"The enemy of my enemy is my friend"

In fictional stories there are always going to be protagonists and antagonists in every form and the story details the strife between them because of opposing viewpoints and goals. However, truer words has never been more spoken than this ancient proverb about radically different individuals or collective bodies collaborating together by mutual agreement or by force to take on a newer enemy which threatens them. They may each have different viewpoints and a cause for them to fight for, but they will find a reason to collaborate together when they see the problem as a problem from their own perspective.

This top ten is dedicated to listing and detailing certain moments when different groups or individuals have collaborated together to save themselves from a much bigger threat despite being the differences between the different sides.

In the Kirby series, King Dedede has almost always been portrayed as the antagonist of the series and Kirby's major rival. However, despite the two of them having that kind of relationship, he is not necessarily evil and in some games he actually sides with Kirby to take on the true antagonist of the game. Kirby's Adventure was the first game in which King Dedede shows that kind of nature.

In Kirby's Adventure, Kirby embarks on a quest to recover the shattered pieces of the Star Rod, an important item which is vital to the function of the Fountain of Dreams, from King Dededee and his cronies. The player must travel through seven different worlds and win back each piece from the final boss within the area.

When Kirby confronts King Dedede and finally defeated him, the story takes a twist and revealed that King Dedede shattered the Star Rod in order to protect Dream Land from Nightmare, a shadowy creature from within the Fountain of Dreams which awakens with the insertion of the Star Rod back in its place. King Dedede even went as far as giving Kirby a boost into the sky so Kirby could finally defeat Nightmare and save Dream Land. Kirby's Adventure was the beginning of the series which it had Kirby collaborating with King Dedede.

King Dedede helping Kirby defeat the true final boss in Kirby' Adventure allows this moment to have an entry in this top ten.

In Bomberman 64, Planet Bomber is under hostile occupation by a powerful and ominous Fortress that descended into the planet with the goal of conquering Planet Bomber. The Fortress came attached with four other shackled planets which were previously conquered by the Fortress, and it is up to Bomberman to visit each of those planets and relinquish them from the Fortress's grasp before he can make his onslaught on the Fortress itself. He is not doing this alone because he allied himself with a mysterious entity named Sirius who is clad in golden armor and helps him on his way by providing him with tips, saving him from various dangers, and also supplies him with power-ups for the final bosses of each world.

Sirius may be a powerful ally of Bomberman throughout the story but his clandestine nature doesn't surface until the player unlocks the hidden world, Rainbow Palace. To access Rainbow Palace, the player must first collect 100 Gold Cards which are dispersed throughout the worlds and then proceed to defeat top commander of the Fortress, Altair, again for the second time. Once Altair has been defeated, the usual scene where Regulus, who is one of Altair's "Masked Trio" commanders, comes to rescue the fallen Altair plays but Sirius shows up during Regulus's flight, knocked him out of the air, absorbed the power of the Omni Cube and then disposed of everyone but Bomberman. It turns out that Sirius had used Bomberman to reclaim the stolen Omni Cube from Altair and then told Bomberman that he had tricked him all this time. For the icing on the betrayal cake, he now plans on destroying Planet Bomber because Bomberman had outlived his usefulness. He then ascends to Rainbow Palace where he waits for the moment to initiate his plan and Bomberman ascends up to Rainbow Palace as well in order to stop Sirius from doing so.

Bomberman makes it through the different areas of Rainbow Palace to go head to head against Sirius in the last area. Once Sirius takes enough damage, he'll appear to stop in mid-air just before the Omni Cube and attempt to draw more power from it. Suddenly, Regulus comes out of nowhere and destroys the Omni Cube that Sirius was using and it greatly infuriated Sirius. Regulus then immediately started fighting on Bomberman's side and together they eradicated Sirius for good. Regulus even escorted Bomberman out of the falling Rainbow Palace and then complimented him on his strength for Regulus and his comrades had barely been able to wrest the Omni Cube from Sirius and he thought that it was remarkable how Bomberman was able to defeat Sirius almost by himself. He flies off, telling Bomberman that one day he'll return to fight him again.

