We've all seen these games. You don't think they will work, the fan base just isn't there. Maybe it can hold it's own, it looks sort of interesting. Only time will tell. Of course, come release date, your expectations are shattered. It's so unexpected. Sure, it's not the biggest, best, or highest reviewed game on the system... But that's not to say it doesn't have it's fans. This Top 10 List is dedicated to those games.

The hard part about picking a game for PS2 is it's extensive library. There isn't really a stereotype on the PS2, because there are all kinds of games to pick from. I just decided to take the most commonly heard game names of the system and say those are the stereotype: Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Yeah, both Square games, but they seem to be the biggest to me. The farthest thing I could find for that.... Well, you probably know what game I'm talking about by now.

Anyway, in Katamari Damacy, you play as The Prince of the Cosmos. Your dad, The King of the Cosmos, destroys the entire night sky. It is your job, then, to go down to earth and recreate the stars. You do this by rolling around an adhesive ball and collecting possessions, then putting them in the sky as stars. What? This game is so random, so unexpected, and so uniquely childish. That's exactly what makes this game awesome. Gamers love Katamari.

The PS3 has a similar problem to it's predecessor. There is quite a wide variety of games. The Stereotype of the PS3, in my opinion, is part Shooter, part Platformer, and part Fighter. Maybe part Demon's Souls, too. LittleBigPlanet doesn't exactly break away from the mold too far. It's kid friendly, and insanely innovative. This game was insanely well received, though, which gives it a place on this top 10 list, despite not being out of the Stereotype.

PSP.... Here is where we encounter a problem. PSP has a limited audience, and they all like the same games. Almost all games on the PSP, at least well received ones, are similar to one another. The only game that is possibly different is practically a standard on all Consoles: Rock Band. Rock Band: Unplugged, is pretty much what it says. It's Rock Band on the go. I honestly can't say much about the game, seeing as I don't own a PSP and have never played this game.... But from what I've read, the game is pretty well received. The only real reason this game deserves a spot is because it's the most unique thing the PSP library has to offer, in my opinion.

Well, the way I see it, the iPod/iPhone market mainly consists of small games. Short and easy. Nothing to complex or hard. Tap Tap Revenge seems to stray away from that. With Guitar Hero style gameplay, Tap Tap Revenge is quite the game. It's not easy. I don't even know if it's possible for my thumbs to move that fast on some of the harder songs. Tap Tap Revenge takes the cake for the iPhone category.

The Xbox 360 is commonly known for mature games. Shooters like Halo 3 and Gears of War. What, then, would happen if we released a game about Pinatas. Yeah, Pinatas. They are colorful and contain candy. What is more child friendly then Pinatas? Well, with a developer like Rare, what can possibly go wrong? This game is pretty well recieved. Maybe not the best game on the system, but it isn't bad.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was a Dreamcast game? What is a Dreamcast anyway? Well, the SEGA Dreamcast was a console that surfaced just before the PS2. Sadly, the PS2 pretty much killed it. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 had been on the Dreamcast for 2 years before Capcom jumped ship, and re-released for PS2 and Xbox. Anyway, the Stereotype of the Dreamcast, in my opinion, is 1st party titles. Nothing else. The Dreamcast was much harder to develop for then the PS2 was, so which got the most games? That's right, not the Dreamcast. Pretty soon, it seemed like the only guys developing Dreamcast games were SEGA themselves. Surprisingly enough, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 still came, and was very well recieved. Probably considered the best game of the console, Marvel vs. Capcom comes to rest on my list.

Resident Evil 4. This is commonly referred to as one of the best games of the GC/PS2/Xbox generation of gaming. It's definitely far from the GameCube Stereotype of 1st party titles and Dreamcast remakes. This was one of the most insane shooters to come out in a long time. Gamers love it. It almost makes the GameCube worth owning all by itself. Reviewers praise it. It was quite a strong contender for the GameCube. The only reason this isn't a little higher is due to it changing the GameCube's library. After it's release, we saw a couple developers trying (and not doing too bad) at copying. Maybe it wasn't outside of the Stereotype... It just broke it.

The DS is interesting. I most commonly associate it with innovative games and Pokemon. Yeah, Pokemon. Even on GameFAQs, Pokemon rounds out 4 of the top 5 message boards, and 5 of the top 6 games. Anyway, that's not the point. The World Ends With You is something you would expect on the PS2. It's a Square game, for one, and it also has a confusing yet immersive story, emo characters, and fun gameplay. Sure, it's kind of innovative for the console... But not for the company. It's nothing new. All the same, a lot of people love it. Reviewers love it. It's amazing. That is why this game receives 3rd on this list.

The Wii is most commonly known for kid friendly games... Oh, and Shovelware. Well, Madworld is the exact opposite of both of those. The entire game is in Black and White, with the exception of one thing... Blood. That blood just so happens to take about about half the screen, so you won't be missing the color too much. This game is violent. Little kids would never be allowed to play this game, unless they have sadistic parents. It's crazy. Addicting gameplay, an awesome soundtrack, and hilarious commentators make this game one of the best experiences for mature gamers on the system. The only thing that keeps this from top of the list is the abysmal sales... Sure, gamers loved it. Reviewers loved it even more. It just wasn't as popular with the general public of Wii owners.

Ah, the PC. This... System, if you will, has been around so long. There are millions of games for the PC, all of them different from the next. Well, some of them are, at least. I decided to take the most recent group of PC gamers: The type interested in Real Time Strategies, like Starcraft, MMOs, like WoW, and Shooters, like Team Fortress 2. These all seem kind of similar in a couple ways. The fans are kind of devout. The game is easy to get in to, but you can always advance your game. There is something that you can improve at. Always. These Genre's are also known for the online component. The farthest game I can think of these is Plants vs. Zombies. It is kinda kid friendly, and geared toward comedy. It also had little to know online component. Sure, it has the same core genre as Starcraft, but it's different in nearly every way you could think. This game is also insanely well received. It is on a system known for it's users constantly upgrading the console, despite it's low specs. That is why Plants vs. Zombies tops my list.

There you have it. My list of Games that break the Stereotype. It's a pretty short list, and pretty simple too, but that's how I see it. For the Record: All views in this list reflect my opinion, including Stereotypes. This list is not intended in any way, shape or form to insult any console owners.

Happy Trails.

List by LigersRule (08/31/2010)

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