Resident Evil remains as one of the most, if not the most popular horror-survival series. There are other successful series, such as Silent Hill and Fatal Frame, but Resident Evil seems to be a cut above the rest. It has no doubt changed over the years, going from a campy delivery where you're suck in closed quarters and corny dialogue, to a fast-paced action shooter with traditional Hollywood jump scares. It has also spawned novels, movies, prequels, the whole nine yards.

With over 50 characters, villains, and creatures spanning this this near 15 year franchise, all we can hope is to see a Resident Evil 6 in the future, or as the rumors going around state, a completely overhauled remake. It'll be interesting to see where the series takes itself. I now present to you, the top 10 most iconic Resident Evil characters.

One of the few surviving members of S.T.A.R.S.' Bravo Team that got suck in the mansion, and required assistance from Alpha Team. Rebecca was new to the Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S. unit, and served as the medic of the team. There's no doubt that her skills and ingenuity helped keep her alive in the monster-infested mansion, where Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield found her.

She starred in her own game eventually, Resident Evil 0, which takes place just before and during the mansion incident, along with prisoner Billy Coen. Where is she now you ask? Sadly, nobody knows.

Was once a guerrilla against a South American government, but his forces were completely wiped out. Umbrella's UBCS (a military faction of the Umbrella corporation specializing in biohazard containment) found him and decided to hire him. His key role in the series helps secure is location as one of the top characters without a doubt.

He appears in Resident Evil 3: NEMESIS as a playable character, working for Umbrella to try and find survivors in the city and kill as many monsters as possible, along with fellow UBCS member Nikolai and helps Jill escape the nightmare that has become Raccoon City. This character was personified in both the games, and movies.

A noble family living on and commanding Rockfort Island, an Umbrella miltary stronghold that imprisoned Claire Redfield. For the most part, Alfred Ashford commanded the facility while his super-smart sister was in a self-induced coma, waiting for her body to bond completely with the Veronica Virus so that she could rule the world.

Alfred often disguised himself as his sister to make it look like she was still around and he himself seemed creepily infatuated with her. Their father, however, did not share Alexia's dream and left behind a failsafe for Claire and Chris to utilize should Alexia become too powerful.

This man once worked with the US government and found himself working with former RPD member, Leon S. Kennedy on a mission in South America to bring down a drug lord by the name of Javier Hidalgo. Krauser is injured in a fight with a B.O.W. (Biological Organic Weapon) and some time after the incident, disappears after a helicopter crash. When Leon makes his way to Europe, he runs into Krauser, who was believed to be dead and serves as Leon's rival throughout the game. He faces off with Leon several times throughout the games, however within Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles he and Leon partner up to track down and arrest a drug lord.

He now has powers after being given a sample of the Las Plagas parasite and desires to become even more powerful. Some of the superhuman features include; advanced speed, heightened stamina, extreme addition to his left arm being able to transform into a claw.

Once was a military leader during the time of the Soviet Union, and once it collapsed, he approached Umbrella for help, wanting to restore Russia to it's former glory, as he put it. Umbrella did more than help him by hiring him and he quickly ascended the ranks, becoming one of the top leaders of the Umbrella corporation, and was responsible for the creation of the UBCS. In addition to the creation of UBCS, Sergei also plays an irreplaceable role within the Resident Evil series taking on and completing important tasks.

While Umbrella was collapsing, Sergei still held a stronghold in the northern wastes of Russia where he continued research, all of which was stored on the campany's computer, the UMF-013. At the same time he tried using his newest B.O.W. to attack the BSAA, Wesker burst in in an attempt to assassinate him.

Co-founders of Umbrella and the men responsible for the original outbreak at the mansion. While working on the Progenitor Virus, Spencer has Wesker and Birkin kill Marcus. Marcus however became infected, and vowed to release the virus upon the world, and thus he did not die before his revenge was enacted. Marcus met his end at the hands of Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen, but Spencer still controlled Umbrella. Sergei had Spencer, the company's computer, and the TALOS project extracted from the remains of the underground lab just before the Raccoon City incident.

Umbrella's dirty secrets could no longer be a secret and the government attempted to expose Umbrella and bring them down once and for all. Spencer was able to drag out the legal proceedings for five years before Wesker stole the data from UMF-013 and testified against Spencer in court, bringing down Umbrella once and for all. Spencer retreated to Europe and tried to hide, but it didn't save him from Wesker.

The younger sister of Chris Redfield who winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time, searching for her brother Chris. She is attacked by zombies and saved by RPD member Leon S. Kennedy. They go back to the police station and get chased down by Mr. X, a B.O.W. created by Umbrella. They make their way into the sewers and to an Umbrella research facility which has become overrun by zombies and various monsters.

They find Sherry Birkin, daughter of Umbrella researcher William Birkin and eventually William himself, who has become infected. After Resident Evil 2, Claire ended up on Rockfort Island after being arrested in Paris while still looking for her brother, and thus became the main protagonist for Resident Evil Code: Veronica.

A prominent member of S.T.A.R.S.' Alpha Team that got trapped in the mansion. She and Chris Redfield had to figure out puzzles and fight against deadly zombies and B.O.W.s. After the events of the first Resident Evil, she found herself trapped in Raccoon City which had become absolutely infested with the T-Virus, most of it's citizens included, all the while fending off the deadly NEMESIS, a new Tyrant created by Umbrella to specifically seek out and kill all S.T.A.R.S. members.

With the help of Carlos, she defeats it and makes it out of Raccoon City before it gets leveled. Jill was so popular with the fans that she made her way into Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and joined the BSAA along with Chris Redfield to help bring Umbrella down once and for all.

The older brother of Claire Redfield, and another prominent member of S.T.A.R.S.' Alpha Team. He too made his way through the mansion to help find the remaining members of Bravo Team and escape the mansion. Afterwards, he joined the BSAA in a mission to bring Umbrella down once and for all, and continued his work even after that.

He helps his sister Claire in Resident Evil: Code Veronica after Leon is able to get through to him and warn Chris that Claire is in danger. Afterward he helps Jill in bringing down TALOS and Sergei, and ventures to Africa to quarantine the latest bio-hazard with the aid of Sheva Alomar.

The founder of the Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S. unit and most prominent member of the Alpha Team. His signature look sports his full head of slicked back blonde hair and sunglasses. He ends up faking his death so that he can pull strings from behind the scenes and does what no other has been able to do; bring down Umbrella. In addition to this, he has injected himself with the T-Virus, giving him a set of glowing red eyes which are visible through his sunglasses, and superhuman abilities.

He has officially declared Chris Redfield as his rival and seeks to destroy him. He remains perhaps the most popular character in the series and has finally even made his way to the big screen in Resident Evil: Afterlife (though he was in Extinction, albeit briefly), and will be in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Here's hoping that he keeps coming back.

And those are the top ten most iconic Resident Evil characters. I wish I could make this list bigger but I can't, otherwise Leon would have been on here with out a doubt, so he gets top spot for an honorable mention. Others include William Birkin, Mr. X, NEMESIS, Steve Burnside, Barry Burton, and Ada Wong.

The series is now about a decade and a half old and isn't in danger of ending any time soon, thankfully. These characters have had some of the largest impacts on the series' plot and I hope you enjoyed the list, and with the hopeful strength in fan base we can keep the series going enough to see another potential list of even more characters that have been added!

List by Sour (10/19/2010)

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