This partnership between Regulus and Bomberman to fight Sirius together makes it onto this Top Ten for being a surprising alliance between Bomberman and one of the former commanders of Altair's Army.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a long running series which often depicts Sonic going against his longtime nemesis, Dr Eggman, when he threatens the world. In Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic encounters a brand new rival who is like a counterpart to him: Shadow. Sonic Adventure 2 features two different POV's in the names of "Hero Story" and "Dark Story" which the player could choose at the beginning but the story ultimately ends the same.

Dr. Eggman discovered that his grandfather had concealed a secret weapon named "the ultimate life form" and when Eggman infiltrated Prison Island in order to search for it, he discovered that the life form was Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow defeated Eggman when Eggman mistaken him for Sonic, and in the aftermath he left Earth to go to Space Colony ARK told Eggman to bring more Chaos Emeralds there. When the two of them met together on the ARK, Shadow explained the purpose of the ARK which is to house the Eclipse Cannon, a powerful weapon that's capable of destroying the world.

With knowledge about the Eclipse Cannon and three more Emeralds on his hands, Eggman broadcasted the power of the Eclipse Cannon to the world by firing it at the moon and destroying half of it. He then sets a timer for 24 hours before he will point it at Earth and eradicate Earth next. Sonic and his friends tracked down the final Emeralds and then proceed to confront Eggman at the Ark. The two parties fought and then when Eggman tried to fire the fully charged Eclipse Cannon, a hidden message plays and revealed ARK was his grandfather's way of exacting revenge upon Earth for his daughter and that Shadow was originally created for good. Everyone on board started working together to stop the collision of ARK, and although Shadow originally disagreed due to his apathy towards humankind, he then recalled his friendship with Maria and reconsidered. It was then that both Sonic and Shadow transformed into their Super forms and then stopped the collision by working together. In the end, Shadow exhausted his power and plummeted to Earth which results in his death, but he was remembered by both sides as a hero.

The collaboration between Sonic and Shadow who were each other's counterparts earned a place within this top ten.

The rivalry between Mario and Bowser is one of the most famous rivalries in the gaming world and their deep rivalry has its roots all the way down to the debut of Bowser himself in the games. They declare each other number one enemies no matter what and the relationship stayed that way as the series transcend from the 8 bit age to the modern age. Although the two of them has always been at each other's throats, there were very rare times when the two rivals have surprisingly collaborated together for the purpose of a greater good. In Super Mario RPG, Bowser and Mario actually became allies for the first time in the series.

At the beginning of Super Mario RPG, Bowser kidnaps Peach yet again and holds her hostage in his Keep to wait for Mario to rescue her. Mario then makes it to his Keep by following Bowser's trail and then proceeded to fight Bowser in a battle which ended up with Mario as the victor. In the aftermath of the battle, however, a gigantic sword named Exor crashes into Bowser's Keep and declared it a property of the Smithy Gang as well as sending Bowser off to another place in the Mushroom Kingdom. The Smithy Gang has plans to control the entirety of the Mushroom Kingdom by eliminating all the wishes of the world as well as producing his weapons to disperse around the Kingdom, and of course Mario isn't going to stand for that.

Mario will meet Bowser again twice throughout the story before Bowser decided to join the party at Booster Tower but reluctantly refused to name Mario and his allies anything other than members of the 'Koopa Troop" and stating that they are working for him instead. Bowser helps Mario out throughout the story such as helping Mario save Peach from Booster at the wedding and is even a part of the final battle when they fight against Smithy himself. After the Castle has been reclaimed from defeating Smithy, he left the group to repair his Keep and once again became an enemy of Mario.

Bowser working with Mario and his allies claims a spot on this top ten for being the first time in the series when it happened despite being longtime rivals.

