Thanks for reading my very first top 10 list. The idea to make this list came to be when I was making polls on the Wii U message boards asking which Wii U game you were most looking forward to. I eventually decided to make a top 10 list about the most anticipated Wii U games based on the results of these polls. This means that the games below were chosen by the GameFAQs community and not just me. Without further ado, I present you the top 10 most anticipated Wii U games.

Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, the people behind critically acclaimed titles like Rayman 2: The Great Escape and Beyond Good and Evil, Rayman Legends is the sequel to Rayman Origins. This game was first planned to be released on launch day but was eventually delayed by several months. The reason for this delay was because of the fans' backlash after the developers said that almost half of the single player campaign would have you take control of Murfy and help an AI-controlled Rayman. Murfy is controlled solely through the GamePad's touch screen. You can use him to assist Rayman by stunning enemies, clearing obstacles and find secrets. It's actually pretty similar to how a second player could assist the first player in Super Mario Galaxy. Because many fans didn't like being forced to play this way for a large portion of the game, Ubisoft Montpellier delayed the game in an effort to meet the fans' expectations. As a result, the game is being redesigned to allow anyone to play the single player campaign without Murfy and make the latter entirely optional. The delay will also undoubtedly allow the developers to further polish the game by adding more content and fixing any issues they meet along the way.

Rayman Origins was fun to play with friends but the sequel will give us more variety and ways to enjoy it. The game now allows up to five players instead of four to play simultaneously. The fifth character is none other than Murfy and the player controlling him can either assist or hinder the other player(s). As Murfy, you can make the game more challenging to other players by dropping obstacles on their path.

I have to admit that I'm not interested in the slightest about this game because it's a pay-to-play MMO. However, it still has its place as the ninth most anticipated Wii U game. This game is actually an enhanced port of the original Wii version but the latter was only released in Japan. The Dragon Quest series used to be less known outside of Japan but things changed with Dragon Quest IX when Nintendo heavily promoted it in other regions, making it one of the top selling DS games. It's very similar to what happened with Tales of Symphonia, a game that was also heavily promoted by Nintendo, it also made the series much more well known worldwide. Dragon Quest X promises to be very good, if it wasn't for the fact that you have to pay a monthly fee to fully play it, I would be very excited for this game.

It's possible to play the game without paying the monthly fee but the experience will be much more limited. The prologue of the game has to be played offline, this allows you to better learn how the game works at your own pace before embarking online. There's also an offline campaign different than the online one. You can also play online for free during weekdays between 4 PM and 6 PM and on weekends between 1 PM to 3 PM. It's very limited but it's better than nothing. Personally, I'll be skipping this game.

Published by Nintendo and developed by Platinum Games, The Wonderful 101 is an all new intellectual property from the mind of Hideki Kamiya, the creator of Viewtiful Joe, Devil May Cry, Okami and Bayonetta. In this beat 'em up you control up to 100 superheroes (the 101st is you, the human player in front of the screen) in a quest to fight an alien menace in a city. You can command your group of superheroes to morph into things like a sword of protective flan. You can also find civilians and recruit them in your group. The more superheroes you have, the stronger you are. When hurt, some of your units may fall unconscious and leave your group, thus leaving you weaker. You can try to get them back but the aliens may take advantage of the distraction to hurt you even more. Viewtiful Joe basically had sex with Pikmin and the baby that resulted is The Wonderful 101.

Two games from the same developers and creator in a row, Platinum Games surely knows how to make people excited for their games. The original Bayonetta was published by Sega and available for both the PS3 and 360. However, Sega decided to cancel the sequel and Bayonetta 2 was doomed to never see the light of day. Thankfully, Nintendo arrived for the rescue and offered Platinum Games to fund and publish the game. As a result, Bayonetta became Nintendo's property and the next game will be released exclusively for the Wii U.

Bayonetta is the spiritual successor of Devil May Cry and plays very similarly. We don't know much about the sequel yet but if it proves to be better than the original, this might be one of the best Wii U games of next year.

Monster Hunter's popularity in Japan is phenomenal but it wouldn't be on the list if it wasn't popular in other regions as well. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an enhanced port of an updated port of an enhanced port but it's a game by Capcom so it's not surprising to see that much revisions. This game is also the last and definitive version of Monster Hunter 3 so if you have to choose one, get this one. What's so great about this game is that it's impossible to complete everything in less than one hundred hours, the game will literally suck your time and it may well take you several hundreds of hours before finally being done with it.

While playing alone is fun, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is meant as a multiplayer game. There are two versions of the game, one on the 3DS and the other on the Wii U. The latter is obviously vastly superior than the former in terms of visual quality but both versions are essentially the same and even allow cross saving and local multiplayer between each other. While the 3DS version has the advantage of portability, the Wii U one has the best visuals and controls. You can also play the game online but only the Wii U version supports it. Some people even plan on buying both versions, they'll play the game on the Wii U when at home then transfer their save on the 3DS version when outside. Personally, I'll stick with the Wii U one only.

This one's actually my second most anticipated Wii U game. We've been waiting for this game for nearly a decade. Pikmin 3 was first planned for the Wii but never saw the light of day. Nintendo kept the game's development secret, releasing not even a single screenshot. The game almost fell into oblivion until Shigeru Miyamoto said in an interview a few years ago that he wanted the next Pikmin game to be in HD. The Wii U wasn't even announced at the time but we knew that Pikmin 3 would be released on the Wii's successor.

The first Pikmin game was a masterpiece of innovation, exactly what we should expect from the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto. The game was the first of its kind and revolved around multitasking. Like other real-time strategy games like StarCraft, you search for resources to spend on the creation of more units, in this case the little creatures called Pikmin, who will in turn help you gather even more resources. Unlike other real-time strategy games, you control a character, Captain Olimar, in a similar fashion to a platforming game instead of a cursor on a map. The Pikmin follow your orders, you can ask them to follow you, beat down a wall, fight an enemy creature or grab resources and bring them back to the base. The Pikmin are very similar to ants, they work the same way and they are of the same size. They can't do much alone but in a group they can be strong enough to pull an apple back to their base.

