Haven't you ever played a game and ended up grinding for hours on end to build up a weapon, or get a certain item, or something in general that would make a boss unimaginably easier, like the Blood Sword in Final Fantasy II or the Active Buster in MegaMan Legends? And, during that time, ever thought about how much it would just suck if the enemy could have a weapon of a similar power?

That is pretty much what this list is about: the weapons that would be unfair to be turned on you! Within this list, you'll find ten weapons. Let me explain further on this list, since the title doesn't exactly do it complete justice.

Firstly, for this list, a "weapon" can mean pretty much anything you do damage with or aids in that process. In effect, if I felt like it, I could mention even Levitate from Pokemon if it would make you forever immune, or the Jetpack from GTA: San Andreas if you equip it with missiles, or Exodia from Yu-Gi-Oh! if the opponents never had it in the game. Any way to potentially hurt the enemy, now or at a point in the future, can be a part of this list. I tried to keep the obvious ideas out, though, to try to make this unique and interesting (like the Stars in Super Mario Bros.). However, this weapon cannot be able to be used by the enemy already - the Final Fantasy "Death" spell is a key example. And, yes, this will be allowed to apply to combinations of various items and abilities that aid in inflicting damage.

Secondly, and I will not deny this, some of these weapons are sometimes a little situational. That is kind of the point of this list - to turn the tables and imagine just how hard it is for the AI to comprehend the power you've gotten. After all, the Blood Sword in Final Fantasy II is limited to only a few specific bosses. If you don't like this, I apologize.

Thirdly, and this is the most important for those on the Top Ten Lists Board if you're bothering to critique this, most of the weapons here will be found on Nintendo consoles, given my limited stock of games. I honestly have about five times more games on the Nintendo consoles than my exception to this, the PlayStation 2. I apologize if you dislike this idea as well.

Finally, to vary this list given the previous paragraph, I will only take one weapon from a series. If I take the Ultima Weapon from Final Fantasy I, I cannot take the Blood Sword from Final Fantasy II, and vice versa, for example.

Also take note that there are some slight spoilers for the games involved in this list. There is nothing major revealed as far as plot goes; namely just bosses and how the game is played, except in the case of the Illusion of Gaia/Time.

So, list away! I hope you enjoy. If not, meh, I tried.

In Super Battletank, your goal is pretty simple: defeat all of the enemies on the map. You have a mere four weapons, and a limited amount of ammunition, except in a few cases where you have one chance for a full refill. You also are limited by a fuel supply for your tank, and the enemies can take quite a toll on your health in the Persian Gulf War-based game - you can only take six hits before your game ends!

Of your four weapons, there is a machine gun with 7.62 mm shells, 120 mm missiles, lasers, and smokescreens. So why would the machine gun stand out over the lasers? Well, firstly, you'll get better control with the targeting cursor than any other weapon. Secondly, it comes with such high amounts of ammunition that it is not an entirely crazy idea to use just it for whole missions.

And, yes, the laser has one-hit kills. But you're lucky to get more than one or two in a mission, whereas you get hundreds of machine gun shells, and it rarely takes more than ten to kill an enemy, and there are rarely more than ten enemies in my experience.

So, what if it happened to be turned on you?

Well, needless to say, the enemies would be much more accurate than with their meager missiles, and have lots more ammunition and, due to the accuracy, power. It is needless to say that your damage taken would increase many-fold. But why not the lasers? They are too constricting with the targeting system, thereby largely reducing the accuracy, forcing the enemy to move around, by which point you may have shot them down already.

Bionic Battler is a bit of a simplistic game. In this game, you basically go through a labyrinth and destroy all the robots, pure and simple. The robots only get punches, and you can use both punches and long-range missiles.

Therein lies the point of this.

The basic strategy that almost always guarantees a win for this game is to charge up a missile for launching, find an enemy robot in the labyrinth, blast 'im, back off, and repeat as needed. You can take as long as possible, in theory; there is no real time limit. You are limited by your robot's fuel and battery, but that can be refilled with pick-ups.

Since the enemies can only punch you, there is no point in getting close to them. Stay far off and you'll never be hurt.

So, what if the enemies were allowed missiles?

Needless to say, the game's difficulty would skyrocket immensely. Granted, the stated strategy would work. However, you'd be more likely to be hit, and therefore more likely to lose.

