"Glitches," a word you normally don't want to hear when talking about video games. In the past glitches have made games unplayable, some may even cause data to become corrupt, and others may just flat out ruin great games. Although not everyone may understand how much hard work actually goes into making a video game, it should be very clear that when it comes to bug testing things don't become any easier. Just by playing through a game it is very easy to overlook some very simple bugs, while others seemingly happen at complete random. In short, bug testing really isn't an easy job and most of the time it isn't very clear what actually causes the bug to happen in the first place; however this doesn't HAVE to be a bad thing!<br /><br />Although you may not realize it, there are many video games out there with glitches that aren't bad at all! Here's a list of what I would consider the top 10 glitches in video game history!

Super Mario Bros is one of them classic NES games that almost everyone loves. It's a solid platforming game, and people would sit around the TV playing with friends and family; however this great game still does have a few glitches, and all of them are fun! Still there is one glitch that stands out above the others, and is both fun and useful.

At the end of 1-2 you have the option of jumping on top of the blocks at the top of the screen to get to the warp zone, or you can simply take the warp pipe to the next area; however once in awhile mistakes do happen. If you miss the jump and land on the lower area, it is completely impossible to jump high enough to make it back on top and to the warp zone, but really this shouldn't stop you from trying.

If you jump and break the second brick to the left of the top of the warp pipe, you can then jump (and duck), glitch into the block just to the left of the warp pipe, slide through the wall, and land on the other side in the warp zone. Now although most people actually use this glitch to make it to the "minus world" (which can be done by going into the first pipe, although it also glitches your game and requires you to restart), it's useful for getting to the other worlds as well.

Although you shouldn't really have to use this glitch to reach the warp zone, it can be a fun little trick to show off to your friends every once in awhile.

For its time, Driver 2 was a great sandbox style driving game, which was cool before sandbox games were cool in general. So what fun glitches does Drive 2 have in store? Well it actually has quite a few, but there's one glitch alone that made Driver 2 worth putting on this list... A glitch which, although I didn't know it when I discovered it, has come to be known as the "Underground Glitch."

Basically to preform the underground glitch all you have to do is get to the top of the draw bridge, which is pretty close to where you start out, and jump out of your car. That's it. Apparently the top of the draw bridge actually isn't solid, and by jumping out of your car on top (or by pushing other cars up there) you can cause the cars to fall through it and go underground. Although it is fun to just push cars under the road, the real fun actually comes from the lasting effects this glitch brings!

Soon after pushing a car, or cars, underground you should notice strange things happening around the city. Cars will "dive" under the road as if it were water, cars will glitch through buildings, and once in awhile it'll actually start RAINING cars from the sky! The city will be in flat out chaos, and all you really have to do is sit back and enjoy it! The glitch isn't very useful, but it is fun to watch! A glitch worth trying for sure!

When a game is ported over from one system to another, a few glitches are sure to occur, and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is no exception. Although some glitches Sonic Adventure 2 Battle brings really aren't that fun or useful (for example, the Chao in the hero garden still think the river is there so they will swim into the wall for hours instead of simply climbing out like they should), but there are a few fun glitches that are at least worth trying out.

In the normal chao garden there's an area to the far left where the rocks meet with the invisible wall that keeps you from going out of bounds; however because of this, them invisible bounds aren't as strong as they should be. By using Sonic or Shadow, and their homing attack, you can actually break free of the barrier and float around outside of the bounds. Although this really serves no real purpose, this actually allows you to go as far as the eye can see, past the sky background, and into and endless nothingness which you can get lost in forever... Or at least lost in until you exit the garden.

This glitch really serves no purpose, but as a side effect it will also force your chao to swim under the ground. If your chao like to swim, it's a good thing; however if they can't, it's not. It doesn't really cause any harm in the end, but it can be quite the pain to get them back above ground...

(Other glitches worth pointing out are how Metal Sonic's texture will change from metallic to matte in VS mode depending on which way the camera is facing on player 2's screen, and the invisible platforms in Green Forest.)

I'm sure I don't have to say it, but this is in fact one glitch worth bringing up on this list. What glitch am I talking about? Oh come on, you know! It's the "missingno" glitch!

For anyone who doesn't know, missingno is a glitch Pokemon that could be caught in Red, Blue and Yellow, and it is also the Pokemon you actually "start" with in the main pokemon games. "How is that possible?" You might ask? Well basically, missingno is just what it says; it is a missing number pokemon. Although in the original pokemon games there were pokemon for numbers 1-151, there is still number 0 that is used when you don't have a pokemon, and there are also a few numbers past 151 as well. This is what missingno really is. It's a "pokemon" of one of the unused numbers who appears in glitch form because it really is nothing.

