Party Games have been becoming more and more underappreciated and more and more fun. Yet, despite the many Party Games out there in the video game world, it goes without saying that sometimes Mini-games are the best feature a Party Game can have. Some mini-games, throughout the ages, have gone unnoticed. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize 10 Mini-Games from varying Party Games on the Gamecube, Xbox and Dreamcast consoles which I (and many others, I'm sure) feel fit the cake as some of the Greatest Mini-Games ever. So, without further adieu, here's my Top 10:

Who knew a simple 3-Lap race could be so much fun? Each player uses their cages to lap three times around the course, but, you can also knock your opponents off of the course if you really want to attain victory. Overall, a great Mini-Game but in comparison to the Mini-Games in this list, it falls a bit behind.

A simple game of Ice Hockey can entertain you for hours on end. You can either choose to go one on one, or, (get this) two on two for 1, 3, or 5 Minutes. A lot of fun once you get the hang of it. Personally, the two-on-two thing is quite original and fun but the one-on-one would've done fine on its own. Overall, a fun Mini-Game that you can easily enjoy and love.

4 Monkeys competing with each other, racing on various stages. Monkey Race 2 is a much improved version to the Monkey Race found on Super Monkey Ball by compiling the race stages from both Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2. Nevertheless, the possibilities are endless when you and 3 of your friends are trying to race each other to the goal whilst dodging attacks from your opponents and delivering your own. A favorite among Super Monkey Ball fans.

A truly fun Battle Mini-Game found within the depths of Mario Party 6. If you still have not gotten the chance to participate in this Versus 4 Mini-Game, do so. It's an all out, free for all against you and 3 of your friends/computers trying to force each other off a moving raft. In addition to this, obstacles and interferences from the outside world also occur. For instance, Ukiki's may throw Spiny Shells at you by shaking a tree once the raft reaches close enough, also, if you reach long enough, Shy Guy's will also try forcing you off by firing cannonballs at you and any remaining players. A fun Mini-Game that was close to being the best in the 6th installment of the Mario Party series.

You and 3 of your friends face off, playing instruments at Sand Stadium in an attempt to win the crowd over with your awesome playing skills by pressing buttons that appear with perfect timing. One of the greatest Mini-Games found within the game, Rock Bottom is a Mini-Game to remember. Seeing your favorite SpongeBob characters either rock out loud in solos or suck out loud, it's still one heck of a fun time.

A Duel Mini-Game that is both exceptional and oh, so much fun! Two people are found within Space, using their spaceships to dodge an uncoming onsluaght of asteroids. Sometimes, though, depending on where you move, you may find yourself trapped between a line of asteroids. One of the greatest Duel Mini-Games in the Mario Party series and definitely worth a try.

Easily, one of the best Mini-Games found within the game. Continously bounce pearls off sticks to prevent them from falling into your trench which would make your opponents gain points. Once Multi-Pearl comes around, it's just a blast trying to keep up with so many of the pearls coming your way. An excellent mini-game, indeed.

Who could deny the lovable classic Mini-Game, Bumper Balls. 4 Mario characters are placed upon Giant Balls and they must try to knock off opponents in an attempt to be the lat one standing. In addition, every time you play, there are 3 different stages randomly selected that can affect the results of the battle (for example, a slippery ice level). Truly a memorable Mini-Game I'm sure is still fixed in your minds.

Trust me. You and 7 of your friends jumping over a bar is a lot more fun than it sounds. Don't forget that the bar isn't perfectly straight - it's bent so everyone must jump at different times making the game much more challenging and fun simultaneously. I can't handle playing with 8-People without playing this first. Possibly one of the, if not, the greatest 8-Player Mini-Game in the 7th installment of the Mario Party series.

No wonder the name is so fitting - it says it all about the Mini-Game. One of the most fun Mini-Games I've played in ages and stilll continue to today. 4 Players are found within a battle arena consisting of many trampolines. As a character steps upon a trampoline, that trampoline changes color. Once it reaches a Dark Red, and a character steps on it again, that Trampoline's history. It's fun when you're trying to both, eliminate other players by trapping them whilst also trying to observe your surroundings, seeing if anyone's trying to trap and eliminate you! A remarkable Mini-Game that, unfortunately, many still do not even know about. Definitely one of the greatest Mini-Games around.

Party Games are pretty much nothing without Mini-Games, yet, some fail to realize that it's examplary and entertaining Mini-Games like these that make 4-Player Support worthwhile. Never underestimate the fun to be had from these Mini-Games. Be assured that choosing my Top 10 was not easy, many Mini-Games qualified as examplary for instance, Zero G Snap Shot (Sonic Shuffle), Flingin' & Swingin' (SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants!), Bob-omic Plague (Mario Party 7) and many others, but, if you haven't enjoyed the fun to be had from these 10 Mini-Games, try them out whenever you're given the opportunity. Easily, you'll find that, especially with 3 Friends competing against you, these Mini-Games are worth getting your friends together for.

List by knuckles_sonic8 (02/03/2006)

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