Glitches consist of the bugs in a program that can be abused to the benefit or loss of a party, usually depending on which end of the glitch you're looking at. These are common in computer programming - remember the whole deal about Y2K, anyone? - and can often be used to do criminal misdeeds. Glitches have become less common in the "real" world, so to speak, and yet, they still continue to proliferate themselves throughout a number of video games - many games, from the original Super Mario Bros. in 1985 and Pokemon Red/Blue in 1995 to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in 2011 and Kingdom Hearts 3D in 2012, have glitches of some sort. Many are malignant, or even game-breaking, glitches, as there are with the latter two examples. Some are extremely beneficial, as with many Pokemon glitches. And then there are those scant few that are plain cool to do, as with the Minus World glitch of Super Mario Bros.

Those glitches are the subject of this Top 10 List - the top ten glitches found in video games. This list will delve into a brief summary of exactly what the glitch allows, known benefits, known risks, and how to execute and abuse this glitch for the curious ones owning a game in this list.

Glitches in games have been around for many, many decades before I began gaming, and it was hard to narrow the list down as far as I could, even with the help of the Top 10 Lists board. There are many glitches in many games, most of which escape your notice - for example, the Mew Glitch in Pokemon Red/Blue wasn't even discovered until 2003, when the third generation of Pokemon was starting eight years after the originals. And many more have probably escaped our poking and prodding for years. To think, there is such an interesting world of glitches out there, for, to some like myself, glitches are some of the most interesting parts of a video game!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this list!

Summary: This glitch will allow you to "erase" the tiles of the various in-game structures to effectively make them much more compact without usually affecting much else other than space.

Benefits: This will be able to make things smaller - for example, you can make a 4x4 tile arcology building (holds up to 60,000 people) into a 1x1 building without affecting the population. Therefore, in the same space you'd normally only get 60,000 people, you can have around 960,000 people! This can be done on most objects to get the same effect out of a smaller space. It also can be used to create cool "floating" landscapes by erasing inclines on a mountain.

Risks: No particular risks are associated with this glitch. The only problems arise when you mess with a power plant, for their power output will decrease proportionately. Additionally, there are financial problems - it is very expensive to make sixteen arcologies if you look at the above example, as it costs $3,200,000 for the sixteen arcologies. Finally, this glitch is not abusable on 1x1 structures, as that would eliminate them completely.

Procedure: I don't know if this will work on other variations of the game. However, you first must begin, on the PC version, by selecting the "Trees" icon so you can place down some trees. Next, while placing the trees down, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, and voila! Whenever you pass over a major structure's tiles, they will be erased, but, so long as the structure was not a 1x1 structure, you'll generally retain the same effects!

Summary: This glitch is related to a number of other glitches in this game allowing you obtain otherwise unobtainable characters. This is by far the easiest of them to execute and it lets you get a normally-forbidden character that was programmed into the game for one single event. This character is Moghan, one of the many Moogles that help Locke and Terra escape the Empire early in the game.

Benefits: Practically none, unless you have a love for challenge, or just having what you shouldn't have. Plus, Moghan takes all of Celes's comments in the various cutscenes, so it can be rather humorous.

Risks: You get Moghan. That's how you can sum this up. Moghan, once obtained, cannot be leveled up, or pretty much strengthened in any way. You also cannot change her equipment (which game hacking reveals to be rather crappy), and her stats are crappy as well. What's worse is that she'll take the place of Celes, a very useful character, being only one of a scant few able to cast magic without needing to equip an Esper. And, finally, if you head to the room where Celes is held sometime after executing this glitch, you will end up causing a game freeze.

Procedure: This glitch can only be executed during the World of Balance, and very early on. At one point, you'll end up having a "split" in the road of sorts where you can play three sets of characters for some scenarios. This glitch is executed during Locke's scenario, where he has successfully stalled the massive Imperial forces.

When you gain control of Locke, there is a narrow path to the right that briefly goes east, then north. Along it, walking, is someone. You need to time your step so that you and he step on the same tile at the same time. If you're lucky, you and he will occupy the same spot, letting you move forward. You will be able to go past him to the overworld, without getting Celes into your party as per the usual.