This next entry in this list may come as a surprise to those who have played the series and wondered why the heck an item that changes your weapon's name would be perhaps the greatest weapon of all.

There is a minor glitch in the game where, if you name the weapon to the name of another weapon Max or Monica can use in the game, it will become that weapon. For example, you can change the name of a Battle Wrench to LEGEND, it will therefore become Max's ultimate right-hand weapon; or Supernova for his best gun; or Island King for Monica's strongest sword; or Five-Star Armlet for her best brassard.

But this matters not if the enemy can not, in theory, get their hands on the weapon. So, in theory, let's say the Dark Element or the Dark Genie, two of the hardest bosses in the game, get a Name-Change Ticket.

Then they, indeed, get a weapon of an equivalent power to Max's or Monica's ultimate weapons. These two beasts have high Defense stats, sort of. (If you reduce their HP to Max's or Monica's levels and proportionately raise their Defense to keep the time it would take to beat the boss the same, you'll get an increase of easily 3500% or more in Defense.) And since their Attack stats, which only are around 150, would be easily boosted to 500 by the new ultimate weapon when maxed out, you really have a problem on your hands, since 150 is already pretty high an amount of damage.

Quick note: there are a few more plot spoilers here than with the other entries. Just a warning.

Next up, the Firebird from the Illusion of Gaia/Time; the name mostly varies on where you're from, though most concepts found in the game are the same. Anyways, what is the Firebird?

The Firebird is the ultimate weapon of this game, of sorts - I find many to be more powerful, but you're not allowed a trial run to compare with other weapons since this is the only attack you are allowed to use during the final boss, which is the only time it is allowed to be used. It is a projectile of supposedly unsurpassed power. It does cause a large amount of damage to the final boss.

Since Shadow, the user of this weapon, is given this as the light of the comet approaches Earth, it is potentially assumable that this weapon must be used to defeat Dark Gaia and return Earth to its true state. That part is sometimes said in the story as well.

So what if the enemy could take control of the Firebird?

It is not as one might think. One might think that Dark Gaia has the weapon, but do so you, so you can still finish Dark Gaia off. Not exactly. See, only Shadow can use the Firebird; that is how it is stated. And there is only one Shadow. For Dark Gaia for have the Firebird, Dark Gaia must have Shadow with her, forcibly or otherwise. Therefore, Dark Gaia has no hope of being beaten, in theory, when having the Firebird.

That is why this "hopeless situation" is not higher up on the list. We don't know if the Firebird is truly the only real weapon that can stop Dark Gaia. Also, Shadow is a spirit and may not be affected by the physical realm, so he might never be allowed be captive for long. Additionally, not exactly all bad seems to happen if the comet goes on. Seemingly, it just seems that the light of the comet causes strange evolutions and changes in people and the geomechanisms of the Earth. That really pretty much happens anyways; the comet just speeds it up and instills more evil spirits in mankind.

So, to put it shortly, the comet is not exactly all bad - it is more the evil-instilling we have problems with - but we want it stopped. The Firebird may or may not be the only weapon to be able to do so, and Shadow may or may not be the only one who can use it, and Shadow may or may not be able to change to Dark Gaia's side. We never really get a clue on that, so that is mostly why this is not higher up on the list.

The Triforce is something I'm not exactly too sure about, having not played a huge number of Zelda games, so bear with me. It was with Wind Waker that I had my first experience with this ideal, and is why I put the Wind Waker's game specifically here. Feel free to correct me.

Basically, the Triforce is the unification of the three forces of Wisdom, Power, and Courage, each being dealt with by the goddesses Nayru, Din, and Farore, respectively. Three special people are often given the three fragments of the Triforce - typically this generation's Link, Princess Zelda, and Ganondorf. When these three people unite, the first to touch their hand on the extra-large Triforce before them and speak their wish shall have it granted.

So it seems in Wind Waker, anyways.

So, I'm pretty sure we can all imagine what we could do if we had the power of the Triforce's wish, right? Most people would be wishing for various things: some for being able to know everything, some wanting love, some wanting wealth, some wanting power, some wanting to just be happy, some to raise the dead, and some just to be omnipotent. Of course, in Wind Waker, Hyrule is simply sunk under the sea. (A little plot hole there is why not just kill Ganondorf, but that's another story, I guess.)