To get missingno to appear is actually really simple, and all it requires is the moves fly, surf, and you need to have access to Cinnabar Island. Basically to preform this glitch all you have to do is, first talk to the old man in Viridian City who teaches you how to catch pokemon to rewatch the scene where he teaches you how to catch pokemon, and then you just have to fly to Cinnabar Island. Once there you can then use surf on the eastern side of the island, and well, simply surf around until a wild pokemon appears. Chances are, that wild pokemon will be missingno.

Missingno normally shows up as a strange glitch block; however it can also take on other forms as well. Depending on what letters you used in your character's name, missingno can also show up as fossil pokemon, or even as the ghost from Lavender Town. Although missingno is normally a normal/bird type pokemon, it can appear with different stats and at different levels (even levels higher than level 100).

So where's the use in this? Well although catching a missingno can cause graphical glitches, as well as mess up your hall of fame, the real use of this glitch is how it clones items. Whatever item is in the 6th slot of your bag will be cloned 128 times, and THAT can be very useful (although it is also cheating). Anyway just because Nintendo only put one Master Ball in the game, it doesn't mean you can't get more!

Although missingno is the main reason I put this glitch on the list, I would also like to point out that missingno isn't the only pokemon you can make appear with this glitch. If you're lucky, like I have been in the past, you can also get other rare pokemon to appear as well; including one time legendaries such as Mewtwo. It's rare, but it happens from time to time!

Super Smash Bros Brawl is one of them games that many people looked forward to, and it is also one of them most have titles for the Nintendo Wii; however despite it being so popular, there is one glitch the game has that not many people know about.

As you may know, Brawl was the first Smash Bros game to feature a level editor, and it really was one of them features Nintendo pushed. Besides allowing us to use a wide verity of objects to build our levels, Nintendo also included the ability to send custom levels to friends, and they even set it up so new custom levels would be downloaded into your game each day. It really was a nice feature, but it had one glitch that actually made it a whole lot better if it was used in the right ways. A little glitch I like to call the teleporting glitch!

In the level editor if you place a moving platform next to a solid platform, with the top of the moving platform lining up with the top of the solid platform, something interesting will happen. The game will register both platforms as being on the same plain, and this will cause a pretty cool glitch! Say you're walking across the solid platform which you had placed, and you reach the edge where the moving platform is currently below you; what do you think will happen? Well you would expect to fall off the edge if you keep moving right? Well, actually, that isn't the case. Since the game picks up both platforms as being on the same level, you will actually just appear on the lower platform, and if you walk back into the wall, you'll simply appear at the top of the ledge again!

By using this simple little trick to your advantage, you can actually make some really cool and unique levels that you wouldn't think possible! It may take a little bit of creativity, and quite a bit of time, but by using this glitch, you can make impressive levels that you can then show off to your friends!

First of all, no, this is NOT the game breaking "Missing Child Glitch," don't you worry; however it is a glitch I'm sure everyone who has played the game knows about.

Like in all Harvest Moon games, Harvest Moon: Animal Parade uses an in game clock which is almost always ticking away. This clock puts pressure on you, and basically requires you to plan out your day and really manage your time; however this time around one little glitch helps ease off the pressure. The frame rate glitch. Although I normally wouldn't say frame rate problems are a good thing, but I'll make an exception for Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.

Due to the massive scale of this Harvest Moon (it is easily the biggest Harvest Moon to date, both in content and world size), the game tends to have an issue with its frame rate. Although it really isn't that bad of a drop, it can be noticed from time to time, and some people may find it a bit annoying at first; however despite this, it is in fact useful! Like in most HM games, Animal Parade uses the one second real life = one minute in game set up, which basically means one minute in real life, is one hour in game; however that isn't always the case this time around.

Since the game doesn't actually account for the frame rate drop, the time system can be a little bit funny. Instead of being 60 seconds to an hour, it actually ends up being along the lines of 90 seconds per hour, and this can be quite useful! As I said before, the world in Animal Parade is huge, and you WILL spend a lot of time running from area to area! Along with time freezing during menus, when you're using tools, and when you're in doors, the extra 30 seconds to an hour really can be quite useful, and it really does help you get all the things done that you need done.

Sure sometimes days may seem like they're a bit too long because of this, but chances are you'll enjoy having that extra bit of time on your hands!

Metroid Prime Hunters was one of them DS games that really showed off what the DS could do. It was a very solid first person shooter with a deep online system, it had voice and text chat features, it had friends and rival lists, there were different characters to play as with different weapons to use, and there was also a massive community website that went along with it. Still the game did have quite a few glitches, which some might feel could ruin the game; although that isn't quite the case.

