This is a list of the Top 10 most Iconic Pokemon, granted all have been chosen from the Classic generation, but in truth all have been taken into account. The Pokemon that will be remembered for ages to come and won't be forgotten any time soon, if at all. This list isn't based off the most powerful Pokemon, but a combination of popularity, power, and fame that's been spawned from the start.

Pokemon has had a huge impact on the world and everybody and their mother know of the series. It's been parodied, copied, and it's gained worldwide attention. The series continues on today, raking in just as much money as ever, and it's all thanks to Nintendo for giving us a much beloved, memorable series that has spawned an anime, manga, movies, and probably more.

In the TV series especially, Jiggypuff tends to get like a drunken college fratboy and use a marker to draw things on your face if you fall asleep while it's singing. That's it's special ability, singing and lulling enemies to sleep. Jigglypuff is a cute little Pokemon that resembles a fluffball or more closely, a balloon as it can inflate itself.

The evolved form of Jigglypuff is Wigglytuff. Jigglypuff can be found pretty early in the came in a cave that also houses Geodudes and Zubats on the way to Cerulean City. It evolves into Wigglytuff with the use of a Moonstone. If you see this Pokemon in a TV episode, be prepared to laugh.

#9: Eevee

A cute little Pokemon that resembles a little fox. What this one is known for, is the many different evolutions available to him. Using the appropriate stones, he can evolve into Vaporeon, Flareion, or Jolteon. Each one with their own elemental capabilites as showcased by their names.

Later in the series, he was granted a longer list of evolutions, some of which depend on his mood at the time of evolution, transforming into either Umbreon, a dark type Pokemon, and Espion, a psychic type. Even later in the series, he was granted even more evolutions, Leafeon and Glaceon. Leafeon is a plant Pokemon and Glaceon is an ice Pokemon.

This one is notorious for an episode he was in of the cartoon in Japan. In the aforementioned episode, Porygon uses an attack and what occurs is a rapid flashing of bright colors. This caused children all over Japan to go into epileptic seizures, sadly. The episode was never re-aired and never made it to America because of the fiasco.

The incident is so notorious that it was actually parodied in South Park, where Kenny was playing a Chimpokomon (South Park version of Pokemon) video game with his friends and suffered a seizure himself. Thanks to the internet, the video clip which sparked the controversy is now widely available, but take caution if you suffer from epilepsy.

These two were originally found in the fighting Dojo in Saffron City. What makes them famous is their names. Both Pokemon contain the last names of famous martial artists Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

Many young people at the time didn't get it but they were the only two fighting Pokemon other than the Machop lineage. Hitmonlee is a kickboxing Pokemon, and Hitmonchan uses his fits, which are protected by large, red boxing gloves. They both have the same "baby" form, Tyrogue, as was implemented later in the series.

The original three Pokemon to hold the title "Legendary", the Legendary Birds. In addition to having typical bird-type movies, they also had elementals with Articuno having the power of ice, Zapdos with the power of Electricity, and Moltres with the power of fire. The power they contain is obviously held within each of their names.

Another thing worth noting about their names is that each contains a Spanish number, "uno", "dos", and "tres". Articuno lives on Seafoam Island, Zapdos in the Power Plant, and Moltres in Victory Road. The three were also featured in the second Pokemon film, Pokemon: 2000.

These two are a pair of glitch Pokemon that were only in the Red and Blue versions. What one had to do was talk to the old man in Veridian City and choose the option of "No" when asked if you need a tutorial on how to catch Pokemon. Right from there, you fly to Cinnabar island and surf along the right side of the island, where the water touches the land. After defeating them, the sixth item in your inventory gets duplicated a bunch of times, which makes for infinite amounts of Masterballs or Gold Nuggets, or whatever else you may want to duplicate.

Some argue that catching these Pokemon will corrupt your game save, but I've done it and never had a problem, so it's probably at random. In addition to fighting these two, you may also run into Pokemon that are over level 100 here, such as a level 147 Snorlax. Once they level up though, they go back to level 100 and stay there, sadly.

#4: Mewtwo

Originally found in the Red and Blue versions, Mewtwo was in a solitary cave in Cerulean City that is blocked off throughout the entire game. Once the player beats the game, you can go back to Cerulean City and find that the cave is now open. After some puzzles and going through a few floors of the dungeon, you find Mewtwo and fight him when you walk up to and talk to him. He uses powerful psychic attacks and starts out at level 70. He can be pretty tough if you haven't saved your Masterball. Once obtained, he's one of the most (if not the most) powerful character in the game.

In the first movie, he was evil and set his sights on revenge against the human populace for creating him, as through his eyes, humans just force Pokemon to fight which he believes to be cruel. He lures Ash and other great Pokemon trainers to his island and clones their Pokemon as well to see which is more powerful, the clones against the originals. He communicates with humans telepathically.

#3: Mew

Anyone who's been playing Pokemon will remember the controversy surrounding the methods to obtain this creature. It was once thought that he was contained in a truck just East of the SS Anne dock, but there was no way to reach there until someone came up with a Gameshark code to get over there. Once players were able to get over to the truck, it was discovered that you couldn't get into the truck. This spouted a new rumor that somewhere, must be a key to unlock said truck. It ended up turning out that the whole thing was a red herring. The only way to obtain Mew was via a Gameshark code that allowed you to run into Mew in the wild.

He ended up getting a spot in the first Pokemon movie, where he was cloned, but that didn't go as well as planned, resulting in the creation of Mewtwo. Mew helped bring Mewtwo around and turned him into a caring, kind-hearted Pokemon. Both of them were also featured in the TV show's intro as well.

Each one was featured on the cover of their corresponding color versions, Charizard being on the Red Version cover, with Blastoise on the Blue Version cover. The way in which they were portrayed made them look like titans that you just didn't want to mess with.

This was mimicked in the TV show intro, which showed them both at a colossal size. In the episode the clip was taken from, it was revealed that these were gigantic robotic versions and the real ones would end up being much smaller. They are the fully evolved forms of Charmander and Squirtle, respectively. Two of the three Pokemon that you get to select at the beginning of the video games.

You probably all saw this coming, but it's undeniable that our favorite little electric mouse is the most recognized and most well known Pokemon in the franchise. In the TV show, he's Ash's favorite Pokemon and refuses to live in a Pokeball. Members of Team Rocket have attempted to catch this Pikachu on multiple occasions because how seemingly powerful he is compared to others. In the original video games, he could just be found out in various wild areas, as he wasn't a choice for the first Pokemon.

But then came Yellow version, a slightly altered version of Red and Blue that followed the TV show a little more closely by having Ash wake up late and being forced to take the Pikachu, who, like in the TV show, follows the main character around instead of living in a Pokeball. Via a Gameshark, Surfing Pikachu could be unlocked which grants him the Surf ability which also opens up a mini-game.

And that's it for the list, though the #1 was probably pretty obvious. Pokemon that deserve honorable mentions include Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, The Legendary Wolves, Meowth, Dragonite, Bulbasaur and the fossil Pokemon.

There are just too many to list for a Top 10 to handle and I tried to stay with the original 151 Pokemon, the ones we all remember and that helped start this craze for anime type creatures. They aren't the strongest Pokemon, or always the coolest but for some reason or another, their well know! Hope you enjoyed the list!

List by Sour (09/17/2010)

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