Well, I am back to the arcades and this time I am one a quest for the most memorable arcade space shooters. To clarify a space shooter is one of any shooter type game whether it is scrolling, a light gun, or even a static shooter the game must take place in space, or on an alien planet. Basically, first it can not take place on Earth period. Secondly, it needs to be a shooter or possess several shooter-like qualities. Thirdly, it has to be on an arcade game so more modern games like Doom 3 are off the list. With that it is time to blast off and go broke on the top ten arcade space shooter.

Ok, I remember this one this was like a supped up Asteroids that featured the ability to basically explore the galaxy. As far as I know this was the first game to actually allow free exploration because this game had about seven different planets to go to each was a different world, but regardless each planet was out to kill you. This game even let the player fly into the sun and kill themselves if they wanted to. Even if the player just wanted to fly around the first screen the game would send a flying saucer after the player to get the player moving so it was sort of force free exploration. So that is Gravitar in a nut shell, and it is only fair to warn you that you are going to see a lot of games like this.

This was one the most famous game in its time and, in some cases, today. It had a very simple concept it was jut like a supped up game that mirrored Space Invaders. The main goal of the game was to get as many points as possible by destroying giant bugs the more you killed the higher your score and unlike its predecessor the bugs would use simulated swarm tactics in which the higher you score the hard they would be to kill and the easier they killed you.

Great we are on number eight and this is our first iffy one. R-Type involved going from area to area taking out the Bydo, a race of alien creatures that declared war on the human race. This game took the player to the Bydo’s home turf and destroyed them there. This game barely made this list because you where on an alien world which was no where near Earth. This was a very popular game for its time. So why not have it here.

Great this is another really iffy game. No I am referring to the classic arcade action game not the modern roll playing game. This game was about the player having to stop the alien from spreading and taking over galactic federation ships. This game takes place on several federation ships in space which means consequently it takes place in space. This game may no be directly called a shooter, but believe me when I call it a shooter because it possessed many shooter qualities from many weapons like laser rifles and flame throwers. Secondly, in this game you ended up shooting countless enemies dead. For what it is worth this game was a pick pocket in which many people wanted to play for the content as well as co-op. This game takes a spot on this list with ease.

This was a light gun shooter that took place on a star ship in space. The ship is being over ran by alien life forms that where turning the crew into zombie like creatures. It is the job of the player to save the reaming crew members and kill off the aliens. The light gun approach to the game was probably one of the best ideas gave this game a good feel. This game allowed the player to shoot away the limbs of the alien which was a nice touch. All in all it this game was perfect for this sort of list.

In this game the player got to control a trans-dimensional starship throughout multiple places defeating alien ships, life forms, and bosses. Unlike most game of its kind this game gave the player the option to quick kill the bosses by having the player shoot at a color dot on the boss called a core. This game is solely responsible for quote ‘Shoot the Core’ to refer to boss battles that had to be shot in a certain place in order to be defeated. Gradius still lives on in the memory of several people who have played it.

This was probably one of the reasons that this list was made. In the arcade game of Star Wars the player had the opportunity to play as Luke Skywalker and pilot the famous X-Wind fighter from the movie. It was a movie based game, and a pretty good one for its time. The goal of the game was to take down the Death Star to do this the player had to first take down many TIE Fighters. Then you have to destroy many towers. Finally the game puts you into trench in which the point is up a head somewhere the player has to shoot to finish off the Death Star. The game gets gradually harder as you go also the game gets longer. This game is played under a first person like view giving the player a full frontal into the world of the game.

This was probably an expect item to make this list. This game was nothing short of classic. This game is much like the earlier listed Galaga. To put it in a nut shell this game was so innovated that there was many spin offs that each ends up improving the general idea of a space shooter. This was one of the first two space shooters known. This one had the player shoot a bunch of alien like bugs to collect as many points as possible. This was the perfect choose for the number three spot.

This is another famous classic from the arcade days and no doubt the pick for the number two spot. This game is the other of the first two space shooters known. This one the player was out to collect as many points as possible by shooting as many giant space rocks as possible before they hit and wreck the ship. Unlike Space Invaders this game allowed to player to fly many different directions and the ship would pick up momentum thus making a little hard to stop the ship. All in all why not put this game on the number two spot?

Yes it is true it is time for the number one spot. Some people seem this coming from the start and some people are probably left in the dark by this choice for number one. To put it simply this game was the most memorable for many reasons. First of all this game had the coolest explosions for its time that looked really cool. Second this game allowed the player to do special things like fly left which was probably the first game of its kind to do so. Thirdly this game allowed the player to blow up the setting after a while which resulted in more alien after you, but the explosion looked really cool. This game was so good that it was also a pocket change pirate a very notorious one.

That concludes this list and might I say it is a good thing all of this work with the arcades has drove me broke as usual. I hope you all enjoyed this list and I really hope that my next list will be easier and cheaper to create for this one was a pain.

List by Arcreium (01/08/2010)

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