Team Fortress 2 could be seen from the outside as just a cartoony First Person Shooter with a wacky sense of humor. To the players who play it, however, they know that most of the in game places, characters, and items have a particular background to them which are explained by the developers of the game. One of the most important background information to know about the game is that the two rival companies, BLU and RED, are two subsidiary companies which are each owned by longtime rival brothers who have hired mercenaries to fight on their behalf in order to settle land disputes by force. What the two brothers don't know, however, was that they also had another brother with whom owns a company himself and the events of Mann Vs. Machine is caused by his discovery.

At the death of the two brothers' father, the father left them a will promising them equal property to inherit so that the two brothers would not fight again, and so the brothers declared a stalemate for forty years. However, it was not long in the stalemate that the two competing brothers broke off the truce and resumed fighting, and have been at it since the late 1800's till now in the 1970's where they are kept alive only by the use of a Life Extender Machine which was built by Radigan Conagher due to their own requests to outlast each other in life. In the comic, "Blood Brothers", the brothers Redmond and Blutarch finally meet up together to compromise after the long era of fighting between the two sides and negotiate a plan to create a heir to the family. It was then that the third brother, Gray, who was previously unknown to them revealed himself and explained to them his origins as a baby genius who was abandoned by his father and was rescued by an eagle and cared for by the same eagle until he was strong enough to come back to society. Gray built his empire from the ground up and loathed his two brothers because of how they wasted the money left behind by his father on worthless fighting over barren gravel land which could produce nothing (although Redmond and Blutarch objects by stating that gravel could be used to power steam engines) and then killed his two brothers in cold blood so that he could take over the only redeeming thing left on the plot of land: his father's company, Mann Co.

In the next comic titled "A fate worse than Chess", the eccentric President CEO of Mann Co named Saxton Hale was informed of an upcoming attack by Gray Mann and his army of robots from his subordinate. Saxton Hale immediately rehired the jobless mercenaries from both BLU and RED who were left jobless before by the death of their respective company's CEO's and offers them the chance to retain their jobs if they could fend off the robots who are going to attack Mann Co. In the trailer for Mann Vs. Machine, the two sides could be seen joining together and standing their ground before a horde of Gray Mann's robots. This is the first time that the mercenaries from the two previously competitive companies collaborated in order to fight off the bigger threat which threatens their parent company.

The Mann Vs Machine update makes it on the top ten for having moment where both mercenaries who were previously employed at BLU or RED joins together to fight off Gray Mann and his horde of robots.

Before Gabranth(previously known as Noah) became Judge, him and his twin brother Basch separated when Landis was attacked by the Archadian Empire. Basch joined Dalmasca while Gabranth went to live with his mother in Archadia, her native homeland. He adopted the surname Gabranth in honor of his late mother who passed away and ascended very quickly up the ranks of the Archadian military and eventually became Judge Magister which is a rank reserved for only the most prestigious members of the military. Gabranth works for the Emperor primarily in the gathering and dissemination of information.

In the beginning events of Final Fantasy XII's story, Gabranth personally had a hand in killing King Reminas of Dalmasca while inpersonating his brother Basch because of the orders of Vayne Solidor. As a result, Basch was branded a traitor and then inprisoned for two years under the accusation of regicide. Vaan's brother, Reks, witnessed the whole event but was killed during the scene.
Two years later, Rek's younger brother Vaan happened to become tangled with the affairs of the Dalmascan resistance lead by Ashe at that time and wound up getting locked up in Nalbina along with the Sky Pirate duo Balthier and Fran. The three freed Basch and escaped Nalbina Fortress together through the Barheim Passage. Basch explained the truth about what happened with King Reminas and Gabranth's intentions to strip any resemblance of soverignty from Dalmasca.

It was during the later portions of the game that Gabranth makes a reapparance, and this time he questioned Vayne's ulterior motives which are unknown to the Emperor and the Senate. The Emperor assigned Gabranth to protect Vayne's younger brother, Larsa, in fear that Larsa will soon end up as vicious as Vayne. Vayne, fearing that his chance to become Emperor may be slipping from his grasp, secretly killed his own father, framed the Senators for murder and dissolved the Senate. Judge Drace called Vayne out on his actions and was sentenced to death by him with Gabranth acting as the executioner. With her dying breath, she made Gabranth promise that he'll protect Larsa to which Gabranth agreed before she died.

