People are competitive, it's in our human nature. Sometimes we can get a little too competitive, with some help from a video game. There should be a warning label on these games Warning: These games can and will cause thrown controllers, curse words, and possible loss of friendships. Some games just bring out the worst in people, so play these games at your own discretion. They say you should keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. If you're not careful when you're playing these games, your friends might just turn into your enemies!

Wow, what a tiring game this is. But this game is just as intense as it is tiring. A friendly Wii Boxing match can turn into a real one if you're really owning you opponent. But most of the time, it takes fast arms, and a lot of luck to win in Wii Boxing. Once your friend realizes your better than him, he will start to just swing his arms like a mad man, this is the sure fire way to win in Wii Boxing. But it's not fun because you're swinging your arms around like a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man. It will anger you when your friend beats you using no skill. And Admit it, while playing Wii bowling you've tried everything possible to distract your friend from throwing that game winning strike. Don't forget the time you "accidentally" whacked your friend with the Wii remote while playing Wii Tennis. While playing Wii Tennis, it can sometimes be difficult to hit the ball due to timing and where the motion sensor bar is placed. Sometimes, it just turns into you everyone swinging their arms randomly to hit the ball and someone gets lucky. There's nothing more annoying then a friend that never misses the ball, or can always do the super serve 100% of the time making it almost impossible to return the ball. And if you want to talk about Wii Baseball, I'm pretty confident that almost everyone taunted their opponent after hitting one out of the park. Pitching in Wii Baseball can be a little cheap though if you know what you're doing. You can throw a fastball, changeup, screwball, splitter, and curveball, pick the location and speed. It can be very difficult to hit these pitches when someone is constantly mixing them up. There is also a pitch, the splitter, that is nearly impossible to hit and looks like a pitch right down the middle until it drops at the last second. Eventually every time you strike out, it will be because you swung at a splitter in the dirt, that can be quite frustrating. A simple family game like Wii Sports can turn ugly quick with a few homeruns, a quick left hook, and a couple strikes.

Who doesn't love Pokemon? No one, that's who. In your quest to be the very best, I'm sure you've battled your friends a couple times. You pick your six pokemon first, then he picks 6 pokemon that are super affective against yours. There should be some kind of way you can't see what Pokemon each other picked because whoever is player 2 has a huge advantage because they will just pick the right Pokemon to own yours. Once the battle begins it's just you and your friend throwing pokemon in and out, using fly and dig over and over. Eventually, your buddy that picked his Pokemon second, just keeps getting critical hits and eventually he wins and your lucky if you knocked out 2 of his Pokemon. Not only is there an intense battle mode, there is also an array of cute, yet competitive mini games to play. Some games you're just mashing buttons A and B until someone wins, other games you need to memorize an order of directions which can get very hectic. While trying to get the directions right yourself, your trying to throw off your buddy because you know he's great at this game. Nothing is more annoying then the friend that is randomly really good at memorization, or button mashing, or just overall lucky and always wins. This game will get you mad quick because luck play's a big role during a battle, and no one wants to lose because they're unlucky. You feel like you're Ash Ketchum, and you just loss the battle of your life. Be careful, because after a few battles in this game, your friend will look more like Gary Oak.

What a great side scrolling beat em up game. Wait, you can damage your team mate, what were they thinking?! Uh oh, this could be bad. In this extremely hard co-op adventure, you need your partner just as much as he needs you. You're just about to beat a level, when all of the sudden you notice your friend is on the opposite side of the screen, getting his ass kicked by what looks like giant walking legs! (If you've played this game you know what I'm talking about) You and him both know he never should have died there, but now you have to start the level all over again. Now that you have to start the level over again, you might start slacking off because you literally just played this level. Before you know it someone died only half way into the level and you have to start it over again! You're a little angry about that, so in the heat of the battle you start attacking your fellow toad! This just turns into you and your buddy ignoring all the enemies and just fighting against each other trying to prove who's really better. Now it's just you and your friend duking it out instead of working together. It's called Battletoads for a reason ya know.