In the overworld, you'll probably want to grind for a fair while before heading northwest into the South Figaro Cave. There is a boss fight there that was designed to show off Celes's magical prowess, but, without her, it is a harder fight. As you go, there is a scene in which Celes is meant to be picked out of the party, but, as she is not, the game picks out Moghan. For the remainder of the game, if you succeed in the boss fight, she'll sort of "replace" Celes in everything except battle usefulness.

Summary: In Wind Waker, you are able to hold various items in a bottle, typically restorative items. The use of, pretty much like other Zelda games. this glitch will allow you to use the item without using it, so to speak. Basically, Link will glean the effects of the item, and the item will not be depleted from its container unlike the usual.

Benefits: You can use an item infinitely, basically, letting you always have a health or magic restorative on-hand, which is extremely handy as you approach the end of the game. Additionally, a side-effect in how the glitch functions allows you to "clone" Elixir Soups to let you have more than the two uses that you normally have - you now can have up to five. Of course, that effect is moot given the infinite usage factor, except that it has been shown that, for some reason, the glitch will not function in a boss battle. As Elixir Soups fully heal health, magic, and double your attack power, the cloning effect is rather useful.

Risks: There is no particular risk known at this time. However, it is strongly worth noting that experimentation has shown that, for reasons unknown, the glitch cannot be successfully executed (at least very well) during a boss fight.

Procedure: First, you need to get an Empty Bottle filled with something, be it a potion, fairy, Elixir Soup, just whatever you want to repeatedly re-use. Set it to the X, Y, or Z command button. Then press the button you set it to (as if you were using) at the same time you press the Start/Pause Button.

You will enter the inventory. Swap the Bottle you plan to use with any other item. If you're planning to get more Elixir Soup, you'll want to swap to an Empty Bottle; if not, anything will do fine. Exit the menu and Link will drink whatever was in the Bottle. However, if you look at the Bottle you swapped out, it will still have whatever was in it before! Additionally, if you swapped your Elixir Soup Bottle for an Empty Bottle, and the Elixir Soup Bottle was full, you'll also find that the new Bottle is filled with 1/2 serving (one use) of Elixir Soup.

Summary: This will end up being a short entry due to the simplicity of this glitch. Basically, you abuse the pausing system in the game so as to repeatedly do damage, which can amount to lots of damage.

Benefits: This should end up doing excessive amounts of damage to an enemy if executed well, making even bosses easy to beat. It also has the effect of saving weapon energy to a slight extent.

Risks: No known risks are readily identified for this glitch.

Procedure: As I said before, this is a pretty easy and quick glitch to execute, which explains the briefness of this entry into the list. Anyways, basically you'll want a weapon that can shoot rather long beams or, so to speak, could stand in mid-air and hit an enemy repeatedly. It's kind of hard to describe it like that, but the best example of a weapon would be the Thunder Beam. Shoot the Thunder Beam (or whatever other weapon that may work) and repeatedly pause and unpause as the projectile hits the enemy, which will lead to a lot of damage, because the game "refreshes" after unpausing and basically interprets the projectile as one that has yet to hit an enemy.

Summary: Mass Effect, like other big open world titles like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, is bound to have numerous glitches inside; let's face it, it is quite an impossible task to check every single aspect of such an huge game. Luckily for us, some glitches, instead of being game-breaking, prove themselves to be quite useful. One example is the Lorik Quinn glitch, which can result in major shop benefits, among other things.

Benefits: Initially, you'll be able to raise your Paragon and Renegade bars up rather easily; there are two achievements requiring them to be raised at least to 75%. Completely filling those bars, made much easier through this, adds additional benefits. Filling the Paragon bar will add points to the Charm skill, provide a bonus in health, and a discount in shops. Filling the Renegade bar will add to the Intimidate skill, provide a bonus in damage you deal, and lets you earn more money when selling items. And, finally, if you import a character to Mass Effect 2 with the Paragon and Renegade bars filled, you will get large augments for your Charm and Intimidate skills.

Risks: No known risks are currently associated with this glitch.

