Kratos is the new God of War. A man who can kill anything that gets in his way. A man who can rip the heads off of Chimeras. Lift giants by the feet and throw them through buildings. Take on airborne beasts, take hold of their bear-trap like mouths and rip them apart as if they were paper. A man who tears off the limbs of other men as uses them as weapons. Kratos can also kill gods. With is inhuman strength, awesome weapons and supreme courage, Kratos would probably rip off the Tyrants claw and shove it up Mr Tyrants ass. Zombies, Hunters and Dogs would be running in the opposite direction, and ceiling creatures will be praying they hadn't just made the most stupid choice of pulling up the evilest man in the world. Yep, they did just make a stupid mistake. Was that a body part I just saw fly past me? Estimated time of escape: 1hr 48mins

Take a seventeen year old, highly qualified swords master at level 99 and place him in the entrance hall of the mansion. Add the necessary ingredients to the mix: 255 maxed out attack power; ninety thousand nine hundred and ninety nine hit points or 9999 hp (for the people who are too lazy to read); crazy high defence; the ultimate sword, the Lionheart and Lionheart ability; a bunch of stupidly powerful Guardian Forces such as Bahamut, and the most powerful magic spells in the world such as Holy, Flare, Meteor and Ultima junctioned to him. Then give him the Laguna Loire card so that he can trade it for 100 Invincibility potions and you have Squall Leonheart. Squall has killed Ultimercia, the most powerful sorceress in the universe and her pet Guardian Force, Griever. Together they boast a whopping two million hit points. Now take that same swordsman you raised through FF8 and place him in the mansion. A zombie bite would only kill one hit point and the Tyrants claws would break under the constant pressure of Squalls awesome Limit Break, Lionheart. The only thing that would kill Squall would be the explosion at the end. Estimated time of escape: 3hr 30mins

The first antagonist, but not necessarily a villain, on the list is Jinpachi Mishima. Jinpachi is father to Heihachi Mishima and the original owner of the Mishima Zaibatsu. His son, Heihachi attacked him 40 years before and his company was taken by force. After trying to take it back, Heihachi defeated him and Jinpachi was imprisoned below Hon-Maru, one of Heihachi's compounds, where he supposedly died. Upon his death the evil devil gene inside of Jinpachi slowly began to take a hold of his mind and everybody knows about the destructive powers the possessors of the devil gene possess. The reason why Jinpachi claims a respectable spot on this list is that he is insanely difficult to defeat. Packed with great speed and strength, most of his Jinpachi's attacks stun your character some attacks absorb your health and one attack in particular, and one that is unblockable and nigh on undodgeable is this fireball attack. He can pull of this move very easily and it is very fast; a move that depletes three quarters of your health bar. The thing is, Jinpachi can pull of this move out of his nasty bag of tricks many times in succession. Try having a fireball kill most of your health only to get off the floor to see another fireball hit you. Jinpachi would destroy anything that got in his way. His monster and often very annoying attack patterns are magnificent and would most likely obliterate anything that got in their way. Estimated time of escape: 1hr 40mins

The half-man half-demon, Dante, hunts, kills and mocks demons on a daily basis. Creatures from the never world of gargantuan size, and evil beings with awesome power and strength. So what could a little Zombie do to Dante? With his trusty guns, Ebony and Ivory, as well as his awesome killer sword, Dante could slaughter a whole batch of Zombies at the same time and get a Showtime bonus in the progress. So he's killed every zombie, but that isn't enough. Could he kill the Tyrant? The unstoppable B.O.W with a freakishly large claw hand, and inhuman speed? Of course he could. Dante is a half-demon and has faced off monstrosities more monstrous than the Tyrant, like The Dark Knight. He makes Tyrants killer claw had looks like childs play. So he could kill the Zombies, the evil dogs, the Hunters, the killer plant, Lisa and even Tyrant all on his own. Dante is a killing machine- play Devil May Cry 3 and you'll see just what I mean- with a penchant for killing anything demonic, but can he solve the puzzles? I think Dante would fly- well only in Devil Trigger Mode- through the Mansion, yet the puzzles may be the only this that could hinder this badass son of Sparda. Estimated time of escape: 3hrs