If Ganondorf were to manage to somehow get his hands on the Triforce, like he hasn't yet done in my experience with the series? (The fact that he hasn't got it qualifies this for the list, since it isn't available to him, but is to you, through the plot.)

Well, he'd pretty much just put the world, or even the universe or multiverse, under his will, playing the typical evil dude's part. Of course, it isn't exactly hard to prevent this. After all, isn't a part of the plot, usually, that Link wins? But, yeah, there is nothing really unique going either way about this except the vast amount of power that could be given to the one who receives the Triforce's power.

Heh, bet you didn't expect a Pokemon to be on this list, huh? Neither did I, initially; had I not played Pokemon Conquest, it would have been unlikely for a Pokemon to be on this list. Let me explain a bit about Pokemon Conquest's battle system.

It is akin to Final Fantasy Tactics, but with Pokemon - up to six Pokemon per side on a gridded field with varying types of terrain. Each Pokemon has the standard type data, each Pokemon can only move a set amount of spaces, and each Pokemon has only one move. Therefore, if you have a team of Normal-type-move Pokemon going up against Ghost-type Pokemon, there is no choice but to admit defeat in most cases. Understand it so far?

Arceus, like all legendary Pokemon, is a bit special. Arceus, as the mainstream games' lore claims, was the one hatched from an Egg prior to all existence. It was he who created the universe/multiverse (whichever you prefer to believe), and it was he who created the beings of time and space, Dialga and Palkia. It was he, in theory, that is responsible for all existence. In Pokemon Conquest, he is also special in that he can only be used by the main character of the game.

Arceus has the ability Omnipotence, which fits along with the mainstream lore about him. This ability is many rolled into one. This ability allows him to, in my experience, dodge or block almost any attack thrown at him (Dodge, Parry, or the like); allows him to recover HP every turn (Life Force); and allows his move to defy any immunity that the opposing Pokemon have, to name a few abilities.

His move is Judgment, a Normal-type move. (In the mainstream games, it depends on the type of Plate Arceus is holding, but that doesn't occur here, so we default to Arceus's default type of Normal.) Judgment is extremely powerful and will hit the eight tiles surrounding the user for pretty high damage. Arceus is stronger when you add in the Warrior Skill you can use, which at least will raise your Attack and Range. And Arceus is ever-sturdier given that you can use one item in battle, which can effectively more than double his HP (I say "more than" because Omnipotent heals every turn). Arceus is a force to be reckoned with for sure.

If the enemy were to get this?

Well, the battle gets more than a fair bit harder, that's for sure. Nobunaga had quite the hard time trying to slay Arceus with Rayquaza and failed miserably because Dragon Pulse would miss almost every time. Turn the tables and you get the idea. It is similar to the Omega bosses of Final Fantasy V Advance - you are unlikely to hit me, and if you do, you won't hurt me that much because I can heal myself. (It was high Defense in Final Fantasy V Advance, so you know. I'm not dumb enough to avoid noticing that.)

The situation still remains salvageable. If you were to bring a lot of Fighting types, it is possible to potentially subdue Arceus so long as you went against him one-on-one rather than bring all six to him to be eliminated with one Judgment. You could also try to paralyze him to lower his evasion, or put him to sleep and smack Arceus a few times, or perhaps induce a burn and just run around, hoping the burn stays on long enough to deal enough damage to KO Arceus.

But the hopes are slim.

So, the Quick spell, and the Valiant Knife, and Master's Scroll; three great items individually, though, against the toughest bosses, a force that will make all kneel before you. Let me explain what these three each do, first.

Quick is a spell that allows the target to have two free turns without any one else doing anything. That's about it, actually. It will circumvent any counterattack the enemy can throw up, but only for the user's first strike.

The Valiant Knife is a knife that only Locke can equip. This item deals damage equal to the user's max HP minus their current HP, plus the usual amount of damage otherwise. This means that it is possible for someone to have a low-HP Locke, with about 9,500 max HP, and do 9,999 damage in one hit, easily.

And the Master's Scroll is a Relic, an accessory if you will, that allows the user to Attack four times with one use of the command during the turn. Simple enough, right?

So, how does this all work out? For most regular fights (as in all but the Kaiser Dragon and Omega Weapon), I'd typically equip Locke with all three of the aforementioned and have him use Quick when at a low amount of HP, like 1/9999. At that low level, given the Valiant Knife's damage calculation, combined with the Master's Scroll, you'll have Locke doing 39,996 damage per turn. And tossing on Quick allows him two turns: he can do up to 79,992 damage with just one use of the spell! For reference, that would literally kill any enemy in the game except for the Omega Weapon with one use of Quick.