Procedure: During the course of the story, on the planet Noveria, you are forced to do a quest. It requires getting some files from Lorik's computer, and, after being asked by another NPC to try to persuade Lorik to testify, convince him to do the right thing. This can be accomplished through either a Charm or Intimidate option (they both require five points in either Charm or Intimidate skill) and yields a huge amount of Paragon or Renegade points. After persuading him, you can talk to him again and select "Inspect-mother Benezia-other", the option to convince him will show up again, and so will the Charm and Intimidate options. This can be repeated.

Summary: In Dark Cloud 2, you can get an item that will change the name of a weapon Max or Monica can equip. If you change this weapon's name to another weapon Max or Monica can equip, then you'll end up transforming the renamed weapon into its new namesake. This allows you to get the ultimate weaponry as early as Chapter 2 (barely 15% into the game's storyline).

Benefits: You can get any weapon you want for Max and Monica. This namely will include their ultimate weapons: Max's LEGEND and Supernova, and Monica's Island King and Five-Star Armlet. These weapons are immensely powerful in comparison to the weapons you should have at the earliest possible point for this glitch, and even allows you to bypass certain barriers (i.e. the "Defeat enemy X" barrier can prevent build-ups until very late in the game).

Risks: The main risk is just that some of the Medals you need to obtain to execute this glitch are annoyingly hard to obtain, so they're not risks, per se, because you'd go through that floor in the dungeon anyways. Otherwise, no true risks are associated with this glitch at this time.

Procedure: You must wait until about halfway through Chapter 2 (Resurrection of the Great Elder) before this glitch can be executed. This begins at the point when you've recruited Gordon into the Georama immigrant party, which is the point from which you can get other characters into the Georama party. You need Mayor Need for this glitch. At any point during the game, by meeting certain conditions in dungeons (i.e. defeat all enemies in a certain amount of time), you'll get a Medal.

Once you obtain forty of these, you can speak with Mayor Need to buy a Name-Change Ticket. Then you simply need to find a spare weapon, preferably, for Max or Monica - the cheapest is the best. Opt to rename it and, if you rename it to the name of another weapon - it won't matter whose weapon it is, just so long as it matches another weapon's name) - this spare weapon will be transformed into its namesake with the lowest possible stats. With the ultimate weapons, that is still quite powerful.

Summary: This glitch basically abuses the mechanics in the spell Vanish to make any enemy defeatable with but a single cast of Doom! It's a pretty easy glitch to describe, so there isn't a whole lot of content here.

Benefits: As I said, practically any enemy, including bosses, can be killed very simply with the use of this glitch.

Risks: None in particular that aren't generally associated with a battle.

Procedure: Basically, from what I've been told, you first need the Vanish and Doom spells - they can be on different characters, if you want. During pretty much any battle, you need to cast Vanish onto the enemy.

Now, the mechanics of Vanish in Final Fantasy III/VI are like this - those affected with Vanish cannot be hit with physical attacks. They can only be hit with magical attacks; for most generalized purposes, the chances of evading either one are the same. So the game compensates by making magic spells against a Vanished target almost always able to hit. For some reason, this also seems to override certain status/spell immunities. One of those immunities overridden is Doom, the older equivalent of Death, which is an instant kill.

You can see where I'm getting at, right? Cast Vanish on an enemy, then Doom for an instant kill. Due to the immunity overriding, you'll almost always kill any enemy, be it a random encounter enemy or a boss. As for enemies that are undead, and therefore never killed by Doom anyways, you'd be able to use Banish or Cyan's Cleave.

Summary: This is a glitch that allows you to get into another hidden world in the game. You can only fully execute this glitch in the NES version of the game, but the basic mechanics still reside in the All-Stars compilations; you just won't reach World -1. As a trivial note, the notation of World -1 is wrong; the space next to the hyphen is just coding for the number 36 in the game.

Benefits: None, but it is perhaps the most famous and coolest glitch in video gaming to date.

Risks: You're going to get a game over out of this for sure. In addition, execution of the glitch can take so long for new players that they may lose too much time on the clock and lose lives.