Fearing that the resistance from Dalmasca will trigger another catastrophic war with Rozzaria, Larsa then pleaded with Vayne to negotiate with Ashe in order to save Archades. Vayne ordered Gabranth to meet her at the very top floor of the Pharos where the Sun Cryst, a resourceful bounty of magickal energy, rests within and he sent Gabranth there because he knows that Ashe will visit it in order to cut a piece off of the Sun Cryst to use for her power. It was there that he confronted Ashe's group and revealed that he was the one who had killed King Reminas, and he strongly urges her to cut the piece of the Sun-Cryst to avenge her country and her father. Ashe thought about it at first but decided against using it for that revenge could do nothing but cause further strife and she wanted peace without resorting to using the Nethicite powers. Gabranth attacked the group but then Cid came to the scene and dismissed Gabranth. Furious, Gabranth tried to strike against Cid but he was thrown against the wall by Venat and then forced to retreat.

Gabranth is encountered again at the near conclusion of the story when the party boards the Sky Fortress Bahumut to take on Vayne. This time, he pleaded to ask Basch about what purpose he still has left after abandoning his homeland and also letting Dalmasca go to ruin, but Basch answered that he still has Ashe to protect and so he lives on even with the shame of failing to be a guardian in the past. After the fight, Basch encouraged his brother to reconsider being loyal to Vayne and join for the sake of Larsa and Gabranth agreed.

When the party started fighting Vayne's second form, Gabranth intervened and declared his treason to Vayne at last. He tried to kill off Vayne with his sword but he was stopped by Vayne and Larsa saved Gabranth from being killed by Vayne as he retaliates. Vaan then took Gabranth's sword and injured Vayne to the extent that he had to transform into the Undying in order to unleash his greatest power. After he has been destroyed in his final form, the Sky Fortress Bahamut started falling and Gabranth made Basch promise that he will look after Larsa. In one of the concluding cutscenes, Basch can be seen staying by Larsa's side. Although Gabranth was originally seen as an enemy and servent of Vayne, the player could witness his change of heart throughout the story and then later on to let go of his past and give his life to protect Larsa, the one person he could truly feel that's worthy of protecting.

Gabranth siding with the party against Vayne during the last battle makes it onto this top ten for Gabranth's change of heart and reconcilating of his past.

Every ten years, the world of Spira is plagued by chaos and destruction by the monstrous entity named "Sin" that prowls around Spira and mercilessly decimates everything in its path. In order to destroy Sin, the citizens of Spira calls for the aid of Summoners who are people who have been given the extraordinary ability to summon powerful creatures named Aeons to battle at their side. The Summoners must complete a Pilgrimage to different temples in order to gain the trust of different Aeons by praying at the Fayth housed within the temples. However, not just any Aeon could kill Sin but only the "Final Aeon" which is the Aeon acquired at the end of the pilgrimage in Zanarkand by sacrificing one of the Summoner's own Guardians with whom he or she has a deep connection to. The Summoner will then fight Sin with the Final Aeon, and if the Summoner succeeds then Spira will enjoy ten years of peace which is known as "The Calm". Of course, this is the traditional way to do it but two parties who are radically different from each other, the Crusaders and the Al Bhed, came together with a new plan to destroy Sin.

In Spira, there's a predominant religion which centers around the teachings of Yevon who was a Summoner who lived in Zanarkand a thousand years ago. The basis of the religion centers on the Final Summon and the forbidden usage of advanced technology known as Machina. The citizens are promised that if they abide by those rules and atone for their sins then they'll be freed from Sin forever. Almost all of the citizens in Spira practices it except for the technologically advanced Al Bhed race. The Al Bhed has a fascination with Spira's technological past and also working with Machina, all of which are practices that are looked down upon by the other Spirans for violation of Yevon's core beliefs. The Crusaders is a group of volunteer fighters who defends Spira from Sin and is commissioned by the city of Bevelle, where it is the home and the stronghold for the religion. The Crusaders are dedicated to fighting Sin and upholding the teachings of Yevon even if it means costing them their lives. Despite the two groups disliking each other, they have joined forces together for Operation Mi'ihen which is a joint operation where they attempt to destroy Sin by using Machina.