However, the game wasn't perfect. Many people complained about the time limit. You had 30 in-game days to collect 30 ship parts, failing to do so means that the game is over and that you must start all over. Imagine having to beat Majora's Mask in 30 days instead of 3 and that you can't time travel. It's not unfeasible but it's far from being a game where you can play at your own pace and take the time to explore. Fortunately, the sequel Pikmin 2 allows you to beat the game in any number of days you want. It also added new creatures and bosses, randomly generated dungeons and more items to get. Pikmin 2 was a big improvement over the first Pikmin. However, Pikmin 2 was less centered on multitasking and this turned down some people. Nintendo promised us that Pikmin 3 will involve more multitasking and with the GamePad acting like an overhead map, this will surely allow for more depth.

#4: ZombiU

This one's actually my most anticipated Wii U game. ZombiU is the winner of 12 awards at E3, is Nintendo Power's favorite Wii U's launch title and is said to be the Wii U's killer app according to IGN. Like Rayman Legends, this game is from Ubisoft Montpellier. Despite all the praise it received at E3, the demo suffered from controls that were too sensitive but fortunately the developers fixed that in the final version according to those who played it.

ZombiU is currently the game that uses the Wii U GamePad to its fullest. The game really makes you feel like you're inside it, you can look all around you by doing a 360 with the GamePad in a similar fashion to Face Raiders on the 3DS. The GamePad also serves as your inventory screen in the form of a backpack. The developers made the game more realistic than the average video game by removing a very convenient feature that makes so sense in real life but that we're used to see in video games. You can't pause the game while you're looking at your inventory. Imagine playing Resident Evil 4 and sorting your items in your suitcase with the risk of being attacked. In real life, an angry bear isn't going to wait for you to grab your rifle from your backpack. In ZombiU, a zombie isn't going to wait for you to grab your shotgun from your backpack either. The fact that you have to look away from the television when looking in your backpack also adds to realism.

The developers also took inspiration from Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. Like these games, ZombiU is hard and unforgiving. Unlike Resident Evil who strayed from the survival horror genre, ZombiU embraces it. You can't run and gun and expect to survive. You'll die a lot and each time you do it's your fault. The game isn't over when you die, you actually keep your progress but lose all the skills you acquired as well as all of your gear. When you die, you have to play as another randomly generated survivor and the only way to retrieve your gear is to hunt down your old character now turned into a zombie. ZombiU isn't the kind of game you can breeze through. You'll constantly feel anxiety and tension, just like how a real survival horror game should be.

This is the fourth installment in the New Super Mario Bros. series. When the first one came out for the DS, Mario fans rejoiced to finally see a new 2D Mario platforming game in over a decade. The sequel on the Wii introduced cooperative multiplayer for the first time in a Mario platforming game. Things were looking pretty well until two more games of the same series were announced, New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS and New Super Mario Bros. U for the Wii U. Fans complained that the games looked way too similar to the previous ones and showed little to no improvement. Nintendo used to innovate with the Mario franchise by keeping every new games fresh and new but recently they've started to release sequels after sequels that don't look much different than the last.

It didn't stop New Super Mario Bros. U to be the third most anticipated Wii U game though. If you disregard the fact that the game has the same art style and core gameplay as the previous three games of the series, this game has everything an old school Mario fan can ask for. The connected world map and the baby Yoshis from Super Mario World are back. For the first time the game offers different kinds of challenges for the hardcore gamers and you can even set your own rules and submit them to the Miiverse. There's also a gameplay feature very similar to Murfy in Rayman Legends. A player using the GamePad's touch screen can make blocks or coins appear on the stage to assist or hinder the other player(s). All of these new possibilities add a lot of replay value.

That's right, a game that may not even have its development started is number two. The name alone was enough for people to get hyped about it. All we know about this game is that it will most likely have nothing to do with the tech demo we saw at E3. The tech demo for Zelda 64 was about a blocky brown haired Link who more closely look like the classic one from the eighties fighting against a blocky silver plated knight. It turned out that Ocarina of Time was about a much more graphically detailed blond haired Link fighting detailed skeleton warriors. The tech demo for Zelda on GameCube showed the same art style as Ocarina of Time's but updated with better graphics. The actual game called The Wind Waker turned out to be cartoonish and cel-shaded. The Zelda Wii U tech demo has Twilight Princess's art style but with far better graphics in HD. The next Zelda game to come out on the Wii U will most likely be very different. We'll have to wait and see how it turns out this time.

I'm pretty sure that this is no surprise to anyone, the name alone is enough to generate massive amounts of hype. We still don't know much about it but unlike the previous game on the list, we know that its development have started. Strangely but interestingly, the fourth installment of Super Smash Bros. is being developed by Namco Bandai, more precisely the Tekken Team. Masahiro Sakurai is still directing it but now he's working with a completely different team.

It's no surprise that the Wii U version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 includes exclusive content such as Nintendo costumes. It's only natural considering how the Tekken Team is now closely working with Nintendo. We can also expect Tekken characters and stages to be in Super Smash Bros. 4. Personally, I'm hoping to play as Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia, he's my most requested newcomer and he's owned by Namco Bandai, the company developing Super Smash Bros. 4.

I thank you for reading this top 10 list and I hope that you enjoyed it. I also want to give very special thanks to everyone who participated in my polls, without you this list would have never existed. People have high expectations for these ten games so let's hope that they don't disappoint.

List by Accrovideogames (11/19/2012)

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