Alright, before you say anything, yes, I KNOW the Wii dosen't have that many horror game. But, aside from that, this is basicly the best of a small list of horror game that many people have seen and/or played. Also, it should be mention that these are game that are found in the list of horror game on the site AND in North America, so, sorry there going to nothing on Resident Evil: The Umbrella Cronicles or that Fatal Frame game that came out in Japan last year. I sould also tell you that I don't really play horror games. In fact, I have only played two of the game on the list and seen the other on YouTube (try and guess which is which). Finally, I will manly talk about the gaming mechanics than the main plot of the game. Now let's get on with the list!

The reason this is number 10 is basically because I played this game and it does not feel like a survival/horror game. Heck, it doesn't even feel like a survival game. To be honest, it feels more like a rescue/mystery game with zombies. I don't think I need to explain this is a remake of the XBox version. Although, if you play this game you will note many differences. For instance, a few of the bosses became more like powerful enemies in the Wii version. Each had its own rewards given when defeated. But, I won't spoil this for you. Another thing, is that in the original game, you can carry multiple weapons like machetes and knives in a special item bar. In the Wii version you can only carry one at a time. Not to mention the fact that to get to another area, you have to press two buttons to go there. But, at least the boss fights still have a kicking soundtrack!

This game in all honesty seems more like a survival game without the horror. Granted it does have main aspects of a horror game: dark enemy, bad lighting and a protagonist with amnesia. But, it does not really have the "holy crap" factor. It does have some aspects that will throw you off guard. For instance, to kill the enemies you have to knock them down and carry them to some type of fire. If that was not bad enough, many areas are decaying due to unnatural fissures.

At first you think you are just on a nice vacation with your friends. One of your friends is a girl whom you have a crush on. She seems fascinated with bugs. The other person is your best friend. He has a habit of point a gun at an empty space everytime you talk to him. You think it is a good camping trip. Then, you learn that the place is crawling with freaking, huge, BUGS!! Your entire mission to save your friends. You accomplish this by going back in time via a strange cave. Confused? So am I. It get more confusing if you think to much about the little thing in this game. The main questions that people will ask after playing this game are "what is the deal with the purple shards?", "how do you kill the giant gorillas outside the anciant temple area?", "why are you invincible when you are avoiding enemies?", and "what with all the blackfly swarms?" Okay, I know some of those question are pretty vage, but there true.

This game truly fits in with its title. The whole story takes place after the first Obscure game. It keeps true to its title because it takes place in darkness, the enemies are not clearly defined and the story does not make a lot of sense. This truly is the aftermath of what happened in the first game. Some things are different, besides the fact that this is a couple years after the first game. For instance, one of the main characters from the first game is actual one of the bad guys in this game. The main villain's son is one of the enemies you have to face. It is a lot longer than the first game.

This game here is basically a prequel to the first Dead Space which was made for the X-Box 360 and PS3. My first question is why did they make this game only for the Wii? Why not a version for the X-Box 360 and PS3? Anyway, this game still holds true to the first Dead Space. It has freaky enemies, still takes place on the original ship and it revolves around this weird alien artifact. The humans worship this artifact. The game does seem to work well as a first person shooter. But, I still cannot get used to this game being on the Wii. Sure you can still blow off a necromorph's limb. But, the graphics are lacking on the Wii.

I'll be honest with you, I am running short of games that fit in this genre. This game is truly survival horror. It is a remake of the game for the Gamecube. Basically, you are a special agent investigating a small town that has been affected by a virus developed by the Umbrella Corporation. Also, zombies! Lots of zombies! And they are hungry! Not to mention the fact that you have to worry about them having chainshaw and stupid puzzles. There are gates that any couch potato could jump over. But, no, you need a key to get over these gates. What's up with that?

Again a remake of a Gamecube game. Why this is before Resident Evil 4 is obvious. This game still has the elements that the original Resident Evil ( yes I know this is the first Resident Evil). Zombies that if you take them down come back as other zombies called Crimson Heads, herbs that can heal you, giant bugs, realization that one of your allies is the cause of all this and a good looking female character. Also, the ability to actually examine an item to find further keys to solving the event of Racoon City.

This game is once again a remake of an original game for the Playstation. But, unlike the Playstation, Nintendo and Konami have added a few additions to this game that makes it a lot eerier than its predecessor. First, the Wii controller speaker can actually be used as the speaker on a cell phone. This helps for eerie conversations with eerier apparitions. Second, you cannot attack creatures that come after you at certain points in the game. Your only chance is to run, block entry ways and hide. To be honest, hiding does not help at all. They find you where you are hiding and take you out. Kind of stupid mechanic. Third, in the original game Harry Mason was from another town travelling to Silent Hill. In this game, he is actually from Silent Hill. All in all, this game is still as creapy as the original. Freakier when you realize that the whole game changes depending on how you answer the question that the psychiatrist asks at the beginning of the game. But, it still has the UFO endings that we all like.

Eventhough this game is rated T for Teen, it scared the heck out of me. The fact that you are in another dimension, supposedly a cross between life and death. You enter this dimension through a chat room called the "Black Page." Then, things really start to get creapy. You wander the halls of eerie places looking for a flashlight and a cell phone. Once you get these items, you have to figure out what caused this area to exist. On the way, you have to avoid ghosts and break free if attacked by them. All while paying attention to a thing that is supposed to monitor your vital signs. If it gets too high, the screen turns red and you are dead. You have four main characters. Not all last through the whole game. Check out a walkthrough and you'll see what I mean.

Now this game definitely qualifies as a very, VERY, scary game! Though if you want to get technical it is actually a "haunted house simulator." Like the previous two games, you cannot attack. You can only run, hide and find your way through the levels and/or areas. Your life is depicted as how much juice you have in your flashlight batteries. When you battery voltage is gone, it is game over. Eventually in parts of it, you will encounter a creepy kid that meows like a cat or a fairly strange girl that tries to attack you for someone unknown reason. Your only chance is to point your Wii remote to escape as fast as you can. There is no telling if you will actually survive.

Note that these games I have only seen once or twice. Quite frankly, that was enough. Tell me if I am missing any of the key points or if you dispute the order. Thanks for your time.

List by omegazephyrman (08/25/2010)

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