Voice actors have been everywhere in Video Games, from the very first (generally considered to be Berzerk), to almost every game made today with characters in it, voice acting is a major part of the video game industry. Looking at things a bit differently though this top 10 is NOT about just any voice actor, no; this top 10 is looking at the in-game hosts, narrators and the like. Using actual sports commentators in games, just isn't fair (naturally, that would make this list WAY too easy), and using simply any voice actor, would also give me a bit of an advantage. Voice actors such as John Truitt (Working Designs), Peter Lurie (whole slew of games), and Cam Clarke (also whole slew of games) would succeed in any role, as they have amazing voices, with a lot of character. Don't get me wrong; the majority of voice actors could do a fantastic job in a booth, though they do not all have the magic, and the character that in-game hosts do. Those listed in the following list, are the type of voice actors that I am talking about.

Hisaki Nimiya starts off the list, and this is his first of two appearances on this list. Though he has not been involved a lot of games from a production standpoint (just 2; Blue Stinger for the Dreamcast, and Sonic 3 for the Genesis), he has been a voice actor in many games. The Sega arcade fishing titles, circa 98/99ish, were hosted/narrated by Hisaki Nimiya, and if you remember those games at all, you will realise that this guy can be absolutely nuts!!!!! In Sega Bass Fishing, he merely sounds humourous, and aloof, however in Sega Marine fishing, he just throws out expressions, and craziness ad nauseum, whether he is exclaiming when your hooked fish leaps out of the water ("WWWWOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"), or when he is talking about the integrity of your line ("YOUR LINE'S GAWNA BWEAK!!!!!!!!"), in a sports booth, he would be a joy to listen to!

Best line of the game: MMMMMMM GOOOOOOOOD FISH!

Now, this guy, as you can see from the title, I have zero clue who he is, as there is no listing in the credits for his name, and I have spent a good 2 hours, pouring through over 50 sites, and I still cannot find his name (though, he may be the same voice actor in the House/Typing of the Dead...). That's not a problem at all though. Zombie Revenge is funny in that it is a beat-em-up, yet there is a narrating voice that speaks throughout the game, when you pick up items (Boolets, Boolets, AN-TI-DOTE!!!!!!), and to let you know what weapons are available (SHOTGUN! FLAME-THROWER!!!). This guy's voice is dark, and obviously is altered (he speaks with a robotic tone), however he would be great in a non-sport/anti-sport, such as "Robot Wars," (which no longer exists), or wrestling, MMA, etc. The Unknown Voice would make a good commentator indeed.

Best line of the game: THERE'S NO TIME!!!!!!!

Cosmic Smash was a small-time game released in Arcades, and on the Dreamcast (both in the year 2001), in limited quantites, and only in Japan (as a result, you will not find Cosmic Smash for less than $80.00 or so), thus many may not know the greatness that is Chris Flynn's voice. He has a very calm, cool and peaceful voice, however it is magic to your ears, when you hear him speak. Though it isn't really considered a sport, Chris would be great in calling a chess match (I know, I know, chess? Really?), or if you pick a sport, he would be great for commentating golf (who watches golf? Again, I know...), and his, "Cosmic bus," sounds great! I guess, he would have more of a radio voice, than an all-out sports' commentator voice, however the fact still remains; Chris Flynn's got the voice!

Best line of the game: Have a blast!

For some strange reason, like in Zombie Revenge, we do not know exactly who is the in-game host for Grand Theft Auto 2, though a large number of voice actors are in fact listed (we just do not know who it is). Regardless, the host's voice in Grand Theft Auto 2 is so over the top, and hearty, that he would in fact be more suited to a sideline reporter, (or "on the field," reporter), as his euphamisms are more suited to a quirky sideline reporter, than a play-by-play commentator (His, "Nice! 90 people down, multiplier times 3!" And his "DAMNATION! NO DONATION, NO SALVATION!!!!" are instant classics). Still, the, "someone," in the list of names, would be good in the booth, which one is it though? Who knows?

Best line of the game: Eat leaden death, punk!

Since the very beginning, Robert Belgrade has been the voice of Tekken; if you've played the game, you know his voice, anywhere. Robert Belgrade would be great in a sports booth, especially in a sport such as baseball, or other low-key sports, where you do not require a loud, rambunctious commentator (the opposite of Hisaki Nimiya, for example). His calm, cool voice would fit in perfectly with the slow-paced style of these sports, and he would sound MILES better than virtually every baseball commentator in the world today, as the majority of baseball commentators are pure trash. With the way he calls out the fighters' names (his, "Jin Kazama," is the BEST), or utters "The King, of Iron Fist," is just brilliant; Belgrade belongs with the best!

Best line of the game: (from Tekken 3) Chicken!!!!!

