Man politicians are a joke aren't they? Right wing, Left wing, it hardly seems to matter anymore. Most are obsess at taking away all our freedoms without us knowing about it all while telling us how we must live our lives instead of actually delivering what they promised when they got elected in the first place. Back in the 80s and 90s, there were two things that politicians hated the most: music and video games. Suddenly, these mild mattered forms of art had become edgy, extreme, and overly violent. In other words, they became awesome and nobody could resist their temptation. Even now, the golden rule that everyone follows in the video game production wold is that if your game sparked enough controversy and angered everyone to their core, then it had to be special. Out of all the games ever released, these ten games are the ones that I would consider the most controversial, despite if they were good or not. So, sit back and enjoy the Bimmy and Jimmy Top Ten Video Games that have angered Politicians.

Ya, no joke, The Sims actually did tick off a few politicians for a while back in early 2000s. Then again, it's not hard to see why because the game consists of you in the control of an artificial person to do whatever the hell you want him or her to do, including striping down and having a bath or shower. The only thing is that when they get naked, it’s completely censored and you can’t see anything worthwhile. However, thanks in part to a now infamous cheat code that you can enter (Move_objects On) to pick up any item you want, you can actually see Sims fully nude without the censor bars. Ok, grated the nudity is very tame, but this was enough to drive parents mad and try to get rid of the game once and for all. Obviously this didn’t work because The Sims in now a franchise, but this did make the creators of the later games a little more concerned about how to fully censor nudity from the game for good so this never happens again.

Yep, Tetris has made a list once again (I picked the Tengen version this time for variety), and unlike the other choices on this list that mostly have “immoral” reasons why they are here, Tetris is on this list for what the Soviet government WANS’T getting, specifically the lack of royalties that rich, computer software businessmen were snatching up over here in North America. The story pretty much goes like this: Tetris was released in Soviet Russia by Alexey Pajitnov, a computer scientist who made the game for fun because he wasn’t able to sell it without permission of the government (that’s how socialism works people; more power to the government). The game eventually traveled out of Russia, found its way over to the US and it started to sell big-time. The Russians found out, got angry and demanded the money that they weren’t receiving. Nintendo, who were about to release their Gameboy version really soon, decided to go to Russia, paid the royalties to the Russians in exchange for all the rights to all console versions of Tetris, to which the Russians agreed.

Ah, Lara Croft, the ultimate female bad ass in the video game world. She has had many hit games, two movies made around her that were actually pretty good to a degree and best of all, she’s got the figure that makes all young gamers secretly and desperately wanting her. In fact, her figure has literally stuck out so much that parents around started to complain, calling it nothing more than unsubtle smut to harm their weak-minded little children with, and as we all know, smut can only lead to decay of our morals and guide us down a long road of such devious rebelliousness, surly to only displease hotheaded stiffs who can’t take a joke. Damn those front loaded anvils! If only Lara Croft got breast cancer. What, you think my idea for Lara is too morbid? Well then you are stupid, because it’s the idea of the decade, and it’s the truth (god I really hope you guys get this joke, and if not, Google it).

NARC can best be described as the enigma on this list. Sure, at first glance, the game is extremely violent and could even achieve the same level of blood and gore as Mortal Kombat, but, ironically, it’s all for a good cause because you’re going around and killing drug dealers. I mean, the producers of this game had to have known that they were obviously creating an ironic game just so they could bypass the censor board at the FCC, and if not, then they got extremely lucky because the game would have never been released otherwise. Ok granted, in this day in age the game is incredibly tame in its level of violence but back in the late 80s, this game was all the rage and every kid had to play it, no matter what politicians or their parents had to say. In fact, denying kids from playing a game for being too violent only pressures them into WANTING to play it even more. It’s reverse phycology in its purest form.

We go from one of the most violent games ever made to the most ridiculous and funniest game ever made, but wow, the crackdown on this one was intense. Again, it really has to do with the fact that it was on a home video game console that kids owned instead on something awful like the Panasonic 3DO. The entire game, as we all probably know, is about you monitoring some house in the middle of nowhere for bad guys who are trying to break in and have their way with the people in the house, specifically the half nude women like the scummy perverts that they are. Once again, everyone complained about the level of violence and nudity on all the female scenes, especially one that takes place in a bathroom where some chick is drying her hair after taking a shower. It’s ridicules that parents even wasted their time with this game because in all honestly it really isn’t anything spectacular. Hell, I bet parents actually did more harm to their kids by trying to get these games taken off the shelves, instead of just taking an interest into what their kids are doing and strengthening their relationship with them.

Never heard of Death Race? Well, there is a point for that and that’s because it was a flop of an arcade game back in the mid-70s. For historic value however, this game is important because Death Race was the very first video game to spark controversy. To give you an idea of what the game is like, the entire game consist of you driving a car around what looks like a cemetery and run over zombies to score points. Seems simple enough doesn’t it? However, it’s because of this simplicity, specifically in the graphics, that caused all this spark of interest from concerned parents alike, because running over zombies in an arcade game in the 1970s kind of looked like you were running over people. The backlash against this game was huge. Hell, the National Safety Council (I didn’t even know a group such as this existed) even went as far of calling the game “sick and morbid”. It even became the focus game in many news specials around North America about the possible harmful effects of video games on young kids, even though no conclusive study has ever shown a link between video games and aggressive behavior. Poor Death Race, it really was a game that was just too simple, and yet so ahead of its time, for its own good.