The usage of Machina is strictly forbidden and the Church of Yevon did not approve of the Operation which leads to the excommunication of the Crusaders. However, both Maester Seymour and Maester Wen Kinoc who are two high ranking religious leaders still overlooked the operation and lead the Crusaders during the course of the operation. The Operation has been kept quiet and when Yuna's Guardians approached the site where the operation is taking place, Wakka asked why they would do this because of how it is a grave violation of the Yevon teachings. Seymour justified the action of the Al Bhed and the Crusaders collaborating as a means for both parties to finally see the end of Sin. When Wakka protests, Seymour advised him to "pretend not to see them" and then let Yuna and her Guardians in on the objectives. The objective of the operation is to lure in Sin with one of Sin's own Sin Spawn and then use the deployed Machinas to hopefully destroy it when Sin approaches. As the battle starts, the Crusaders and the Al Bhed both peppered Sin with their own weapons but to no success because they only managed to shed Sin's outer layer which in turn caused the ground forces to have to fend off the Sin Spawn that Sin had shed off. Sin eventually overwhelmed and destroyed the entirety of the forces and left the scene with a devastating aftermath for the crestfallen survivors to bear with. Although the operation was a failure, the collaboration between the Al Bhed and Crusaders was unheard of and marked a historical moment in Spiran history.

The forces at Operation Mi'ihen makes it onto this top ten for being a collaboration of two opposing parties, the Al Bhed and the Crusaders, cooperated together for the sake of annihilating Sin.

People who enjoy certain series and/or games from within certain companies often times will enjoy it when inter-series or cross-series characters coming together in a game to do something else for a change. No matter if it's them playing party games, competing through sports, and even beating the living hell out of each other, there's sure to be an audience for at least one of those genres. This top ten entry especially talks about the part where they fight each other in a popular series known as "Super Smash Brothers".

The Super Smash Brothers series now consists of three different titles and the debut game for the N64 brought several key characters from Nintendo's character pool together for the first time to fight across multiple Nintendo themed worlds. There are countless different modes to play from the classic Free for all to the Break the Target modes, the games could be fun for anyone who likes any Nintendo fan or even any gamer in general. The cast grew over time as the series evolved and featured numerous representatives from a myriad of different series and gives each respective character move sets which is reminisce to the character's abilities or features from their own game or series. For the sake of this top ten, however, I will be talking about the Team Battle mode in particular where different sized teams could form to take on other teams based on a 2vs 2 or 1 vs. 3 format. What's special about this is how you could make a team out of anyone and even the most unlikely team members who could be established rivals from their own respective games. You could have Mario teaming up with Bowser to take on Link and Ganondorf as an example and so many more crazy combinations which you will possibly never see before in their games.

What the series did noticeably for the topic of this top ten was also the inclusion of the "Subspace Emissary" in Brawl which is an Adventure Mode feature with a full length story. The Subspace Emissary allows the player to control different characters with their own POV's at different times, and have them fight or ally themselves with other characters as they continued the adventure.

The story is set in two different worlds: the Earth like "World of Trophies" and the dark "Subspace" world. The master of the Subspace, Tabuu, manipulated Master Hand in order to use its power to control the denizens of the World of Trophies in order to assimilate the World of Trophies into his own. Tabuu also extracted "Shadow Bugs" from Mr. Game and Watch in order to assemble his own Subspace Army of which he took to the Isle of Ancients to conquer the R.O.B's who resides there and also used them to create a personal powerful weapon named "Dark Cannons" which has the ability to transform the Smashers into trophy replicas of their former selves, and "Subspace Bombs" which are weapons that Tabbuu could use to engulf portions of the world into the Subspace. Tabuu then sent out Master Hand as a recruiter and recruited familiar antagonists of the Nintendo series who loathed their rivals, but in particular gave Ganondorf, Bowser and Wario the title of commanders and also gave them their own Dark Cannons. However, King Dedede fears of the abuse of Dark Cannons and he created Dedede brooches which could have the power to revert any Smasher who became a trophy from the Dark Cannons.

