Seeing as the previous top 10 Ace attorney villain didn't include Gyakuten Kenji 2/Ace attorney investigations: Miles Edgeworth 2 (for obvious reasons like low sales of the first, piracy, the like, the contributor who submitted that list haven't played it yet). I decided to do a version 2.0 after failing miserably on my first one (top 10 Gyakuten Kenji 2 characters). I truly feel that even though we won't know when or if Capcom will release this game, you should at least know about the villains this time around (and believe you me, they're quite evil indeed). Without those villains to add to the growing list of Ace Attorney villains, and their epic breakdowns (so fun to watch) it wouldn't make all your work seem worthwhile. Spoilers ahead so you've been warned.

Evilness: Maniac laughter, plus he knows how to make pastry into art (total badass).

Power/Weapons at his disposal: um...those things he use for his pastry blow ups? World renowned pastry chef?

You can't deny the fact that Kazami looks badass (scars do kind of help), whether it's from 18 years ago or present. Being able to blow up dough into incredible shapes in the present (like a phoenix) is simply jaw dropping. The fact that he survived Oyashiki's poison trap (how many Ace Attorney villains survived one of those?) is also a way of showing some samurai spirit in him along with his usual gruffness. Kazami is one of those villains that manages to get away, and confess to the murder because he knows you can't do anything due to the statute of limitations (with maniac laughter to boot). He then got checkmated by Edgeworth because the case got extended due to him escaping the country. His breakdown is one of the most epic in Ace attorney history, where he blows up the dough to a huge size, rapidly punches it to create a perfect dough of himself, then finally slicing it half with his tool, badass indeed.

Evilness: Exploiting her sweet 8 year old daughter just for the title of Master of Kurain!

Power/Weapons at her disposal: not much really, just exploiting her sweet child!

When it comes to evil parents exploiting their adorable sweet daughter, look no further than Morgan Fey. I hated this woman from the first moment she showed up, speaking in a tone that just make me want to pull my hair out. This evil witch is only after the title of master ever since being reduced to the branch family. Between framing Maya for murder and having her sweet Pearl channel a she devil, I hated her so much. I would've loved to see how she would've reacted if known that all her plans have failed, but alas, she's probably in hell now, and she can keep Dahlia and the rest of the dead villains company.

Evilness: Great white demon prosecutor!

Power/Weapons at his disposal: Everything from a god of prosecutors.

There's a good reason why I constantly replay case 1-4, just to go head to head with von Karma and see his epic breakdown later. He killed Gregory Edgeworth out of rage for the penalty he received, adopted his son Miles Edgeworth, raised him as a prosecutor and then proceed to framing him for the murder of Robert Hammond 15 years later. Putting Wright through some miserable 3 days, not to mention using a stun gun on both Wright and Maya just to get rid of incriminating evidence towards him. Thanks to Maya, the final bullet nailed von Karma once and for all, and the epic breakdown that followed: priceless. To add to the lists that makes von Karma a real demon prosecutor, he interrogated the suspect from a case 18 years ago day and night until he cracked (turning his hair white in the process) after replacing detective Badd with someone else so he get his guilty verdict. Aren't you glad von Karma was executed for his crimes? I know I sure am, even if it really wasn't mentioned in game, that or I somehow missed it.

Evilness: Reminds me of Dracula, and 5 Psyche Locks you can't break.

Power/Weapons at his disposal: Everything the supposed coolest Defense of the West has.

Next to Dahlia, Kristoph was one villain that I never suspected of wrongdoing (not so much after the first case). By the final case, more of Kristoph is revealed and you see the "devil" he is. Defaming Wright with forged evidence, keeping tabs on everyone involved, killing Zak Gramarye and Drew Misham (Vera almost died too you evil bastard!). His 5 black psyche locks, which were unbreakable, showing how guarded his deepest and darkest secrets are. Ironically, he was brought down by Wright and the Jurist system, along with Apollo and Klaiver, he then basically went super saiyan breakdown knowing that his fate was decided by normal people. When everything concluded, all Kristoph did was had a laugh that seems to have echoed in the hall of justice for hours, leaving us with an unforgettable impression.

Evilness: Looks like evil Santa, with those stares and an aura that turns up the heat in the room.

Power/Weapons at his disposal: The entire police force!!! He's the Chief of Police for crying out loud! Don't forget his stare! Prosecutor's office right in the palm of his hand.

If the chief of police don't cause you to panic even a little bit, you are either fearless or very foolish. Gant does just that, although being the respectable leader of the police force he does comes off as jovial and a bit eccentric. Too bad it turns out he would cheat the system just to get a criminal convicted, and in the process causing suffering to the Skye sisters. His glare would most likely cause you to freak out a bit, and for his subordinates that made a mistake: subjected to a song on his organ, which would cause temporary deafness. It took both Wright and Edgeworth to finally bring him to justice, in which he responded with one of the most interesting breakdowns in Ace attorney history. Even when he finally admitted defeat, Gant does it with a smile, probably due to him realizing that his time has passed and he can now confidently leave the future of law in Wright and Edgeworth's hands.

Evilness: None, total badass? 100% yes!

Power/Weapons at his disposal: Everything a prosecutor has, and all the gusto of a lawyer.

