Throughout time, there have been many games in the series dubbed Final Fantasy. Squaresoft/enix unearthed a gem when they came out with this series. Final Fantasy is incredible. It is personally my favorite video game franchise. It has the best music ever and some of the best protagonists. But no Final Fantasy would be complete without its villains. The absolute best aspect of these games is the incredible villains. Even though they change from game to game, they are all incredible. I now take on the impossible task of narrowing down the best in the series. Well, here we go.

We begin our countdown with the game that started it all. This was the game that saved Squaresoft from bankruptcy. Thuroughly great. Garland is a rogue knight from the Kingdom of Cornelia. He kidnaps Princess Sarah and takes her to the Chaos Shrine. Your four warriors of light then go and supposedly defeat him. He was actually taken back in time by the four fiends and in turn he sends them back to your time to stop you. When you defeat the fiends, Garland comes back but now as the final boss, Chaos. Chaos uses the power of the four fiends in the final fight against the Warriors of Light. He is an awesome villain but the villains of the later games are improvements.

Final Fantasy X was a game that defined the Playstation 2 era. It also included a villain that is still remembered as a great villain. Seymour Guado is one of the Maesters of Yevon. When your party travels to Guadosalam, Seymour takes Yuna and proposes to her. He then lets the party go and then when the party travels to Macalania Temple, the party learns that Seymour killed his own father. They rush into the temple in time to help Yuna fight him. This is the first of four battles against Seymour. All of which are very diffucult. After you defeat him, the party is chased and somehow gets seperated. When the party is reformed, they find out that they are missing Yuna. They soon see that she is being forced into marraige with Seymour in Bevelle. The party then goes to Bevelle. Before you arrive however, you must fight the guardian of Bevelle, the dragon Evrae. One of the hardest fights in the entire game. You finally get to Bevelle and are captured and put into the Via Purifico which is some sort of dungeon for prisoners to die in. When you get to the end of the Via Purifico, you encounter Seymour once again and this time he has murdered Maester Kinoc. You then proceed to fight Seymour Natu which is alomost impossible without the reflect spell. After you defeat him, you find him again on Mount Gagazet. He explains that he wiped out the entire ronso race except for Kimahri who is in your party. Then you fight Seymour Flux who is even harder than Seymour Natus. Then you fight him again as Seymour Omnis or something like that. Very hard. The only reason he is so high on the list is because the reason he is being evil is to wipe out life on Spira, which sounds like an evil thing, but the reason behind all that is that he wants to end the suffering of the world.

Ultimecia is so far the only female main antagonist in the series and she fits it well. Ultimecia is a sorceress from the future who wants to compress time into one single moment. She has the power to enslave and possess people including Edea who is the person who first appears as the antagonist. She even possesses your girlfriend! Not to mention the final battle where she is some weird concoction of her Guardian Force, Griever and herself. One of the ugliest things ever. She proves herself to be the best female antagonist, but she bows to some of the best villains in the franchise.

In Final Fantasy V, the main antagonist is Exdeath. Exdeath is a mystical being that was defeated years ago and is now back. Your party fights it sort of early in the game, but when they are celebrating, Exdeath comes back bigger and badder than ever. He now has complete control of the Void. He uses his newfound powers to destroy towns, cities, and kingdoms around the world. His final battle is Neo Exdeath which is one of the hardest final bosses in the series. He is also credited with having Gilgamesh, the elite swordsman of mystery, as his lieutenant. Exdeath is ruthless and evil, but there are better villains.

Throughout Final Fantasy IV, you are fighting Golbez. He persuades you best friend, Kain to betray the party several times, he emotional tolls with you, and he inflicts physical and emotional pain on every member of your party. It turns out that it is all a cover up. When you defeat Golbez, and you think that you've won the game, Zemus pops up out of nowhere. It turns out that Zemus is controlling Golbez throughout the whole game and that Golbez is Cecil's brother. When you defeat Zemus, and you think that you've won the game again, out pops Zeromus. A physical representation of Zemus's hate. You fight through two tough forms of this guy and then when you've finally beaten him and you've actually won the game, he says as he's dying that as long as there is hate in the world, he will exist. Ominous and foreboding. Zemus is awesome but once again, there are five better villains.