(For those who are confused, let me explain. The Bestiary entry for the Omega Weapon claims it has about 65,000 HP, which is less than 79,992. However, it also has three "lives" for it go through, so this monster has more like 195,000 HP. The Kaiser Dragon has a similar idea with about 65,000 HP per five lives, but four of those are eliminated through the use of Barrier Change on occasion, so you really can only count the last one.)

And this all is just with one weapon equipped, which is really all you need. Of course, if you are able to find another weapon Locke could do 9,999 damage per hit with, then the damage skyrockets to up to 159,984, if you are curious. That would be enough to kill the Omega Weapon in just two hits. Of course, since just the Valiant Knife is a three-hit kill, it isn't worth mentioning as part of the entire weapon. You'd also need the Genji Gloves, by the way.

Anyways, what if the enemy turned this on you?

Things would be very hard. This is not a death sentence, though. The use of Reraise will allow you to bypass any death that will occur - 9,999 is the maximum amount of HP any one character can have, after all, and is almost guaranteed in bosses that have five-digit amounts of max HP. However, the damage dealt by the Attack command is also physical, so the use of Vanish, Invisibility Scrolls, and Fenrir will prevent you from taking any amount of damage until you get hit by magic, which is a possibility, and many enemies do have magic.

There is also the fact to note that this strategy, when the combination is turned on you, is situational in that it only works for the enemies if they have lost at least 7,500 HP or more, depending on their offensive stats and your defensive ones. So it is possible for you to one-hit-kill them. But you don't always have Locke, and can't always deal Death, and can't always hit with 9,999 damage otherwise. In short, it would be very hard to fight this combo, but not exactly impossible.

If you have played Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, you may know about the Badge system. There is a certain Badge combo I would have posted above, but is too long to let it make sense, that makes the game ridiculously easy. It is as follows: Return Postage + Double Pain + Power Plus (x2) + HP Drain (x2) + Happy Heart (x2) + P-Up, D-Down. Please note that this combination doesn't need both Power Pluses and Happy Hearts, but it increases efficiency and effectiveness. So, what makes this unique?

Well, firstly, Return Postage will return 50% of the damage an enemy deals to you and deal it to the attacker. That's pretty heavy for this game. Double Pain will double your damage taken, and therefore double the damage the enemy receives, therefore meaning that the enemy effectively damages itself.

Now, of course, you'll be taking increasingly large amount of damage, especially if you remove all of the Defense-boosting Badges (you should) and actually let enemies hit you. The remaining Badges help to deal with that. HP Drain will have a draining effect: hitting an enemy heals you. Power Plus helps to increase the damage you directly deal, and therefore, the healing. P-Up, D-Down has a similar idea while also lowering your Defense, and therefore increasing damage received, damage returned, and your later healing.

It is also helpful as just one of either counteracts the Attack loss caused by one HP Drain, and the more the merrier! And, finally, Happy Heart acts as a further boost to Mario's HP by inducing a Regen effect, raising his HP every turn, and healing more for each Happy Heart Badge. With enough of the proper amounts of Badges, you can in fact negate all damage and force the enemy to be effectively punching themselves in the face!

And if the enemy had these abilities?

Well, needless to say, all bosses would be impossible, if they had the proper amounts of the Badges and proper stats. Even if they didn't, which is a bit more likely, it would be excruciatingly long to fight, sometimes really only dealing 1 or 2 HP worth of damage per turn. And, as a further note, Bonetail, the extra boss of the game with the highest HP, I think, has 200 HP.

Definitely one of the biggest contenders for the top spot on this list would have to be the combination of Trinity Limit and Berserk Charge in Kingdom Hearts II. This is a bit situational, though. It is mostly used when fighting Sephiroth, though it really can be done anytime Sora is alone. Depending on Sora's own power, you can use MP Hastega from the Ultima Weapon to lower the time it will for Sora to regain Trinity Limit (a big boost of power for low-Attack users), or perhaps come with strong weapons and abilities, like the Fenrir for non-Sephiroth fights, and de-equip all MP Haste abilities to boost the length of the endless combo for Berserk Charge.