I always liked Godot, whether he was Diego Armando or his reborn self, Godot is simply awesome (coffee flinging for the win!). His fate was tragic, no thanks to a certain she devil (also on the list). He's to Phoenix Wright much as the Boss is to Naked Snake in Metal gear solid 3, testing them every step along the way and ending with a final memorable battle (be it in court or a field of white flowers). Having to sent him to prison as the killer of Misty Fey was always heartbreak for me, since that he loved Mia and only wanted to protect Maya to make up for not being there when Mia was killed. Being a character that crushed a coffee mug (don't ever try this) and unfazed by Furio Tigre while everyone else cowers, Godot keeps his spot where he is right now, and the only "villain" that I truly enjoyed, with case 3-5 being my favorite of the series (the coffee addict part helps too).

Evilness: Princess of darkness

Power/Weapons at her disposal: Her charm, and the butterflies around her (to make her seem more appealing).

To be honest, first time I saw her she was the last person I expected to be the murderer (boy was I wrong). This girl is pure evil, plain and simple. She's responsible for the most intended victims Wright has encountered, including 2 ex-boyfriends, a half sister, and 3 that simply failed miserably. Most of Trials and Tribulations revolve around this she devil, and she comes back as a channeled ghost to exact revenge on those who brought her down. Ultimately, she failed miserably, but that doesn't make her epic spirit breakdown any less fun to see. Dalia Hawthorne, just stay dead, and you have plenty of others to annoy in hell.

Evilness: Makes Manfred von Karma look like a total chump, and creepy to boot with those goggles of his.

Power/Weapons at his disposal: The entire Prosecutorial Investigation Committee, and trust me, it's a lot.

From the first time you meet him, Bansai is intimidating, not surprising since he's the head of the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee. He is the one and the same chief prosecutor 18 years ago that gave von Karma his penalty, but only because Bansai was the one to have the autopsy report forged and only covering his own hide. If that wasn't enough, he was responsible for bringing shame to the house of Lang, calls his son an idiot constantly, and forcing Kay's arrest in case 4 even knowing that she didn't do it. He's the kind of guy that don't even bother denying the atrocities he committed when called out on it. Even after being brought down by Edgeworth in case 4, he was able to blackmail judge Mikagami in case 5 by threatening to kill Shimon (her adopted son) if the trial didn't go his way. He was finally brought down after his son Yumihiko found both the evidence and the courage needed to face Bansai in court once and for all. Bansai wears many other badges from other prosecutors deprived of their badge and wears them like military metals, his goggles gives him an aviator sort of look to go along with his biker like outfit. All in all, he's an evil bastard who only cares for himself (with more powers at his disposal than others), and that puts him above many of the other Ace attorney villains we've seen to date.

Evilness: He's a clown, need I say more?

Power/Weapons at his disposal: The circus animals

For those afraid of clowns, Sarushiro will send a chill down your spine (maniac laugh helps too). I feel he deserves this spot since he's the mastermind of Gyakuten Kenji 2, plus he's completely innocent looking at the beginning (you don't see his true self till the final case). Everything that has happened went according to his plan (mostly anyway), all because he wanted revenge for the death of his father (turns out he had things mixed up). One of Sarushiro's biggest crimes is that he got Kay framed for murder just to get Edgeworth to do his usual stuff of proving her innocent, almost got her killed in the process too (he must die!), and did I mention that he's an evil clown? When he revealed his true self, he had the circus animal do his makeup and hair (how badass is that?) and then rests his arm on a totem consisted of a pig, a squirrel, and a cat (like a boss). Sarushiro is also one of few characters to ever give a heavy penalty (half a life bar!) next to the judge and Godot. His maniac laughter will surely haunt you in someway (he sticks his tongue out like KISS) and that is why I have him here, now onto the top villain...

Here's a translated quote of his that I found pretty awesome:

Sota Sarushiro:
................Hm. So it has come to this after all. It has been like that since back then, but you sure are full of self-confidence. But I like it so much. To...crush that kind of self-confidence.

Evilness: Sitting on Satan's throne, with Satan as his foot cushion.

Power/Weapons at his disposal: Everything a superstar have, which means: you're screwed (most likely).

Matt Engarde, how I hate this guy so much, while some villains have tragic stories behind them, Engarde has none. He was deceptive to everyone from the very start, including the assassin he hired. Worst part was when he revealed his true self, you know you can't do anything since he's holding Maya hostage, and the only way out at the time was to get him an aquittal. Engarde made those days absolutely miserable for Wright, and if it wasn't for Gumshoe and Franziska, things would've gone quite bad. In the end, Engarde's trust in only himself and none others is what let to his downfall. I hate case 2-4 with a burning passion simply because of Engarde, and all that hell I have to go through. So for that, Engarde remains the top villain in all current Ace attorney games. Enjoy hell Engarde, cause I had to go through it a few times already to see your epic breakdown.

You may feel that I gave the Gyakuten Kenji 2 villains a bit more spotlight, but that's only because there's one top 10 list already with the other Ace attorney villains already. I wanted to give enough information on the new villains that when you see it for yourself (check MegamanNG's channel on Youtube for instance) it's even better than the description. The Ace attorney villains most people already know, I wanted to share my personal opinions, resulting in the shorter length. Hopefully this time I did everything right so some people will know a bit more about villains from a game we hope Capcom will localize one day. Be it physical or digital (digital seems more likely) I will buy this game for the second time (already finished my imported copy many times) and enjoy it all over again. So till then, this is a great series that should be experienced by those wanting a good story (which seems a bit lacking in mainstream games apparently).

List by gamemaster712 (05/15/2012)

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