One of the most difficult things to do is to make something genuinely funny. This is especially true in games. Games have such a big scope and a wide range of audiences you want something that's going to connect with people and make them laugh and make them want to come back and play some more. Humor has been put into games for a very long time. From the early days of PC games up until the current generation. They can be funny because they were meant to be or they can be funny because of something that went horribly wrong. Below is my list of the 10 funniest games I have personally played.

It may surprise people that there is a survival horror game on this list. However Eternal Darkness employs a sanity system. As you go deeper into the world the surroundings will drain this meter and the more it goes down the more strange things start to happen. But when this meter reaches near the bottom is when the true fun starts. The humor in this game comes from what happens when that meter runs out. This can be anything from your screen going completely black or the game muting itself (complete with a volume bar that goes down) to your character shooting themselves and in one case that I saw the game thanking you for playing the demo and you should now buy the full game if you want to continue. These moments are really funny when they happen and they really help to break up the ghastly imagery that the game throws at you.

The King of All Cosmos gets drunk one day and goes on a bender and accidentally destroys all of the stars in the universe. You as his son, The Prince of All Cosmos, has to go down to Earth with your Katamari ball and roll up random junk so they can use it to make new stars. Just this alone should tell you why this game is on the list. Combine that with the really out there dialogue and the art style and you have a game that is just funny on every level. One thing that especially made me laugh are the screams that people let out when you roll them up with your Katamari ball. Eventually in the game your ball will get so big you are even picking up whole buildings and clouds. Not only is this game a ton of fun but it is very funny in that strange way that only the Japanese can do.

Sam and Max are a dog and a rabbit who work as freelance police. Their first game came out a while ago and was very popular in the adventure genre. Then many years later GameTap decided to bring back the franchise and did some episodic games that were later released to consoles. The humor in these games comes from how goofy everything is. To give an example in one game you run for President against the animated Abe Lincoln statue from the Lincoln Memorial. Also the dialogue between the two adds a great deal to the humor. Sam is straight faced and serious and Max is crazy and loves violence. Like any other adventure game there is also a lot of humor to be found in the game's puzzles where you have to put together ridiculous contraptions to solve minor things. If you are a fan of the adventure genre I definitely recommend checking these out.

This is one of those games that really took me by surprise. The game follows Garcia who is a demon hunter and his girlfriend is taken to the underworld by the king of demons and he has to go get him with the help of his former demon buddy and floating skull named Johnson. A lot of the humor in this game comes from penis jokes and double entendre. There are some really funny moments like when you call a phone sex line so that Johnson changes from your normal gun which is called The Boner to a much longer version called the Big Boner. Like Eternal Darkness the humor does a good job of breaking up the ghastly images and make sure it stays fun.

The guys at Naughty Dog are most well-known for the Crash Bandicoot games but in 2001 they came out with the first Jak and Daxter game. It follows Jak and his little rodent like buddy Daxter as they try to save their world from various menaces. As you would figure Daxter is the comic relief of the game and his dialogue and actions really work well in compared to the seriousness of Jak and the other characters. There really isn't a lot that needs to be said about the game as the voice acting is done so well that every character has their own personality and the ones that are meant to be funny can really make you laugh like the guy who takes one look at Daxter and goes "furry dude!"

Portal was developed by Valve and was included in the Orange Box with Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2 Episodes 1 and 2. It really came as a surprise and has a great dark sense of humor. GlaDOS is one of the best video game villains I have ever seen and since she is just a computer that wants to use your character for a series of experiments and doesn't care if you live or die it's very funny how quick she is to send you to oblivion because it suits her needs. Of course one thing from this game that has become famous is the line "the cake is a lie" and it has spread so far as to become a full blown Internet meme. Even the song that plays during the final credits was released as a free download for Rock Band. There are lots of little Easter Eggs in this game and they really add to the humor. And remember to give your Weighted Companion Cube a big hug for me.

When this game came out the adventure genre wasn't doing too well and only a few companies has taken the leap from 2D into 3D. Well the guys at LucasArts decided to make the leap and oh how they succeeded. The game follows Manny Calivera who is a grim reaper and it is the Day of the Dead. The whole game has a mix of styles with a heavy Mexican influence in the characters and all of the buildings are done in an art deco style that really makes the game unique to look at. There are so many varied characters here and my favorite has to be Glottis who is your large mechanic/driver and he's basically a big kid and is a little slow but he's so funny and so lovable you forgive him for his little eccentricities. The voice acting is here is also spot on and the way the characters deliver their lines with a serious tone while they are doing something as silly as putting someone in a coffin and filling it up with foam to send them off the afterlife makes it one of those games that's still funny even after multiple play throughs.

These are some of the earliest games I remember playing and they are just so goofy and out there that they can't help but be fun. Personally my favorite in the series is Space Quest III but I'm putting the whole series on this list because they are all genuinely funny. The game follows the adventures of cosmic janitor Roger Wilco as he travels the galaxy and tries not to get himself killed. It's one of those games where he keeps getting himself into crazier and crazier situations and you wonder what's going to happen next. There are also enough jokes and references to satisfy just about any sci-fi nerd. Such as you look into a Star Trek shuttle in one game and all you see is a soiled rag that says "my father was betrayed at Khitomer and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." Some parts of the game are a little dated by some pop culture references but just the way the characters react and the ways that your character can die are so much fun to see. Recently I played through Space Quest III again and even now I found new ways that my character could die so they really stand the test of time.

The Monkey Island series follow the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood who at first wants to become a mighty pirate. The first game is pretty much you trying to become a pirate and then you run into the ghost pirate LeChuck who wants to kill you. LeChuck is the key villain in the games and it's another one of those games where the situations and puzzles are so goofy they are at times laugh out loud funny. One thing that is also great is when the games made the translation into 3D they did so perfectly and when they added voice instead of straight text they got great actors to play all the characters and have done the smart thing and not changed up who plays them from game to game. If you downloaded the newest games that were just released you get the same actor playing Guybrush as when the games first added voice. It is also a lot of fun to see the recurring characters such as Stan who starts off selling discount coffins and later on you run into him selling insurance. LucasArts also loved to throw in Star Wars references and they are done in a subtle enough way that they don't detract too much from the pirate setting. If you haven't played these games you should check out the newest ones that just came out or check out the Special Edition of Monkey Island 2 that was released on Xbox 360 and PS3.

This is by far and away the funniest game I have ever played. The game follows Conker the squirrel who wakes up after a night of heavy drinking and doesn't know where his girlfriend has gone so he sets out to find her. One thing I love about this game are the movie references and how they re-enacted some scenes almost perfect. For example you go into a vampire level and there is a scene that mimics the opening of Bram Stoker's Dracula almost perfectly and in another scene they do the beach landing scene in Saving Private Ryan complete with the soldier throwing up on the boat and probably my favorite is the gunfight scene from the Matrix complete with bullet time jumps through the air. But of course this is the only game where you get to fight a huge opera singing pile of crap called The Great Mighty Poo. I have probably played through this game 5 times and I never get tired of it. Sometimes I wish they would make another game but I know there's no way it could surpass the humor and originality of the first one.

Well that's my list. I would like to give some honorable mentions to the first Resident Evil which has its fair share of funny moments and dialogue as well as Psychonauts, which I'm told is very funny but I haven't played it as well as Earthbound, which again I haven't played and the first Disgaea game which I have only played the opening and if the humor in the rest of the game follows that opening I'm sure it's very funny. Well I hope you enjoyed my list and I invite you to let me know what you think and if you feel any were left out. So have fun and laugh well.

List by smithy4282 (11/09/2011)

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