The "pass through wall" glitch was a glitch that actually happened on quite a few maps in the game, and it was also a glitch a lot of people abused once they learned of it. Although this glitch may seem very cheap, you really shouldn't let that ruin the game for you since it is very easy to do and can be quite fun as well.

The first place, and the easiest place, you can do this glitch is at Alinos Gateway. Near the western side of the map there's a large rock that its very close to a wall, but if you look closely you can see a small gap in between the two. Basically to do this glitch all you have to do is jump in between them, go into your alternate mode, and move into the rock. Yep, that's it. Now although it is a very easy glitch to do, the level is actually filled with lava so really only Spire can make use of this glitch. Either way it is a good hiding spot, and it can give you an unfair advantage in the match... Well then again, since it's so easy it's not like someone can't just chase you out of there.

The second place you can preform this glitch is in Sic Transit, where you can force yourself through the corner of a wall where some rocks are built up. By jumping at the corner and shooting rockets to help blast yourself into it, you can actually glitch through the wall and explore the insides of the entire map; however this glitch is only a glitch that should be used for fun. While it may seem like it's an easy way to cheat the map, it really isn't. You can fall off the cliff and die, there are points where enemies can see you and shoot you, but you can't shoot them, and it can be pretty hard to tell where you are. It is a really fun glitch to pull off, but doing it in a real match really isn't a smart thing to do.

The third and final "main" area where you can preform this glitch is in Combat Hall. When on the upper area of Combat Hall there are small tight spaces that you must use your alternate form to go through, however, just like with the wall in Sic Transit, if you shoot a missile at your feet while standing next to one of these passages, you can actually knock yourself into them and glitch through the wall. If you then jump and land at the right spot you can then make it inside the level. Now unlike the other two glitches, this one actually is one you can use if you want to be cheap and cheat your way to victory, but at the same time it's also dangerous. Since you must shoot yourself with missiles to get inside the wall, and since there's a pretty good chance you'll fail, you basically risk killing yourself just to do this simple glitch. Sure if you do it then you can really cheat the match, but in the end it is easier to just play normally (which I would recommend doing anyway). Still kind of fun to do though.

Besides the wall glitch, I would also like to point out a glitch you really want to avoid. It's something not many people know about until it's too late, and it's a very easy glitch to do. Putting "%" in your name, or in your typed messages. Depending on whatever letter is after the % sign, the game will glitch and give you different effects. Sometimes these effects are good, and other times... They are flat out bad. Just avoid putting "%n" or "%N" in your name, and you'll be fine. (%N makes it so you cannot load any screen that has your name displayed on it, meaning, you lose access to your options, and you can no longer play online. On a side note, you can also type %N in the text chat to kick everyone from the room!)

Mario Kart DS was one of the first DS games to feature an online mode, and it was easily one of the best games on the DS; however there is one little "feature" that made the online mode harder than it should have been. What is this feature you might ask? Well it's a little something that most long time Nintendo fans know as "snaking."

Although snaking first appeared in the F-Zero series, this same "skill" made its way into Mario Kart DS in the form of what one might call a "glitch." Even though snaking may not be considered a glitch, the only reason it is even possible is because of the way Mario Kart DS was set up. Just like with most Mario Kart games, when drifting around turns you can build up a boost that gives you a speed boost once you release the drift button; however because of the way Mario Kart DS was set up, this could easily be abused.

Whenever you were drifting in MKDS, simply pressing left and right on the D-Pad would be picked up as going around a full turn, and that would allow you to build up your max boost in less than a second. By simply drifting left, moving the D-Pad left and right a few times, releasing, then drifting right, only to slide the D-Pad back and forth again, you could basically drift boost your way through the entire track. Unlimited speed boosts around turns, and unlimited speed boosts down straightaways, if you wanted to even stand a chance against everyone else online, you HAD to snake as much as you could.

Although some people may consider snaking a bad glitch which ruined the online modes for them, it actually was a pretty fun feature which added a bit more skill to the game. Snaking isn't really something you could do right away, and it did in fact require practice; still once you mastered it you would then find yourself shooting down the track much faster than you were intended to move. It really speeds up the gameplay, and it is quite a lot of fun to pull off.

Since Mario Kart DS Nintendo has removed this style of "snaking" from their games, but its former version still remains. It is still possible to drift through entire tracks, including the straightaways, however boosts once again build up normally, and you can't cheat the system by rapidly moving your analog stick/D-Pad back and forth as fast as possible.

What is a glitch Top 10 without Sonic the Hedgehog 2006? Everyone knows that the game is filled with glitches since SEGA made Sonic Team release it early for the holiday season, but what many people fail to realize is the fun glitches that this game has. Yep, that's right, I said "fun!" Believe it or not, but this game's glitches all aren't about falling through the level, or getting stuck in something, there are actually quite a few fun glitches that you can have quite a lot of fun playing with.

