The, 'Iron Chef,' was a television show in Japan that displayed a cooking competition (or a 'cook-off') between a normal, everyday chef, and the 'Iron Chef,' a chef that represented Kitchen Stadium (where the competitions took place), and each of the Iron Chefs had a specialty; Chinese, Japanese, French (which was undoubtedly the favourite, and I don't know why...), or Italian cuisine (the competitior would pick which chef he would face at the beginning of each competition), and every competition was centered around a themed ingredient (Lobster, Oysters, Shanghai Cabbage, among many others). At the end of each competition, a panel of judges (mainly Japanese actors, actresses, big people in Japan at the time of the show) would judge each dish by both the competitor and the Iron Chef, and they would vote on who would be the winner of the competition. Now, for those who know and who watched the Iron Chef, if you were interested in the show, you'd know that it was probably the greatest (and far and away most entertaining, even without the translators) cooking related show ever, with commentators aplenty, and you got to see some incredible looking dishes once the competition ended. Chefs have always existed in Video Games, however many, if real, would be great hits on the Iron Chef show, and many would defeat the Iron Chefs themselves (which was notoriously difficult to do, as only 68 of the 307 matches ended in a win for the challenger). Without further ado, "Allez Top 10!"

Ok, ok, so he's not a specialist chef like the people who do compete in Iron Chef- Pete is an expert with hot dogs and hamburgers, oh, and pepper!- however if the challenge were great enough, I'd think he could pull through. Sadly, there has never been an American Themed show on the Iron Chef (as far as I remember anyway, and research didn't help either!), but if there was, Peter Pepper would be the choice. He also knows how to handle pickles and eggs as well, as they constantly try to thwart his kitchen exploits. Still, Peter Pepper would have an outside chance at winning the Iron Chef.

She's not a big time cook at all, however since her parents died, Akira does all the cooking for herself, and her brother Daigo, plus its something she enjoys doing, and she's quite good at it. This is only a guess here, however Akira would probably be a Japanese cuisine specialist, and as such, she could go up against either of the three Japanese Iron Chefs, and I think her traditional style of cooking (again, only assuming here) could win her a battle in Kitchen Stadium. What would be humorous, is that her assistants in a competition (or 'sous-chefs' as they are referred to) would probably be other members of the Rival Schools series (Gan, Edge and the rest of them), and while Gan seems to appreciate food (when he eats his rice cakes), Edge would probably be completely lost in a kitchen. One thing's for sure though, Akira wold be one of the cutest competitors of Kitchen stadium ever!

Usually, for these top 10's, I try to use real, believable characters, however rustling up video game chefs is a bit tricky. Now, granted that he is mainly shown cooking in the Anime, Mr. Mime is known outside the Pokemon anime as a cook (aside from being a mime). He is skilled at various housekeeping duties (such as vacuuming, window cleaning, sweeping, etc.), though he is known best as a cook. Being from Japan, Mr. Mime would use his knowledge of Japanese cuisine in Kitchen Stadium, and seeing how people react to his cooking (they react quite well I might add), I'd think the judging process would rate Mr. Mime fairly high. The sky's the limit for Mr. Mime in the kitchen!

Another Chinese chef, Marshall Law can kick ass, and cook at the same time (see Tekken 3). When not fighting, or impersonating Bruce Lee, Marshall Law runs a restaurant, where he is the head cook, and a dishwasher. The Iron Chef has at times used the martial arts angle when a competitor has a martial arts background, and if Marshall Law were to be on the show, the same angle would be taken. While he is not an extraordinary chef (the majority of those on this list are not), Marshall would make up for lack of talent in terms of determination, and any prize money that would come his way as well, since he's always broke!

Very few know that Wang Tang is actually a cook (most know him as a Goku {from the Dragonball series} clone, what with his spirit bombs, Kamehamehas, and his Super Saiyan look and all), though he cannot compare to his rival Gourmand. At only 19, Wang Tang has much to learn still about cooking, however if Akira is capable, so is Wang Tang. Specialising in the cuisine of the fictional Woodland, Wang Tang would have a different take on cooking, as his style is probably much different than the traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, etc. styles of cooking. If given enough patience and hard work though, Wang Tang would flourish on the Kitchen Stadium stage, and he is no stranger to fire either!

