Ever seen an enemy from any game (or boss fight, most likely) you can't deal but meager damage or ever lie a finger on unless knowing about a rather obscure weak point (a weak point you're most likely haven't the slightiest clue whether it exists; let alone which one is it)? Surely everyone has had stomped with a couple of them in almost every action game. Here're the top 10 Enemies You Won't Hurt Unless You Happen To Know About Their Weird Weak Points (Spoilers about such weak points ahead; so be careful).

This one is specially intimidating: it has no weak point whatsoever - not even any means for you to deal any damage to him; HOW THE HECK ARE YOU GONNA KILL HIM?? Indeed, you don't - you just run away. Funny thing is, you hardly have a clue about what to do (although the anime opening might suggest that running away is the option of choice). Be careful: this dude means business, and it's his business to kick your ass...

Without a doubt, the meaniest and weirdest enemy in all the Devil May Cry series (at least up to 3rd - I'm yet to play the 4th). It's extinguished for being one of the few enemies that cannot be damaged by means of brute force all by itself - it takes little to know that you have to light all four circular switches to call upon the damageable Nightmare, but I've seen people compelled to hack 'n slash the black slimy thing without any noticeable result. As usual, you have no previous knowledge about any weak points this might have (you never do, even though most enemies here do have weak points you should - no; you OUGHT TO - exploit for a fairly easy slugfest - which never gets any easy).

It's not like you won't notice their weak points (most of their's are pretty obvious), but most of them (specially later in the game) cannot be defeated unless fully exploiting such weak points - even to the point of having each character's abilities set up for the whole purpose of exploiting such weak points not for an easy win, but for a reasonable chance of not being asskicked like no tomorrow at the first chance. This game is not deemed among the most difficult RPGs by it's pretty face, y'now...

Dang it! Won't this friggin' vulture thing PUT ASIDE THAT FRIGGIN' UMBRELLA!?!? This enemy, fortunately is no boss fight (most boss fights in this game have weird weak points indeed, but they're displayed so there's no possible miss), but since it's weak point isn't by any means explained ingame unless you happen to kill one, it's a real, real pain in the ass to land a single blow on one of these. That umbrella thing it uses as a shield won't wear off, no matter how much and hard you hit it: in fact the only way to ever land a strike is to call upon a gust of wind whenever it opens the umbrella.

Here's a good one: the classic enemy of the "find the real one among the clones" species. This one is among the messiest and scariest ghosts you'll ever face (that's it: apart from the big cheese - who happens to be really scary in this game). Thing is: you'll hardly see both ghosts together, and there's little to no way to tell true from fake. Moreover, you won't realize that ghost is a couple of ghosts 'til later in the game! And ghosts do pack a punch here (although restoratives are really plentiful), so be prepared to know pain.

A secret enemy with an uncannily meager HP, notwithstanding the sheer amount of punishment it takes to take any of them out. They appear to request a particular magic spell to be cast upon them, and if you cast the correct one (a really, really hard task to do, given that you'll have to read their body language and translate it into a proper spell - and most motion signs are almost equal). Thank God you won't have to fight any of these to advance the plot, because that could be a Mission Impossible; but if you're aiming for the secret items and ultimate weapons (made by crafting at Moggle's Shoppe), better learn all about those damn mushrooms.

Oohh man... This is just plain nuts! An enemy that can regenerate lost limbs, lost torsoes and lost heads (it has an only torso and an only head, by the way) in matter of seconds, and has no recognizable weak points!! You'll eventually learn about these and their weak points, but the most terrifying part about them is that before you have the means to attack such weak points (small parasite things you can only see with a thermal scope for sniper rifles - which you'll find in late game), you have to fight a couple of them! That sure is serious business...

Shadow of the Colossus, despite it's premise and setup, is more of a puzzle game rather than an action game, and the fact that you've got to literally climb the hulking titans in a way not unlike Prince of Persia's platform jumping cannot be more obvious. Most colossi have weak points you can reach with a little of platform - like puzzle, but the little plated ones (there're a couple of them - and they're damn aggresive!) have their's completely concealed under a nigh impenetrable armor plate (a plate you cannot damage nor you can grip), and as such, you've got to dispose of the tinplate before going for the kill spot, and means to do so are pretty obscure (and that weird gibberish voice rarely gives much of a clue either).

A classic of vintage gaming of yore. Who hasn't ever tried to blast the hell outta the trademark final foe of Resident Evil, the gruesome and towering Tyrant, only to see that bullets won't harm it - not even Magnum Rounds - nor slow down it's pace (faster than yours - you're in some great trouble around here)? There's no memo ingame regarding Tyrants as bulletproof (in fact, you have to defeat a Tyrant with your guns earlier, and by then it's far from bulletproof), but you'll eventually learn the ropes the hard way. Just keep running and avoiding the towering menace 'til you get the rocket launcher.

It cannot be otherwise: this is the king of messy weak points! This psychic freak of a terrorist has the uncanny ability to read each and every of your movements, and as such, foresee any of them and avoid at his leisure - it's really, really HARD to land a single bullet on this geek! It CAN be defeated without relying on it's weak point, but that would take all your ammo, all your rations and all your luck (and a couple of hours). By now, his weakness is literally vox populi among any player with some years worth of experience, but for anyone without such knowledge, it cannot be anything but the weirdest and messiest weak point ever: EXCHANGING THE CONTROLLER PAD!

Surely most players are somewhat weary of enemies that only take a little old-fashioned beatin' to defeat; in such a case there's no better remedy than an enemy who takes a little more sparts than just mash the attack button to defeat. Search for these games and these enemies for a more enjoyable challenge (although most games listed here have plenty of evergreen foes with little to no complication when it's clobberin' time, so use with caution).

List by HighEntomologist (04/06/2010)

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