In this Hisaki Nimiya entry, you get another crazy, fast-paced voice, however, it is much more refined and, "non-engrishy," than his voice in the Sega fishing games, and as a result, this version of Nimiya is much more suited to a commentator's voice. His cries of, "GET WEADY TO WACE!!!!... Three, two, one, GGGGGAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!," and "SEGAAAAAAA MANX TT SUPABYKE!!!!!," like the unknown host's voice from Grand Theft Auto 2, are instant classics, and when coupled with the bike-turning-into-sheep code, Manx TT becomes just a crazy game. Where the first Nimiya would work well in the crazy, or, "anti-sports," this version of Nimiya would do fine as a football, soccer, or hockey commentator, as his voice is just wacky enough, and has a ton of character as well.

Best line of the game: Time's up and you dint finesh!!!

Chris Peppler has done more than one game (like most on this list), however his greatest role is as the narrator/host of your Formula One journey in Beyond the Limit. Another one to add to the calm, cool list, his deep and serious voice would be a welcome change to many commentators that have halfway voices, or voices with no, "meat," behind them (that is to say, depth and substance). Before every race, he introduces the name of the circuit, as well as a little introduction to the circuit, including history, corners, and geography ("ROUND 4!!!!! Welcome to Autrodomo Enzo e Dino Ferrari!)." As a baseball commentator, or even a basketball commentator, Chris Peppler would succeed, and thensome, so get him in the booth already!

Best line of the game: Presented by; Sega Enterprises, and Fuji Television.

Ok, so I cheated a little putting a sports host in my list, however he isn't the typical, "sports commentator," that I have highlighted in my list, thus he is fair game. Tim Kitzrow's voice is perfect for the game that he is in; Basketball (his voice was also attempted to be moulded after Marv Albert). His off-the-wall voice, and humourous euphemisms would be perfect for the sport, and while you're at it, throw football into the fire as well, as the great quirkiness of his euphemisms is similar to that of John Madden (well, again, in terms of euphemisms, as Madden isn't off-the-wall as Kitzrow is). What really makes this character stand out though, is indeed his character, and energy ("BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!," "Hello!!!"), as there is rarely a passion in a voice actor's voice, as the passion in Kitzrow's voice.

Best line of the game: OH MY!!!!!!!!!! HE'S ON FIRE!!!!!!

Propeller Arena; the AWESOME, unreleased game for the Dreamcast, was leaked in 2004. The game was basically complete, and it was cancelled due to the dreadful, September 11th attacks in New York City. Anyways, the in-game host for the game, Greg Irwin, is superb at hosting the game; he sounds great, he's got euphemisms, and there is a ton of character in his voice. Mr. Irwin would be great in virtually any sport; baseball, football, hockey, basketball, even the anti-sports such as wrestling, MMA, and, hell, World's Strongest Man can be included; he's that good! However, with his expressions ("If you fly any higher, you'll be like your car {something}; no wings!", Chance Time!"), and his enthusiasm, Greg Irwin is indeed a fantastic choice, at number 2.

Best line of the game: Return to the Ring!!!! Autopilot! Chickenheart, code red!!!

I know; you don't like him. Nobody likes him. That's fine, 'cause I don't care. The fact is that Bryan Burton Lewis is the wackiest, zaniest, most enthusiastic in-game host/narrator of the past 10 years, and possibly even in video game history, FACT. Never has a video game voice been as ridiculous, and awesome sounding as Lewis' (and he also voices a character in-game), AND he's good at it too! "Its Party Time!!! Let's Have Some Fun!!!!", and, "Hey Hey Hey!!!!! Its time to make somea carazay money!!!! Are ya' ready? Here we go!!!" are just 2 of the infamous quotes he has spoken in Crazy Taxi, and he's got more!! Like Greg Irwin, Bryan could be use din nearly any sports booth; football, baseball, the list goes on. Even as a sports television host (such as on a show in the mould of PTI), the guy would just be great! Traits that beyond a shadow of a doubt, enable him to deserve to be number one.

Best line of the game: ALRIGHT!!!! Let's look and see how you did today... AWESOME!!!!! You're the crazy, coolest cat I've ever seen! Can you get any betta?

So there you have it, another top 10 comes to a head. Sports commentators are great aids when watching a sporting even, and probably the two best on television, I am watching as I type this right now (Al Michaels, the best play-by-play man in the business, and Cris Collinsworth, who is the most articulate, and well-spoken colour man in the business), and after watching 7 1/2 hours straight of football, I have heard PLENTY of trash from the commentator booth all day today. If these voice actors could get into the commentating business, I assure you, we would hear a lot more gold than garbage coming from our televisions when watching sporting events, and that's not a bad thing by any stretch! Still, one can dream... (it is actually my dream to become a commentator one day, and I am told by MANY that I have what it takes so... literally, one CAN dream!).

List by Truck_1_0_1_ (11/08/2010)

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