She admits she's nothing special as a cook, and she doesn't have a whole lot of ingredients to choose from living in an isolated village of 50 people in the mid 80's, however when Shen Hua displays her tray of food to Ryo in her home in Bailu Village... well, for video game standards, it looked DAMN good. What was on the tray? Rabbit, a few vegetables, bean sprouts, and what looked like egg or tofu. Mix that with a cup of tea, and that's a pretty damn good meal if you ask me. Being from Guilin, Shen Hua is the first Chinese person on the list, so her traditional Chinese cooking would be put to the test against the specialists in Kitchen Stadium. A similar battle once took place, where a Chinese homemaker, who had never cooked for anyone but her family, challenged one of the Iron Chefs. She lost, however the judges noted how the traditional spices and ingredients were a refreshing change from the glitzy, "big time," ingredients that are used nowadays. For that reason alone, Shen Hua would put up a fight, and maybe even win.

Now we're getting into the big guns! Alexander would be the quintessential Iron Chef competitor, both in skill and look. A Frenchman of Japanese descent, Alexander is one of the top chefs in the world, and he owns a restaurant in Kyoto. He left his restaurant though to find the best ingredients in the world, and joins with the Pirates in Dynamite Cop!, cooking up his unique blend of French cuisine, with a Japnese element. The Iron Chefs are known for wearing bright, extravagant attire, and Alex has a few different ones; bright red shirt complete with green vest and large chef's hat, as well as a green shirt, white apron, and large chef's hat; this clothing would do nothing but help add to his allure as an Iron Chef competitor. The kicker though? Seafood. If any seafood is the theme ingredient, Alex would be sure to take the competition, as Lobster and Octopus are his specialty (though the crew was thrilled when the octopus, 'Kraken,' escaped, which resulted in Alex making hot dogs and hamburgers). Of all the chefs on this list, Alex would be among the best in an Iron Chef competition.

I'll admit that I know very little about this character, but he's a cook, and a damn good one at that. El Fuerte is a wrestler that is an aspiring gourmet chef, and, like Alexander, has travelled the world in search of the finest recipes. He joins the Street Fighter tournament to show off his fighting chops, and his cooking skills. Mexican food is my favourite food on the planet, so I for one can especialy appreciate it, however would a Mexican specialist be accepted in Kitchen Stadium? I'd think he would fare just well, and a, 'fighter against the world,' angle could also be used for further backstory. I'd eat a taco or a burrito prepared by him any day!

The famous winner of the first Virtua Fighter tournament comes in at #2 on the list. Lau's profession, and purpose in life is a chef, and an award winning chef at that. When not fighting in the Virtua Fighter tournament, or training to be in the Virtua Fighter tournament, he runs an award winning, and famous restaurant. Like Alexander, Lau would fit right in with the Iron Chef crowd; he looks the part (with his classically inspired, green and red Chinese robes), he cooks the part (again, he is award winning), and he is a classically trained Chinese chef. Lau would also fit in perfectly, with his calm, stoic demeanor, and his respectfulness (which, if you have seen the Iron Chef series, is plenty abundant). For the classic Iron Chef look, Lau fits it beautifully, and he would probably win his competition as well...

Is it any wonder? The Frenchman comes as the top potential Iron Chef competitor. Just like Alexander and El Fuerte, Gourmand travelled the world in search of the best recipes and ingredients, only he does it with a difference; he'll steal someone's recipe if he has to, he'll beat up someone to get their best ingredients. Now, while this type of behavior is prohibited in Kitchen Stadium, its that drive and determination to be the best that will make Gourmand a top competitior. His specialty of Roast Pork is apparently VERY good, and highly nutritious (as Power Stone players can attest), and he can also create other French delicacies, as well as Roast Chicken, and a mean shortcake. Furthermore, a fully French chef working on a world class cruise ship is a different angle from the usual restaurant chefs, or home cooks; Gourmand would not only be super successful, he would be highly marketable as well.

Well this top 10 took me around 8 hours or so to do, but it was well worth it! Special mention goes out to Vyse_Skies who gave me the idea for a food contest related Top 10 (with his food eating competition top 10). These chefs and cooks were hard to find and disgnose, however they are all bonafide at cooking food. The Iron Chef was a great television series that fused entertainment with people's love of food, and it is truly too bad that is was cancelled back around the milennium (I do not consider the bastardized American version as part of the series, as it is not nearly as entertaining, or good as the Japanese series). These video game characters, if real, would excel in Kitchen Stadium, and they would make the series even more entertaining, and more enjoyable than it already was.

List by Truck_1_0_1_ (02/08/2010)

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