The Mega Man series has stood the test of time, and so has it's well-known set of songs used in the series. The soundtracks almost always revolve around techno and light/heavy rock themes, with the occasional ambient creepy tune for some stages.

There are over fifty Mega Man games in total and some will stay in our hearts forever. With eight stages per game and roughly 10 or 11 games to choose from, and with so many catchy songs and fan favorites, this list could easily be a top 20 or heck, even 50!

But...This will remain a top ten though, and you may see some of your personal favorites on this list.

This song gets you pumped easily, and it's foot-tappingly catchy. The song was composed by Yasuaki Fujita, also known by his nickname, Bunbun. This song could be perceived as borderline epic, rivaling that of another that will eventually make it on this list (Yep, that song is on here!). There's some really awesome percussion action going on in the background too if you can tear yourself away from the more high-pitched and still catchy, louder sounds being played.

Even when your start the level, you're greeted by a walking eye enemy who appears to be stepping to the beat of the song! That's how great this song is. An enemy is actually waddling to the tune of it. This song is sure to get you pumped as you make your way through the electric factory and all the way to Spark Man.

Despite Quick Man's name, this song is much more mellow and a significantly slower than Quick Man himself. It makes for a great contrast. Composed by Yoshihiro Sakaguchi, it's one of my personal favorites from Mega Man 2. As you progress through the level, you have to dodge the infamous insta-killing laser beams at quite a high rate of speed, and I honestly wouldn't want any other song playing as I did so.

It fits perfectly for the stage and was a track chosen to be remixed by the ever-growing popular Mega Man band, The Megas. This song gets overlooked quite often in my opinion. Nobody ever really mentions it when the great Mega Man songs are brought up.

Despite Mega Man 4's lacking soundtrack (though some would argue), this song is the diamond in the rough along with the next song on this list. Fujita, who composed most of Mega Man 3's soundtrack made a return with a co-composer to come up with the soundtrack for this game. This song is seen by some as perhaps the greatest Mega Man song of all time, and it certainly doesn't disappoint. It starts out with a catchy bass line and the overall theme feels very Russian, further showcasing Dr. Cossack's nationality. Even the outer shot of Cossack's fortress looks like a Russian castle!

Those who dispute Mega Man 2's Wily stage 1 theme as the greatest Mega Man track of all time often flock to this song, and for good reason I suppose. This song is one of the two best in Mega Man 4, eclipsed only by...

Mega Man 4 would be the first game to feature a whole new song for the final boss and this song is regarded usually as the greatest Mega Man final boss music ever. Bunbun did a fantastic job on this song. It's extremely fast paced with a totally wicked bass line, and the percussion is nothing to sneeze at either. It fits perfectly for the final battle too as you have to fight the final boss in a pitch black room that only lights up with a quick flash when the boss shows himself.

This song provides an overall sense of urgency and can make a player really tense, even the experienced ones! That's the kind of effect this song generally tends to have on a gamer. It's a song that you won't easily forget, that's for sure. And none of us classic Mega Man fans will either.

Some argue that it's inspired by a Journey song, others argue that perhaps it's taken right from an R.E.M. song. Either way you look at it, it's a catchy song and you won't soon forget it. Sakaguchi worked on this game's music as well, and was part of composing this fantastic song. It's really calming and always good for a listen, even if you're not playing the game. It's very fitting for the stage as well since it's so calm and easygoing, just like the song.

Whether you claim it's a Journey or R.E.M. song, it is most certainly a sampling of one of the two and fans will still probably be arguing about it for years to come. Unless it's officially announced which song they drew their inspiration from, we'll never know. And they'll probably never reveal it due to fear of a copyright lawsuit. It's a secret to everyone!

This song is merely one of the greats in Mega Man 2. Much like Elec Man's stage theme, Flash Man's stage theme could be perceived as slightly sampling from yet another world famous band. Many parts of the song sound like they're taken from Metallica's Seek and Destroy, though not really as obvious as Elec Man's theme and Neon Tiger's theme from Mega Man X 3 (which obviously sampled from My Michelle from Guns 'N' Roses).

Flash Man's stage is pretty unique and they managed to whip up a catchy theme for it. The song helps give it a dark vibe, and yet an exciting one with it that will get you pumped up and ready for action as you make your way through the slippery-floored stage. Sakaguchi also had a hand in composing this song, and there seems to be a small pattern emerging with him sampling famous songs.

This song is undeiably one of the catchiest in the series. It sounds both chaotic and yet it has a catchy and memorable beat. It's one of the reasons that replaying this stage never gets boring and it should've been one of the Doc Robot stages just so you'd get to hear it a second time through. Bunbun (Fujita) has once again worked his magic to produce an awesome tune for you to listen to as you press on through the stage towards Snake Man.

For some reason, it really seems to fit well with the stage, the aerial section most notably so. Snake Man's theme seems to be generally smiled upon by most classic Mega Man fans, and with good reason! This tune just plain rocks.

Hailed as perhaps the greatest Wily Machine theme of all, this song will no doubt get the blood flowing as you face off against Wily for the bazillionth time. There's an overall urgency present in the song, accompanied with an alarm or siren sound effect going off in the song. When you walk into that final boss room, and the track starts up, you can't help but want to drool and kick some Wily butt.

Mega Man 9 brought the series back to it's roots and shot for an overall Mega Man 2-esque memorable soundtrack. It certainly was mind-blowing and this song will live on in the hearts of classic fans forever. There are however, two Mega Man songs that have already accomplished this task and those would be....

Just to clarify, this is one song. It's so awesome, it was used twice in a row in the game. This song is dark, and brooding. It's also extremely calm and epic, despite the very fast percussion going on in the background. Bunbun really outdid himself with this track. Not many other songs will get you as pumped up for the final series of battles like this one does. It's arguably the greatest song in Mega Man 3, it's just a shame that the levels it was used in were so short.

Nevertheless, it stands as one of the greatest Mega Man songs of all time, and you only after to hear it once for it to sear itself into your mind, but in a good way. It's a song you'll never forget, and you won't want to. The levels, short as they are, are potentially very deadly and this song won't ever let you forget it.

Trust me, I would have rather taken the song in second place and put it here. However, this song's impact cannot be denied. It's been remixed, covered, and played to death. Why? Well, despite the over hype, it really is a good song. Some internet celebrities have added lyrics to the song, and many have played an electric guitar version, and overclocked version, piano versions....the list goes on and on. It's such a memorable song and it is quite fitting for the first stage, when you're storming the enemies' fortress, making sure to take down whatever is in your way. I don't care who thinks if this is over hyped or not, it does it's job ten-fold of getting you pumped up for the last area of the game.

All of the attention, all of the criticism, puts this song in the number 1 spot, despite it being slightly inferior to some of the other Mega Man tunes.

So there it is, the top 10 list of classic Mega Man songs. There were some really tough choices to make and I would've loved to add more. Mega Man 10's Wily Stage 1 theme gets an honorable mention, as does Mega Man's Wily Machine song. Other honorable mentions include Top Man, Bubble Man, Protman's theme (Mega Man 3 credits version), and Metal Man.

I hope you enjoyed this Top 10 and I look forward to writing more in the future, thank you for reading!

List by Sour (07/19/2010)

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