Procedure: This can only be done in World 1-2. Progress through the level as normal. Near the end is a platform with a set of bricks, a red Koopa Troopa, and two sets of red elevators going up and down. This is usually the point people try to get into the warp zone not far to the right. If you are not big Mario (i.e. under the effect of a Super Mushroom or Fire Flower), bop the blocks here first to get a Super Mushroom. Cross over to the right now. Do not go towards the warp zone, but, instead, just go straight to the warp pipe as if you wanted to head to the flagpole, then World 1-3. But do not use the pipe.

Instead, take a look at the blocks above the pipe. You want to shatter a fair few of them - about three or four - except the one next to the green vertical pipe. Just that one. Have Mario face to the left now and try to jump backwards at the brick. With some luck, and not hitting the brick so that it bricks, Mario will pass through the wall to the warp zone, which is inactive because not enough of it has been revealed.

It is at that point you cannot progress further in the glitch, in the All-Stars compilations at least. If you go into the leftmost pipe - the one next to you when you exit the wall - on the original NES version, and do so without activating the warp zone (the "Welcome to Warp Zone" message appears when the zone is "active"), then you will reach World -1. World -1 is basically a glitchy version of World 2-2. However, when you enter the pipe at the right end of the level, you'll end up warping back to the beginning, which ends up forcing you to either just quit right there or die repeatedly from the endless pits or time running out or the like.

Summary: The Mew Glitch is actually a glitch with three main, distinct methods to it. This entry details the most-often used method, which allows the capture of not just a Mew, but any of the 256 Pokemon programmed into the game. Yes, I said 256. All 105 or so glitch Pokemon (or a few glitch trainers), in addition to the main 151, are able to obtained through this glitch.

Benefits: You can capture any Pokemon in the game. The capture itself is even easy, as the Pokemon appears at Level 7! This will let you catch the normally event-only Mew Pokemon. This glitch can repeated as much as needed and basically stops you from needing to buy a second game in the Pokedex completion quests.

Risks: There is a very slight risk of a game freeze. Additionally, you'll need Pokemon with specific Special stats corresponding to the Pokemon's hexadecimal ID number (not necessarily equal to their Pokedex number put into hexadecimal), which often can be a bit of an annoying task. The execution of the glitch can also be wrought with frustration due to you relying on a Pokemon to appear at the right time. Pokemon Yellow Version especially has a problem with this latter risk, because it is hard to not run into an extra battle when leaving the Pokemon Mansion.

Procedure: For this glitch, you must first have a Pokemon with a Special stat corresponding to the desired Pokemon's hexadecimal ID, I believe. For the case of getting Mew, for example, you'll need a Special stat of 21. You will also need access to Fly or Teleport, preferably the latter, and access to a place with Ditto. This place is Route 15 in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green; it is the Pokemon Mansion in Pokemon Yellow. Preferably, you should also have this place near an area with trainers you have not battled.

Once you're ready to begin, you need to find a trainer who will battle you when you're at the opposite end of the screen from him. (As in, you walk to him when he's off-screen and, just as he appears, he'll fight you.) Commonly-used trainers are the one west of the Nugget Bridge north of Cerulean, the Gambler on the route east of Saffron, the Bikers on Route 17, and the four trainers near each other on the west side of Route 14. You'll need to get to a point where, if you walked one more step toward them, you'd engage them in battle. Right now is a good time to save.

Walk to the trainer and, as he/she appears, press the Start Button. With some luck, the menu will come up; choose your Pokemon that knows Fly or whatever and use it to go near the place with the Ditto and/or Pokemon trainer(s). You'll know you succeeded so long as the "!" appears over the trainer's head as you leave. When you arrive in the town, you will not be able to open the menu for now. Go to the place with the Pokemon trainer(s) and battle someone. Note that, if you end up making them not have to walk to you, the game will freeze.

Next, you'll need to find a Ditto. When in battle with it, have it use Transform on the Pokemon with the desired Special stat - since all Ditto knows is Transform, this Pokemon needs to be your lead Pokemon, preferably. Afterwards, do whatever you want with the Ditto and return to the area where you found the trainer you fled from near the start. As you approach, a menu will pop up. Exit it and you'll begin a battle with a Pokemon corresponding to the Special stat of the Transformed Pokemon, with this Pokemon being at Level 7.