A man with nothing to lose. Max went on a vigilant rampage through the urban, seedy streets of New York when his wife and child were bumped off one night by members of a corrupt pharmaceutical company called Aesir, who create the heinous drug called Valkyrie. After being framed for his familyís murder, Max literally has nothing to lose and guns down half the city and its crime bosses in one nightly swoop in order to get to the source. So why don't we take that same trigger happy man with fuelled with revenge, give him an arsenal of automatic weapons and watch as he tears up the mansion, riddling each wall with a thousand bullets as he dodges zombies and claws in bullet time. There are many awesome thing that would make watching Max Payne struggle to escape the Mansion. First off, Max is the perfect marksman. Watch as Max's point blank shots annihilate every enemy he encounters. Secondly, Maxís story is told through awesome graphic novel pages complete with brilliant and often amusing one-liners and fantastic metaphors, similes provided by an excellent voice actor. All these things set the scene and would make the whole thing feel more action packed, much faster paced and would bring a more cinematic presence to the game. Max would bring more excitement than any other character on this list. Max is a man on a mission and he's about to bring the Payne. Estimated time of escape: 2hr 13mins

Ninjas are all about Honour; they're all about discipline; they're all about Justice, and of course are masters of Ninjutsu- the art of stealth. Their training branches into the work-based fields of espionage, assassination and illusion. They are highly trained individuals who carry blades called Katanas. A ninja like Rikimaru would detest the vile creature that roam the mansion and would most like feel obliged to clear the world of such abominations, and because his stealth abilities are so great even no B.O.W would ever stand a chance. Rikimaru would crouch in the shadows of the garden and cut down the dogs that came his way. Rikimaru would stand back tight up against the wall and wait with patience for the hunter just around the corner. When the hunter finally decides to strut by, a clean slice of Rikis blade will tear open the Hunters tough abdomen to reveal all of its mutated insides. Rikimarus would silently creep up behind the Tyrant and cut his head off before it even had a chance to lift its monstrous claw. Rikimarus style would be clean, quiet and patience. A ninja who'd never have a single blow landed on him, and a ninja who'll never be spotted not even once. Estimated time of escape: 2hr 22mins

Raziel used to be a vampire until he was thrown into the abyss by his envious master, Kain for being the first vampire to spout magnificent wings. With Raziels death came new life and a never-ending one at that. Raziel cannot die. His physical body will dissolve if destroyed, thus leading his spirit in to the spectral realm. Raziel has the ability to shift between both the spectral and physical realms with ease if he has the required amount of soul energy. When Raziel has once again manifested himself within the physical realm he'll be able to take on the Mansions horrors once again. Raziels physical body is completely expendable and can be dissolved at any time. His health could be depleted a million times by the hordes of hellish creatures that abound within the walls of the mansion and he'd still survive. He could have blood drawn from him a million times and die, get slashed in two by the Tyrants magnificent claw and still live. Raziel is a justice seeking, soul sucking immortal. Raziel would have no problem with the undead enemies that thrive in the mansion anyway, because with his Soul Reaver, a weird sword bound to his right arm, he could sever any zombie, shatter any soul, or play them at their game and feed off of their rotting corpses. The puzzles would be a passing breeze for Raziel; he has known fiendish puzzles and bested them. The Mansions Armour room puzzle would be nothing more than a childs four piece jigsaw puzzle. Raziel is unstoppable, if he cannot die and the puzzles aren't going to stall him, it's only a matter of time before Raziel calls in the copter to escape. Estimated time of escape: 1hr 55mins

No normal human being could really get through the Resident Evil Mansion. Most of us would probably cry like little girls. Sure it's easy say, I'll gun down all the zombies with ease, but if you were in that situation, I highly doubt it would be easy. Imagine a Hunter shrieking and pacing with raised claws for your throat. There are many super characters that could defeat the mansion, most of these are either super powered (Squall Leonheart and the Pokémon Trainer), are inhuman (Dante and Jinpachi) or are highly trained in a specific field. There are many game characters too wimpy for this list (characters on a par with Brad Vickers), and maybe there are many more characters that could defeat the horrors within the mansion and have a faster escape time than many others on this list. My escape time: ..........I'm still trapped inside. Somebody please help me. I'm surrounded by so many zombies........

List by Vyse_skies (07/21/2009)

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