So, how does this simple idea work? The basic idea is pretty much the same, whether fighting Sephiroth or anyone; it is just special care that must be taken with Sephiroth given his Heartless Angel attack that will reduce your HP to 0 (or 1, which the Second Chance ability).

So, how does this work? It's quite simple, actually; it is amazing I didn't spot it earlier before looking at someone's FAQ - sorry that I don't remember whose! Anyways, Sora is alone and he uses Trinity Limit. As per the rules of the game, he'll do some damage to the enemies nearby and also lose all of his MP. Okay, so you do that.

Then Berserk Charge takes effect and, for higher level players, this is where the real fun begins. Because Sora has no MP, Berserk Charge changes his Attack command to Berserk, which lets him engage in an endless combo until his MP refills. You'll be able to get huge amounts of HP off of the enemy during this time. The continual number of hits will also be likely to each time stun the enemy, preventing their escape or counterattack.

During that endless combo, your MP gauge will recharge back to having the full amount of MP. Once it does, your endless combo ends. Then you just use Trinity Limit and repeat! It makes even the feared Sephiroth easy to beat!

And if this got into the hands of the enemy? Well, you'd be in trouble, but the situation is salvageable. Since Trinity Limit and Berserk Charge are pretty much short-range physical attacks, you'll have no problem if you stick back. If you use Magnega, you could put the enemy in a ball above you, paralyzing them and letting you whack off chunks of their HP for a bit. But there isn't a whole lot one can do in this situation except chip away at HP from afar. If you got close, you'd get sucked into a mass amount of damage, then into an endless combo from there is almost no escape, which, if my experience with Sephiroth is any indicator, you will die a painful death.

And, so, we have come to the ultimate weapon from my experience: the Active Buster from MegaMan Legends 1. Those who have played the game, or the "series", are probably wondering, "Why this over the Shining Laser?"

Well, the Shining Laser does have its own benefits that would have it on this list, had I not been "one weapon from one series". It has the highest Attack of any weapon in the game, has exceptionally high Range, can have infinite ammunition, and has a piercing effect where it goes straight through enemies. It also only costs 835,000 Zenny to max out. It is a lot of Zenny - the most one can get from an enemy is somewhere around 50,000 - but not as much as the Active Buster.

The Active Buster is available earlier than the Shining Laser for one, and takes less work to find the items to invent it. It has slightly lower Attack, but can have infinite ammunition, the highest Range, and the highest rapid-fire capabilities given by the in-game gauges. It costs 1,760,000 Zenny to max out all of its stats, 990,000 of that going just for the final Energy boost to give it infinite ammo -- that max-out cost is more than double that of the Shining Laser, and, if you were to max out all of the Special Weapons, the Active Buster accounts for more than 50% of the cost, with twelve other weapons making up the remainder.

So, what is the point of this? The Active Buster is by FAR the best weapon in the game when maxed out. See, the Active Buster doesn't just fire missiles; it fires HOMING missiles. When you max it out, you'll be firing a lot of high-powered missiles with a high rate of fire, and no need to reload. You will be unlikely to miss even the most mobile enemy. You will be able to just stand in front of MegaMan Juno, hold the fire button, and laugh maniacally as your enemies fall before you in mere seconds!

And if this weapon were to be turned on you...?

There is honestly no hope for you. Once the Active Buster is maxed out, there is a very, very, very low chance of the missile not hitting you unless you manage to get a huge building between you and the high-speed missile, or find another enemy. And even if you find another enemy to be a decoy, it will shortly be destroyed and you'll be the next target. You can only run for so long until you trip or get hit and knocked over by one of the missiles, then you are laying on the ground with hundreds of missiles flying at you. And that probably isn't very long at all.

Even the temporal invincibility item is of no help - it is temporal, while the Active Buster has infinite ammo. Since most major fights are confined to one area that cannot be left, you will run out of the invincibility, especially since you are only allowed to have one of these Defense Shields (temporal invincibility items) at a time. And then, you will be finished off, quickly, but not without massive pain. It is inevitable.

And that concludes my Top 10 List on the most unfair weapons to have turned on you. I'll be the first to admit that this not the best list in the world, though I hope I hit some key weapons here, even if I haven't played all of the newer, more violent games.

I hope you have enjoyed this list, and, if not, I apologize for having wasted your time.

List by KeyBlade999 (07/31/2012)

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