You might be thinking, I have more friends on WOW then I do in real life and we get along great! This game is on the list for different reasons then the others. In this game you play online with thousands of people around the world, battling and completing quests to level up. It's a fantasy world, and some people don't want to leave it. This game can consume peoples life's, and they will literally stay in front of their computer for days at a time, you can and will be addicted to this game. You start hanging out with your real friends a lot less, and start hanging out with xoxoDarkNinjaxoxo the Elf a lot more. Before you know it, your friends stop calling you because they know you won't answer because you're playing WOW. Then all of the sudden it's been almost a year since you've hung out with your actual friends! It's a sad story, but I've seen it too many times before. Not only can this game ruin friendships, it can ruin your family. I read an article on the internet about how a 27 year old guy was told by his mom to turn off his computer while playing WOW. He didn't like that to say the least and attacked his mom, she attempted to call 911 and he ran in his room and grabbed a gun. The grandfather came to the rescue and wrestled the gun out of the guy's hand. The guy got his head slammed through a window and went to the hospital and was arrested. All because his mom wanted him to get off the computer. World of Warcraft is not a game for everyone because some people take it too seriously and let in take over their life!

Probably the best soccer/football game ever. People all around the world love to play Fifa, but sometimes they love it a little too much. You pick Real Madrid and use Ronaldo, your friend choose Barcelona and uses Lionel Messi and now it's on. Nothing will anger your friend more then when you snipe the upper right corner with Messi and scream "GOALLLLL" along with the Spanish announcer. Not to mention when you go into penalty kicks, and you guess right and dive to make the game winning save, your friend probably won't talk to you for days. Nothing is more annoying then the friend that knows how to do all the special moves, and dribbles down the whole field and scores a crazy goal. Also, there's always that one guy that doesn't know how to do dribble moves, but he flings the joystick around and keeps getting lucky and pulling off a move to beat your defender. No one wants to use the worst team in the game, but there is that one friend that ALWAYS picks the best team in the game and won't play with any other team. He gets lucky and wins a few games and he thinks he's a Fifa God, when the only reason he won is because his computer controlled the defense and they were like a brick wall. Don't tell him that though, he'll get mad and challenge you to another game, but we all know what team he's going to use. Another thing about this game is that the refs can sometimes be blind. Your buddy will run into you and crush you to the ground, but there will be no call. You barley touch your friend when he has the ball and he gets the call and is in great position to score on a free kick. That can be very annoying, especially in the last few minutes of the game when it's all tied up. People say soccer/football isn't a contact sport, but beat your buddy in Fifa a few times, and it could get real physical, real fast!

Anyone that has played this game knows it can and will get intense, especially when playing it with your friends. The fact that you can pick teams of two, then compete against the other two people make it a competition just to beat your buddies. Nothing will anger you more then when you're in 1st place, about to win the race, and your friend throws a first place shell to blow you up, then his team mate in 2nd place ends up winning the race. Let's not forget about the friend that owns this game, and he always uses manual controls to get the constant speed burst and always wins. No matter what you do, what you hit him with, he will somehow always get first place at the last second no matter what. That can be annoying because coming in second place is only fun for so long. There is always that one friend that will pick the map you race on every time, and he only picks the ones he's best at so he can make sure he wins. This can start some arguments because it's not fair when one person picks the maps he wants every time. Not only is there a Grad Prix in Mario Kart Wii, there's a battle mode. Where, once again, you can get into teams of two and gang up on each other only going after your human competition, ignoring the cpu's. Battle mode can be a lot of luck though, basically whoever get's the most red shells wins. In battle mode, if you pick up a set of 3 red shells, you can just launch them and they will automatically hit someone on the other team almost every time. This game is just as much luck during a race or battle as it is skill, which makes it very easy to get annoyed with someone that is constantly getting lucky and winning.

Surviving a zombie apocalypse can be very frustrating, especially if one of your friends/team mates is single handedly bring the team down. In this game, it's really difficult to survive long without good team chemistry. Nothing will frustrate you more then having to go back into a room, to save a friend that is taking his sweet ass time, and now is getting mauled by a Hunter. Eventually, you will just want to say **** it, and leave him behind to learn his lesson. Nine out of ten times, this will infuriate you friend because it's "Your fault he died for leaving him behind." This can cause problems with the team, and that's exactly what the zombies want to happen! Whether you leave him behind, or go back to save him, the team is taking two steps backwards, and this can cause tempers to flair if you're not careful. Also, when playing this game there will always be the friend that is greedy. He just used his health pack to get almost full health, and your other friend has barley any health, but he quickly runs over and takes that last health pack because 90 health just isn't enough for him. This will really make people mad because the person that didn't get the health pack that needed it, probably won't last much longer. Another thing that will make you mad is that one friend that is really good, and will run ahead of everyone, get in the safe house and just sit there and wait for everyone to die so he can get all the glory. There's always that one friend that just looks out for himself and won't fight the Tank, or will take all the health and pills. No one wants to play with someone like that, it just ruins the game of everyone and will probably cause some bad blood between the team.