We have now reached the halfway point of the list and my personal favorite game of the series. In the game, Vayne is the son of Emperor Gramis of Archadia. He is also brother to one of you friends Larsa. Vayne is so egotistical and power hungry that he actually kills his own father so he can take the throne. He takes the throne, kills one of the Judge Magisters and disbanded the Senate. He waged full out war on Rozarria. On the other side of evil is Venat who is one of the Occuria which is the god like race of the game. He abandoned the Occuria and is now on the side of evil. He has become cohorts with Doctor Cid, who is the chief scientist of Archadia. When Doctor Cid is killed in the Pharos, Venat joins with Vayne. With the explosion of the Sun Chryst in the Pharos, the ultimate weapon has been awakened. Vayne and Venat take advantage of this and go to battle. With the opposing fleet coming from the other way, the final battle will take place over the main city of Rabanastre. The ultimate weapon is the Sky Fortress Bahamut. Your party infiltrates the Bahamut and fights four final battles. The first one is against Judge Gabranth and isn't really a boss battle. The next battle is against Vayne and is harder but still really easy. The battle after that is against Vayne Novus which is a version of Vayne possessed with Venat. The final battle of the game is against the Undying which is Vayne Novus but with parts of the Bahamu magically melded onto him. This duo of villains comes in at number five in the countdown because they aren't as epic as the final four. This is my favorite final fantasy game though.

The Emperor is the emperor of the Palamecian Empire. This choice may come as a shock to some people but I believe that he is in the right place. He is absolutely evil as a human being. When the party fights and kills him, he comes back from hell. Apparently he was so ego-tistical and power hungry that he somehow became the ruler of hell!!! That is creepy!!! He comes back to destroy the world. When the party destroys his castle, the new castle of hell, Pandemonium, rises. The party then goes the jade passage and goes to Pandemonium to confront the Emperor in his new demonic form. The final battle is considered one of the hardest final battles of the Final Fantasy franchise. The top three are very close but all are better than the Emperor no matter how evil he is.

The top three in my list could go in any order, so I decided the order of the top three by my favorite games. Final Fantasy VI [III in the original North American release] will always stand as one of the best games in the series. Kefka is probably the weirdest villain ever conceived. A mad joker with no other hobby but killing. It's sad that his only joy in life is the cry of thousands in unision. He will also stand as being the only villain in Final Fantasy that has had the goal of becoming a god and has actually achieved it. He took the World of Balance and turned the world into the World of Ruin. He is also one of the most stuck up people in the series. "There is sand on my shoes!"

Considered to be one of the greatest beings ever created, Sephiroth is the most recognizable character from the whole franchise. He is awesome! He starts off as being a good guy in Soldier. When he is on a mission in Nibelheim, he discovers a library. He finds out that he was born from an extraterrestrial being called Jenova. He then goes on a rampage and burns the town to the ground!!! He is then the main antagonist of the whole game. When the party is imprisoned in the Shinra building, they discover that someone has killed everyone in the building but them and has stolen the Jenova sample. When the get up to the President's office after following the trail of blood, they see the President's body on his desk with a long sword sticking out of him. The sword is Sephiroth's infamous sword, the Masamune. The party then goes on task after task trying to find "the man in black". When the party goes to the Temple of the Ancients, the figure out his plan to summon Meteor to expel the Lifeforce from the ground and to absorb the energy of the Lifeforce to become a god. When Aerith/Aeris runs to the City of the Ancients, Cloud and the party witness the infamous and tear jerking scene of Sephiroth killing her. Many people hated Sephiroth with a passion after he did that. That right there is the sign of a great villain. The party then goes to the Northern Crater to the three final battles. Jenova Synthesis is incredibly easy. Then you go onto the weirdest fight ever against Bizarro Sephiroth. Then the final battle commences against Safer Sephiroth which can be diffucult if you're not prepared. A scripted battle then takes place with Cloud hammering on Sephiroth with Omnislash. Many characters thought that made everything better. No matter what, Sephiroth will be considered the greatest villain with many people, but I believe that there is one more that is even better.

Yes, Kuja. The crossdressing, space monkey is the best Final Fantasy villain of all time. The most egotistical being ever. He even says in the game, "if I can't live, no one can". He starts off by persuading Queen Brahne to take over the other kingdoms of the world. When an apparent falling out occurs between Kuja and Queen Brahne, a giant battle takes place at the Iifa Tree. It eventually leads to Kuja summoning Bahamut and ultimately killing Queen Brahne. When the party travels to Terra, Kuja kills Garland and destroys the whole planet with one burst of Ultima. When the party gets back to Gaia, they travel to Memoria, which is a world that Kuja created. During the dungeon. the party fights the four fiends once again. In the Crystal World, which is the final area, we finally fight the seemingly final boss, Trance Kuja. When he is defeated, he seemingly kills your party, but they are revived before the true final fight against Necron who just appeared out of nowhere. Kuja is most unique in several ways. One, he speaks poetically which makes him all the more ominous. Another thing that makes him unique is that he considers himself the Angel of Death and that he was brought to life for the sole purpose of destroying the world.

As you can see, I believe Kuja to be the best villain in the entire Final Fantasy series. I believe that every villain in Final Fantasy is incredible. Just remember that this is my opinion and that you are entitled to whatever you think is right. Thank you for reading my top ten list and thank you for appreciating Final Fantasy as much as I do.

List by fffan96 (07/30/2010)

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