With NFL training camps beginning this week, and with schools getting back in about a month's time (scary, I know), I thought it would be nice to shift focus to something that the Football world, and the High School/College/University athletic world, have in common; cheerleaders! (among many other things, of course). Cheerleaders are a great part of sports (especially in North America), even if they are not present in every sport that is played. There is also a great misconception associated with them (they are, "slutty," they are brainless, etc.). The fact is, cheerleaders today are not at all like this; they have interesting backgrounds, are interesting people, and they have character. With that being said, this top 10 will be devoted solely to the women of videogames, and this top 10 will highlight just why these chicks would be awesome at cheerleading; be it because they are good looking (which ALL of them are, I guarantee! ;)), they are great at acrobatics, they are athletes, they have personality, or a combination of the four. And on that note, gimme a T! Gimme an O! Gimme a P! And gimme a 10! (lame, I know...)

Starting off the list is an all-American girl (to be exact, a Native American), who probably would have cheerleaded in high school. Julia Chang is Tekken's pretty young face (as opposed to the plain, "pretty face," Nina Williams), and looks aren't the only thing that would make her a good cheerleader; Julia's enthusiastic to the max (whether its in school, or wanting to beat the crap out of the Mishimas...), and she is quite athletic. Add that to her acrobatic moves, and high kicks, Julia would be a welcome addition to a cheerleading squad (furthermore, having a Native American in the mix as a cheerleader would add some colour, and some much needed diversity to any squad), albeit not as a head cheerleader, or cheerleading captain.

Recently getting into RPGs for the first time in my life (thank you very much Sega and Skies of Arcadia!), once I played Grandia for the first time, Millenia left quite an impression on me. Like Julia, looks aren't the only thing that Millenia has going for her; she's loud, she's proud, she has an awesome voice, and Millenia has a certain... charisma that many videogame characters lack. Though you think she is a villain the first time you encounter her, once you hear her speak, and listen to the thing she says, not to mention the way she says it... I don't know about you, but I was instantly drawn in. That, and she is also quite the acrobat herself. Plus, she's got wings... just think of the possibilities in a cheerleading squad! Though she may not be the best choice in terms of ability, Millenia has the charisma, and the fire that a head cheerleader/cheerleading captain would need. Plus she's hot, you cannot deny that!

A supermodel hits the list next, as the obscure, but ever so lovely Katrina Gibson makes the cut. Now, she's a controversial character, as the Japanese version of Snatcher had her as a 14 year old, and well, I'm not going to spoil it further than that! (her age was changed to 18 in the US version, much to the delight of sane people around the world) Katrina is a tough woman, as she has had to endure a large amount of heartache in her life. This makes her an interesting character, with a different-than-most background, which will bring something different to a cheerleading squad. Overlooking this though, her model background means that she has to be gorgeous, and, she is. Also, Katrina has something special; her hair. Yes, Katrina's hair is blue; think a deep ocean blue. This makes her stand out from the rest, and adds to her personality, and while her acrobatic skill is unknown, Katrina is somewhat of an athlete, and that too would help her blend in quickly with a squad.

Joy is one gorgeous chick with something that very few people have. Leeloo from the Fifth Element had it, Carrot Top has it, and Joy has it; I'm talking about Orange hair! Joy's hair (among other parts of her) is what really makes her stand out from other videogame chicks, as it is striking, highly unique, and she looks great with it. Anyways, aside from her hair, Joy also has what Millenia has (albeit not as much); charisma. Her lethal combination of looks, charisma, and charm would make her a brilliant cheerleader indeed. The only area Joy may be lacking in, is her athletic and acrobatic ability, as they are both unknown (she is never able to prove herself adept at these skills in-game), and as a result, she is not head cheerleader material. Aside from those two though, Joy would be a welcome addition to any squad.

The first true acrobat on the list, Sarah touches down at number six. Sarah is also a college student, so there is a good chance (if she was real) that she would be on the cheerleading squad, as she can flip, jump, and do crazy things in the air, no doubt due to her Jeet Kune Do training. In addition to that, Sarah appears to be very athletic, and she's a total babe. Her background is also interesting, as she was kidnapped, brainwashed, etc., and that would make for an interesting story. Sarah is the first character on the list that could seriously be considered as a head cheerleader, as she is very adept at all the main aspects of cheerleading; the next five characters also exude these characteristics.