Now this is a game that I could describe as being the furthest thing away from NARC that I could imagine. The Grand Theft Auto series has always been an obscene group of games ever since the good ol’ overhead view days of the late 90s on the PlayStation, but if there was one game that stands out above the rest of the Grand Theft Auto games, it is San Andreas. While it might seem like any typical GTA game that any parent or politician would have a heart attack over at first glance, what really pushed the bar further and deeply angered everyone in Washington was the ultra-secret, thought to be long forgotten “Hot Coffee” mode, a mini game that actually allows your character to have sex with the other NPC characters in the game. Even though your both completely clothed and really isn’t anything worse than what you would see on a soft-core porno film, many anti-game lobbyists such as our good friends Jack Thomson and Hillary Clinton had a field day over this and even went as far to try to get the video game industry shut down, where they were thankfully unsuccessful at. Really, in the end though, is there any real point to get angry over sexual content in general? I mean, unlike Custer’s revenge where you intently and disgustingly rape and hurt another person, which has nothing to do with love or pleasure, expressing our sexuality is as normal as our desire for food and shelter.

Ok here is the thing; Mortal Kombat is pretty much like any other blood and guts fighting game out there. It has good controls, balanced characters, painful fatalities and the ability to abuse the game in a way to score cheap kills. What makes this game so damn special out of all these games? Two words: Home Console. You see, for a game like this being in the arcade, while parents didn’t really like their kids playing it, at least it wasn’t in the house were Mom and Dad had no choice but to watch it. That was until the Genesis version came out and everything changed. Ya, it was also on the SNES but, thanks in part to Nintendo’s family friendly look on the video game world, the blood is gone, an act considered blasphemous and an insult to fans of the arcade game everywhere. The Genesis version had the blood and soon became one of the most hunted down games in the early 90s from both fans who wanted the game, and politicians who wanted to get rid of the game. In the end, the fans won as the game went on to sell millions of copies clear thru until the end of the Genesis’s life cycle. The only blow that we gamers got out of the Genesis version of Mortal Kombat was the ESRB rating system's introduction, were every game must have an ugly, out-of-place letter on it to warn parents who can the play the game. Oh well, I guess you have to cater to the demands of parents sometimes to bring balance to the video game world

Oh god, this game this just awful, and I mean that on both a gaming level, and a moral level. Seriously, what kind of idiot thought that it was a good idea to make a pornographic rape video game on a console mostly played by kids? Needless to say, I hate this game, but my outrage isn’t even close to the reception that Custer’s Revenge got from countless Native American and women’s civil rights activist groups who went as far to file a lawsuit against the producers of this game. You know what’s even creepier? Its seems like around this time in the late 70s and early 80s, rape scenes started to appear more in video games such as this one or in movies such as the horrifying, painful to watch 1978 movie “I spit on your Grave”, a movie that showed such intense rape scenes that even to this day would leave you feeling disgusted, as well as some of the worst and droned location shots of all time. However, while “I spit on your Grave” was purposely disturbing to drive an anti-rape, pro woman’s rights message into your brain permanently, Custer’s Revenge only shows rape for the sake of being “funny”. Well, it’s not funny, not in the slightest, nor is the game any good. I think instead of ET, they should have buried all copies of THIS game under a slab of concrete instead.

Oh come on, you know Doom had to appear on the list, so stop whining over my constant use of this game on my other top ten lists because this time it’s appropriate. So, what makes Doom so controversial? Well, just look at the box art. It shows an unnamed space marine shooting a high-powered gun at a group of demons from Hell. Left wingers, right wingers, religious groups and parents were instantly on the phone making calls to local television stations for air time to warn people about this game (just think of all that wasted air-space we could have used for real news, but only in America can you get away with such need to know stories like controversial video games). Hell, it doesn’t even make sense why religious rights groups would be over this game to begin with. After all, the entire game consists of you killing demons and monsters that you would expect to find in the realm of Satan, not the other way around. Besides, debating whether there is actually a Hell to begin with is another argument. However, unlike many other games on this list which were only controversial for their time of release, Doom was actually controversial once again in the late 1990s with the events that happened at Columbine. Sure, all FPSs were demonized around this time for their level of violence, but Doom stuck out above the pack once again because of the two murders love of the game and even admitted that what they were about to do was going to “be like F’n Doom”. It’s because of these two little s**ts that video gamers have now been labelled as overly violent jerks with no lives, even though many of us gamers are actually some of the most passive aggressive people on the face of the planet who happen to stand up and voice their opinion on their love for video games, you know, just like with any other group of people who have hobbies that they enjoy intensely.

That wraps up another top ten list presented by yours truly. Honorable mentions go to Halo 3 where Mr. Thomson actually wrote a letter to Microsoft insisting that it was too violent, Daikatana which while it didn’t really anger politicians that much, it still had one of the most insulting ad campaigns ever made, and Leisure suit Larry, the old horny bastard who has had at least the same number of perverted games as the GTA series has had.

List by BimmyandJimmy (09/24/2012)

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