The Subspace invasion campaign begins at the Midair Stadium where Mario faces off against Kirby. The Subspace Army invaded mid-battle and effectively consumed the Stadium with the Subspace Bombs, allowing Tabuu to claim that area of land as the Subspace. The next few chapters explores the POV of other characters as their worlds also are currently being invaded by the Subspace Army and details their alliance with other Smashers found in those areas. The commanders in these chapters also attempted to capture the Smashers into trophies. King Dedede also attempted to reclaim the trophies in order to use the brooch on them, but he was stopped by alliance of different Smashers who allied themselves because of each wanting to win their trophied friends back.

The Smashers continued to recruit and fight their way through the Subspace Army infested worlds when they finally reached the Halberd, Meta Knight's personal ship which was taken by Tabuu. It was then that they discovered the cause of the Shadow Bugs and how they created Shadow copies of every one and they defeated the clones to free the captured Mr. Game and Watch and added him to the roster of allies. At the same time, the infiltration of the Subspace Bomb Factory lead to the recruitment of R.O.B and also freed the R.O.B's as a whole from enslavement. However, the factory was swallowed by the Subspace as the bombs from within all detonated simultaneously with the Smashers barely being able to escape with their lives. The newly created Subspace rift opened a large enough wound in the World of Trophies which allowed the Subspace Army's trump card, the massive Subspace Gunship, to pass through and be operational within the World of Trophies. The Gunship tried to eliminate the Smashers as they were in flight while battling the Gunship, and Kirby's Dragoon ultimately ended the Gunship as it crashed into it. In the aftermath, the antagonist commanders were dumbfounded to discover that it wasn't all of Master Hand's doing after all, but rather Master Hand was being manipulatd by Tabuu all this time. When the Smashers discovered Tabuu as well, it was then too late to confront him as he turned each Smasher into trophies and extensively consumed the World of Trophies as well.

However, a miracle occurred as Kirby, who have swallowed DeeDeeDee's brooch from before, was able to revive himself from trophification. Ness and Luigi were also able to revive themselves and also revived King Deedeedee in kind as they discovered Deedeedee's true intention of using the brooch to revive other trophified Smashers. Each and every Smasher was revived, including the long hated antagonists, and the Smashers all set out to venture through the Subspace Labyrinth of which Tabuu constructed and to fight their Shadow selves. The Smashers will eventually be faced off with Tabuu, and thanks to Sonic's ability to destroy Tabuu's trophification prowless, the Smashers finally destroyed Tabuu and restored the World of Trophies to normal.

The team matches feature in the Super Smash Brothers series as well as the Subspace Emissary which has everyone which are familiar characters in various Nintendo series working together against Tabuu allowed this top ten to be on the list.

Starcraft is a real time strategy game which became a classic in the genre over time. The original Starcraft along with Brood War has been played since the series' debut back in the late 90's and became a prominent game to be featured in game tournaments and a favorite of many players worldwide. Although Starcraft is known for its strategic gameplay elements, Starcraft's campaigns have been interesting as well. The campaign feature the politics of the three races: Terrans, Zerg and Protoss as they go through countless strifes and ordeals with constant wars against each other or among themselves and the player is able to participate in the affairs him/herself as a represenative of a faction who seeks to satisfy its own objectives and interests There has been many memorable moments from the campaign, but perhaps one of the most memorable was Tassadar and his sacrifice to destroy the Overmind at the end of the third episode in the original Starcraft.