Ah Claire, the beauty with the awesome voice! Claire is a university student when she first enters the Resident Evil world, and, like Sarah, may have been a cheerleader already. Like everyone in this list, Claire is gorgeous, no doubt, however something about her stands out from the rest (her voice is also amazing, and that's probably what does make her stand out). In terms of athletics, there is also a good chance that Claire takes part in some sports (if you consider riding a sport, then she is a motorcyclist through and through!), and in terms of acrobatics, well, if you have seen the intro to Resident Evil: Code Veronica, and have watched the film, Resident Evil: Degeneration, then you will see that Claire is acrobatic and a half! One thing that cheerleaders are also known for, are for wearing their pride/heart on their sleeve (well, most do!...); Claire does so herself, and then some, and as a result, she can be considered head cheerleader material.

This cutie comes in at number four; Honey (known as Candy in the West, which is TERRIBLE, as Honey is a MUCH better name) is a fashion student, who would fit in with any cheerleading squad, immediately. Her cute demeanor and charm would make her stand out, and even though she is not the leader type, she could easily head a cheerleading squad as she has all the tools; she's athletic, she is acrobatic to the max (all those flips!), and she has the look/is good looking. Also, being a fashion student, Honey could design new uniforms for whichever squad she'd be on, just to add to her chances. Without a doubt, Honey would be a cheerleader extraordinaire.

Being a world class wrestler, one of the most beautiful models/singers/actresses in the world, and able to flip around ad nauseum, Tina is the best fit of everyone on the list so far to be the head of a cheerleading squad. Tina has done it all; starting from losing her mother when she was young, she set out to be the best she could in everything; first it was wrestling (she became the best at that), then it was singing (she became the best at that), then it was acting (she became the best at that), and if you were to insert her into the role of cheerleader, I guarantee she would become the best at that. With her celebrity exploits, and her wrestling exploits, Tina has all the tools necessary to succeed as a cheerleader. Oh, and if you missed it, she's just stunning to look at.

The consummate videogame cheerleader, Tiffany Lords comes in second spot. All-American to the max, Tiff really doesn't like Japan, and is only in Japan to be close to Roy (her equally American boyfriend). Tiff is the negative embodiment of what a cheerleader is; Blonde, ditsy, large chested, uncaring, and lazy... but who cares! Everyone in Rival Schools has their own team/club that they belong to, and Tiffany is no different; she's a member of the cheerleading team, and is head cheerleader as well (as far as I know...). When one uses her in either Rival Schools game, they can see how true this is; she's always smiling, bubbly, hopping/bouncing around, and then you perform her attacks, which consist of a ton of flips, jumps, and flying maneuvers. Its easy to see that she is truly the BEST videogame cheerleader ever created... so why isn't she first on the list? Let's just say, she lacks a bit of acrobatics, a bit of striking features, and most importantly, a lack of PROFESSIONAL cheerleading.

SHE'S NOT A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's get that out of the way right off the bat! Poison is, for all intents and purposes, a woman, as well as Roxy; she was conceived as a woman, she appeared in her first game as a woman, and if not for tight pantied American parents and congressman crying "abuse towards women," the controversy towards Poison's gender would never have been in question.

Anyways, Poison is tops as a videogame cheerleader, mainly for the fact that she has done it professionally (as Hugo's wrestling manager {which as everyone knows, is strictly a cheerleading, "position,"} in the Street Fighter Series), and she is damn good at it. Aside from being a manager though, Poison is quite possibly the most acrobatic videogame character ever, flipping with ease, more than any other character has done in a videogame. If not a criminal in High School, Poison would take over the cheerleading squad, leading with conviction, and putting the others to shame with her moves. Oh, and let's not forget; the bright pink hair is just gorgeous to look at (my dream girl has pink hair like Posion haha!), and Poison's body is one of the three best on this list, so not only would she put others to shame with her moves, she'd put them to shame with her looks. Poison is the top choice for a videogame cheerleader, hands down.

With the thousands of different female videogame characters that have been created throughout the years, many could have made this list however in terms of attitude, athletic ability, acrobatic ability, and personality, I felt these ten chicks best embodied what it took to be a cheerleader. Like two top 10's past, I wanna thank my friend Vyse_Skies for giving me the idea to do this all female top ten (based off of his "Camp Crystal Lake" top 10). While I have never been big over the whole cheerleader idea, nor have I ever cared about their existence (was quite involved with my high school when I went; they existed for a year and a month before I realised we had a cheerleading squad), cheerleaders have a valid place in sports, North American or not. Even if the girls don't get as much attention as the guys do on the field, its good to give them some exposure (and hey, I'm not complaining!). One thing is for sure, if these ten girls were on a real-life cheerleading squad, they would garner just as much attention as the males, if not more!

List by Truck_1_0_1_ (07/26/2010)

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