The Purple Gem is a power up that Sonic can buy later on in the game, and it has a very strange effect. It turns Sonic into a life sized hedgehog! Yep, this gem allows Sonic to run around his world as a tiny little hedgehog, which can be quite fun itself, but that isn't the glitch, and it the reason it is on this list. The thing is, the Purple Gem also has a glitch which allows Sonic to jump as many times as he wants, with NO LIMIT what so ever. Although it's clear that Sonic could double jump or so to make up for his small size, but Sonic Team apparently put no limit on this thing, which allows you to go anywhere you can see!

The world in Sonic 06 is actually quite huge, and there's a LOT of areas that are normally out of reach or only playable by other characters; however since Sonic has unlimited jumps, he is no longer restricted from these areas! From jumping over invisible walls in Wave Ocean to reach Shadow's large (and open) level, to walking around areas only seen in cutscenes, with this gem the sky is the limit, and you can go just about anywhere you want to! If you love exploring game worlds, this is one glitch that might make you pick Sonic 06 back up just to try it out and see what you can find.

(Another glitch worth bringing up is the Start + Jump glitch which has different effects depending on where you use it. Basically to do this glitch all you have to do is hold Start, and the jump button during loading screens, and when the game finally loads it'll allow you to do some crazy things. From jumping out of vehicles and playing Shadow's vehicle parts on foot, to hitting running around the adventure fields as amigo characters such as Tails and Knuckles. It has a lot of different effects, and is just as fun to play around with.)

Well here it is, the final glitch on the list, and it's in a game you may have never expected to see on this list. Kirby Air Ride!

Kirby Air Ride is the first fully 3D Kirby game, and the first Kirby game to be released on the GameCube. Although originally Kirby Air Ride was planned for the N64, the project fell through, and the game was canceled. Even so, years later the game finally saw the light of day, and since then has become known as one of Nintendo's best original racing games. But where's the glitches in all of this?

Well besides the main racing modes, Air Ride also features a mode known as "City Trial" which basically allows you, and your friends, to play around in a sandbox style city as you collect power ups, find air ride machines, and then compete in special events. It really is a fun mode to play, but the best part about it, is the fact that there is a free play mode which allows you to do whatever you want! Explore the city, battle with your friends, or even make up games to play with your friends, it basically is just an open sandbox filled with opportunities, and one very fun glitch.

Although the city in City Trial is a pretty good size with a lot of hidden areas to find, it is still boxed in by a few invisible walls which keep you inside the city. You can't go behind the mountain, the patch of grass behind one of the rail stations is blocked off, you can't go behind the parking garage, and you also can't go behind the hill by the water mill... At least that's what the game wants you to think. The thing is, the invisible walls actually don't extend all the way to the top of the city, and that means you can actually get over them!

By either getting an air ride machine that can fly, or by going up to the higher up secret area and gliding off, you can fly over the invisible wall, and make it to the outer areas of the ocean that surrounds the island. Although it may not sound like it at first, this glitch actually is very useful and it can be a lot of fun to use. Since the free play mode of City Trial is a mode where you and your friends can do whatever you want, it is a really useful glitch to use when you're playing games. For example, if you decide to play a game where you battle over who can get the most air rides to their base, you could throw the air ride machines out of bounds for pick up later, or if you're playing hide and go seek you could use these areas to hide machines in as well.

Really this is just one of them glitches you can decide how to use, and with a little creativity you can easily find a lot of uses for it. It doesn't help much in the standard city trial mode, but it's one of the best parts about free ride. (The only down side is that there's a second invisible wall not too far past the first one, so you can't just drive to the background like you can in the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle glitch I mentioned above.)

(Also for another fun City Trial glitch, try placing a land mine in the air ride machine garage, and then try jumping up and down on the corner of the garage entrance. If done right, Kirby will fall on his side and slide down the ramp into the mine. Hit the mine, and watch Kirby spin! This little glitch has become known as "Break Dancing Kirby!")

So in the end, glitches aren't always a bad thing. Sure some glitches can damage your gameplay experience, but that isn't always the case! There are a lot of fun glitches out there, and there are a lot of other helpful ones as well. Even so, not everyone may agree with using glitches in games, especially when it comes to cheating level up systems and what not, but even those who do not agree can agree on one thing. Some glitches are just fun!

Just remember, no game is perfect, and you should just always expect the unexpected! Even though a game may tell you you no, don't let that stop you, and try to do it anyway! Who knows, you might discover the next great glitch!

List by NettoSaito (08/14/2012)

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