The entirety of the campaign is divided by three episodes and each has the POV of different factions which are of a specific race. The first episode detailed the Terran rebellion carried out by the rebel group named the Sons of Korhal as they exact revenge on the Confederate. The second episode has the player take control of a new Cerebrate, the sub commanders of the Zerg legion, to convert a captured Terran Ghost unit named Sarah Kerrigan into a Zerg in order to use her abilities to fight against the Protoss which the Zerg succeeded and also started the invasion of the Protoss home of Aiur.

At the beginning of the third episode, the Protoss' home of Aiur has been invaded at last by the inevitable Zerg Army which is controlled by the all-powerful omniscient Overmind. As the Protoss struggled to maintain their race's safety and perserve their planet, the Conclave, the Protoss's established ruling body, appointed a new commander named Artanis who is supposed to replace Tassadar as executor after Tassadar's absence. Tassadar has learned from the Dark Templars, a separate Protoss tribe which has been segregated from the Protoss society because of their refusal to accept the Protoss' Khala religion, that the Zerg's chain of command extends down to the Cerebrates who leads the Zerg directly and if the Cerebrates were to fall so will the Zerg underlings who have followed them. Tassadar revealed the reason for his leave and to explain what the Dark Templar told him. A plan was created which was that they will attack the Cerebrate near Antioch and hopefully severe the connection between the Cerebrate and its underlings. The plan succeeded in killing the Cerebrate but the Cerebrate was revived after supposedly been slain and the Consulate dubbed Tassadar for being a traitor because they believed that Tassadar lied to them. The Conclave dispatched Artanis and Aldaris to search and arrest Tassadar to stand on trial for treason.

When Artanis and Aldaris found Tassadar at Char while Tassadar has sided with the Terrans, Tassadar was surprised that the Conclave would go out of their way to arrest him even when the war against the Zerg is going on and Aldaris, a strict believe in the Khala, was equally surprised to find Tassadar working with Terrans. Tassadar explained to them that the only way to permanently execute the Cerebrates was through the powers of the lost Dark Templar, Zeratul, who had eliminated a Zerg Cerebrate named Zasz before in the previous episode. Tassadar and his allies now found Zeratul and his Dark Templars and convinced them to come back to Aiur despite not being welcomed there. At the return of Tassadar, the Dark Templars, and the Terrans, the Conclave set out every means possible to arrest Tassadar. Tassadar at last willing allowed himself to be arrested when a plan to attack and stop the Conclave brought him distress at seeing Protoss fighting each other. Tassadar was freed by his allies and with the return of Zeratul, the Conclave was convinced at last to join in on the effort.

The entire allied forces decided to destroy the Overmind and effectively destroy the Zergs once and for all. They set out to kill individual Cerebrates and weakened the Overmind enough to finally launch an assault on the Overmind. During the course of the battle, Tassadar bravely sacrificed himself by concentrating the energies of the Dark Templars and the Templar Caste through the super Carrier ship, the Gantrithor. The Gantrithor crashed into the Overmind itself and effectively exterminated the Overmind before the Overmind could escape. Although the now leaderless Zerg swarm still runs rampant across Aiur, it was the breathtaking moment of partnership between different factions to attempt and destroy the Zerg cluster.

The collaboration between the two different protoss factions and also the Terran faction makes it on the top ten for its historical significance in the timeline where they allied together to defeat the Zerg overmind.

The stories of both Path of Radiance and Radiant Pawn featured political strive and massive war between different nations on the continent of Tellius. Radiant Dawn, however, forced some of those nations to collaborate together in order to take on a newer and much more powerful enemy which threatened the very existance of life on Tellius.

Radiant Dawn is divided into four parts and each part details the story from a different POV. In part one, the POV focuses on the Daein liberation from Begnion with the help of the Dawn Brigade which stars one of the main characters, Micaiah, a silver haired young woman who could foresee the future. Part two focuses on the POV of Queen Elincia of Crimea as she struggled to control her people and fight against a rebellion meant to overthrow her.