Your favorite Nintendo characters, your best buddies, all battling each other, what could go wrong? For starters, there's always that one friend that is significantly worse than everybody else. He knows there is no way he can win.....unless he constantly avoids everyone during the battle until there's one person left. This cheap tactic is used over and over again, until eventually everyone just goes after that one guy to make him lose first. Also, there could be that one friend that is much better then everyone and always wins. You're friends will most likely gang up on him and try to take him out so someone else can win for a change. All these things can add up to some hard feelings towards one another while playing this game. When you do team battles it gets even more competitive because like Mario Kart, it's you and your buddy, going against your other two friends. There is always that one lucky friend that always get's the hammer, beam sword, or homerun bat, right when they need it and the battle turns in their favor. Also, there is always that one lucky friend that will win a match because you were just killed cheaply by the map you're playing on. Starfox's ship comes out of no where and blast you, causing you to lose the match. Now your friend is bragging because he thinks he's awesome, even though he did nothing to get that last kill. Let's not forget the friend that always get's the insanely strong computer team mate. You decide to do team battle, each of you have one computer player as a team mate. The difficulty is set to 6 for both computer players, but for some reason you friend's team mate is insanely good and get's almost every kill. While your computer team mate is doing absolutely nothing, this will make you extremely mad. This is a fighting game that is meant to be played competitively, so play at your own risk!

This game was made to be a party game you play with your friends and family. Even though it's bright colors, and cute characters can seem like a joke, this game can make people turn on each other in a blink of an eye! A lot of the mini games in Mario Party make random teams, 2 vs. 2, 1 vs. 3, or maybe just every man for himself. No one ever wants to be that guy that is on a team by himself, having the other three guys all going after him. A lot of these games just comes down to luck, and that one friend that just keeps getting lucky and rolling high numbers to move across the board to get the star first will make him your number one target. If you get lucky though, you will have the option to steal coins, or even a star from any player you want! Most of the time players will go after the person in first place, and this can cause the person in first to start gunning for you to get that star back. Nothing will make you more mad then when you're winning the whole game, and one lucky friend gets a good roll, and steals your stars and puts you in second place, and he ends up winning. Also, there can be that one friend that never lands on a Bowser square. When you land on a Bowser square a few different things can happen. Bowser will steal some coins or a star, or you will have to play a ridiculously had mini game against Bowser. You will most likely lose this mini game, and lose coins in the process while being embarrassed in front of you buddies. This game is just a huge competition the whole time, and cheap steals like coins and stars can make this game a little more personal than you first expected it to be.

When playing this game, you're living the dream. In a rock band with your buddies, traveling the world playing gigs. All can seem well at first, but when you are forced to play harder songs, your drummer who barley played well enough to pass the last song, is now struggling. It gets to a point where every song, you keep failing in the same spot because that one guy can't play the guitar or drum solo, and that can be so frustrating you'll want to smack your buddy! When that person fails, the other members are forced to pick up the slack. When a band member fails during the song, the other members have a chance to bring that person back in the game. It's a small window, but if everyone hits their notes, and gets enough points in that short amount of time, the failed member will be back. This will anger everyone if you have to do this at least once every song. This can be a hard thing to do, and will result in arguments about someone else taking over that instrument. But your friend is stubborn, and will only play that one instrument, so now you just stop inviting your friend over to play because you know you won't ever beat a song with him! Don't forget about that one friend that thinks he's in charge of everything. He picks the song, he picks when everyone plays the game, and he's not even that good himself! This game can be more realistic then people realize. Arguing about what songs to play, what difficulty to play on, who should play what instrument, and so on. Just like a real band, it'll be hard to last long because all these choices and problems that arise can cause arguing. Eventually, no one will want to play anymore because it's just not fun like it use to be.

Well there you have it, games that will bring out the ugly in people. Games that will make you overly competitive and wondering why you just got so into it. But like I said before, play these games at your own risk because when playing with friends, it can get real intense before you know it. We know you want to win, but after all, it's just a game......right?

List by Samus_Theman (02/09/2011)

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