Summary: I guess that, if the previous two glitches are very well-known, it is odd to assume that this is commonly known. In fact, it wasn't found on GameFAQs until not too long ago (thanks to me), though it had occasionally been found on the Internet otherwise. This glitch is extremely in-depth with certain characteristics and generally is used to maximize weapon stats and obtain exorbitant amounts of money.

Benefits: This glitch's most common result will result in the stats of the weapon being maxed-out, which allows for an instant build-up, which makes a weapon with higher maximum stats. Basically, you'll be able to obtain ultimate weapons by the end of a dungeon! Additionally, you can sell weapons equipped with the Broken Dagger Attachment to the Old Gaffer for obscenely high amounts of money - often near the maximum amount that can be held at once!

Risks: The game has a tendency to freeze during the direct execution of this glitch or when viewing the Weapons sub-menu. Additionally, you have a slight chance to get bad versions of the Broken Dagger Attachment that degrade your weapon. You can also find a number of glitch and/or beta items during this glitch, some of which are irremovable from the game. The risk of all of these seems to go up rather extremely if you use "alternate" methods.

Procedure: This will describe the "ideal" method for doing this with minimal risk. Using other shops can result often in a game freeze, so be warned. (Not to say that is not possible; just extremely risky.)

Basically, ideally, whenever you're rebuilding the Old Gaffer's buggy in Norune Village, you'll first want to have Pike in Paige's House. This will let the Old Gaffer have certain other items. When you do so and successfully complete the shop, go there and enter the shop menu. Hover the cursor over the Ice attachment and simultaneously press Right on the D-Pad and the X Button at the same time. With luck, you'll be moved to the Attachments menu on your side of the screen with a Broken Dagger-like thing in the cursor. Set it down.

Now, you can equip it. About 98% of the Broken Dagger Attachments (three varieties have been identified by me in the past year) are the ideal ones that maximize weapon stats and therefore, once you have the weapon "Upgrade" (or level-up), you'll permanently have those stats on the weapon and a permitted Build-Up. You can repeat that as needed, or you can place a bunch of Broken Dagger Attachments on a weapon and sell it. However, you can only sell the weapon (the Attachment is not sellable) to the Old Gaffer, but often you obtain extremely high amounts of money.

Now, that's the ideal way of executing the glitch. Alternative methods can result in other items (such as the beta Medusa Powder, Breads, Moon Signets, and random glitch items) or other varieties of the Broken Dagger Attachment (one such variety maxes a few stats, but ends up reducing the other stats to zero, one of which is Endurance, which will shatter the weapon upon use if zeroed). You'll be likely to obtain a game freeze at any point as well, but the benefits outweigh the risks.

~ Honorable Mentions ~

- Various Warp Glitches (Grand Theft Auto series)
- Vigilante Mission Pause Glitch (Grand Theft Auto III, PS2)
- Infinite Zenny from Data (MegaMan Legends, PS/PC/N64)
- Old Man Glitch (Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow, GB)
- Dokokoshira Door Glitch (Japanese Pokemon Red/Green, GB)
- Quick $999,999 Glitch (SimCity, SNES)
- Bypassing the Endless Stairs (Super Mario 64, N64)
- Reverse Bottle Adventure Glitch (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, N64)
- Early Stiletto Glitch (Zork I, PC)

~ Credits ~

- ShadowTheMiglia: Most of the entry for the Mass Effect glitch, and Reverse Bottle Adventure glitch suggestion.
- manmouse: The Final Fantasy III glitch suggestion and help.
- fawfulmark2: Reminding me of the Minus World glitch in Super Mario Bros.
- _Mikerouch_: Suggesting the Super Mario 64 glitch, which made an honorable mention.

~ Conclusion ~

Well, I don't really think there's too much left to say. I hope I have somewhat educated you on some of the more well-known glitches in the realm of video games, and intrigued some of your interest, and so on.

Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed. Thanks for reading!

List by KeyBlade999 (11/07/2012)

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