Part three is where the major events and the bulk of the game's story starts to unfold. Part 3 starts off at first with the Laguez Alliance along with the Greil Mercenaries going to war against Begnion for the revelation about what happened at Serenes Forest back in Path of Radiance when it was revealed that the Senate had a hand in destroying the sacred Heron clan and its home. At the beginning of the war, Titania gave a grave foreshadowing of the story by worrying about Leharn's Medalion which acts as a sealed monument for a Dark God, and as war fuels the Medallion's eerie blue flame to burn brighter it will eventually break and unleash the Dark God as a result.
The Alliance was advancing through the battlegrounds of Begnion when the war took a twist as Begnion lead a counterattack against Gallia after the Alliance failed to break into Begnion through the Ribahn River. The invasion by Begnion also dragged in Crimea because the Begnion Army demanded a safe passage through Crimea and also Daein was forced to side with Begnion because Daein was discovered to be under a Blood Pact with Begnion. When Sanaki, the Empress of Begnion, appeared again after a hiatus the Begnion Senators are called out for their intention to usurp her and Begnion became divided into either siding with the Empress or siding with the Senators. Sanaki then forged a new alliance with the Laguez leaders, Ike, and Elincia, to take on Daein and planned on eradicating Daein's Army first before approaching Begnion again to deal with the Senators.

During the invasion of Daein by Sanaki's Alliance, Daein was discovered to only have sided with Begnion because of the Blood Pact's secretly malicious agreement from the Senator to Prince Pelleas of Daein which states that if Daein fails to comply with Begnion's orders then the people of Daein will be exterminated each day until Daein is gone. When the two opposing forces of Sanaki's Alliance and the Daein Army finally arrives at a decisive battling point where they are fighting each other for the last time, Leharn's Medellion gives the ominous appearance of reaching the climax of the breaking point by glowing more radiantly than before as the war continues and people died. Micaiah was eventually summoned mid battle by a mysterious voice who made her sing the Galdr of release to prevent the appearance of the Dark God and in turn, Ashera, the Goddess of Order and Balance woke up in the midst of her thousand year slumber. Ashera had been promised that the world will not fight for a thousand years during her sleep and now that the promise has been broken by the war, she exacts punishment on the world by preparing for judgment day. Strange enough, there was no "Dark God" and instead Ashera's counterpart, Yune the Goddess of Chaos and Freedom, possessed Micaiah upon her singing the Galdr of Release and used her as a vessel to communicate to the others in the material world. After the possession and self-introduction, Yune then advised each faction to collaborate together and head to the Guiding Tower in Begnion in order to take on Ashera. Each faction then agreed to cease fighting between them and split into three separate armies which the members in each army could be of the player's choice.

Part four details each faction's journey to the Guiding Tower and the ordeals they endured to fight the Senate's own army, the newly formed "Disciples of Order". Finally, they all arrived at the foot of the Tower where they melted into one massive collective group to select a few members to ascend and take on the Tower. Many events happened as they ascended up the Tower: the Blood Pact was finally destroyed, Ike executed the Black Knight at last in a final monumental battle, Sephiran and the Dragon King sided with Ashera to take on the ascending members, and finally Ashera was taken down by Ike with the Ragnell which was infused with Yune's power. In the conclusion of the game, everyone part ways and peace finally was achieved through the accomplishment of collaboration between members of different factions together to destroy Ashera.

Overall, each nation from Tellius has been represented through the wars fought in both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn with at least one member or a faction from within the nation as participants, but Radiant Dawn was the time when Tellius finally had achieved unity through the appearance of a world threatening menance. The collaboration between many characters representing each group which were previously enemies allows this game to have a spot on the top ten.

People have always found a reason to cause conflict because of the different viewpoints of others. As we believe that we ourselves are the only self-righteous ones at times and that in turn often made us turn our backs on what we have similar with others. When we recognize the different approaches to the same problem and pursue the answer together, it is amazing what we could all do if we collaborate even once in a while.

Thank you for reading my top ten. If you happen to have any comments or suggestions then please contact me through the PM system or find me on the boards.

List by highwind07 (11/21/2012)

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