The Internet has always been a place where interests or ideas can become anything they wanted to be. It's no surprise that Video Games have been a way to increase this source of attention and sometimes for wrong reason. This is a Top Ten list of Internet Sensations that have found themselves into video games.

It's an interesting list because almost everyone you would know uses the Internet in this day of age and it's been one of the more interesting way that people have created video games due to it's nature, hence why I created such a list.

I just want to say that this was a hard list to find titles for, Thanks to a few member here on GameFAQs forums whom helped contributed to this list. I wouldn't of been able to complete this list without those contributions.

To make the list, the entries must have:

1) Had alot of attention from big organization, community or with massive amount of views using the Internet

2) Much have reached people using the internet in a directed, peer to peer way to have influenced in popularity

3) The entries must start out from any other medium other then video games. Books, movies, sound files, whatever! So long as it's not another video game or started out as any game, then it makes the list.

The Blair Witch Project was written and directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez. A bunch of Independent Film Makers that used the Internet to make ploys to make the movie successful. Being the Blair Witch, they used the internet to set up a website which told a story to what the Blair Witch was.

This film was an infamous internet sensations (and a really annoying one), because it attracted many viewers who actually thought that a group of teenagers were really missing for it to be real and which there were video footage which the 'police' uploaded onto a website has if it were an urban legend despite being a marketing poly. Today, Internet users call possibly call this 'trolling'.

Viewers had to go to the cinema to watch the rest of the movie.

The movie went to take in hundred of millions at the box office and spawn a number of spin-offs however it's infamous success and a certain role affected one of the actresses and her career has she was having trouble finding employment, which allows her to spawn her own success in writing books because of the movie.

The popularity of the franchise was able to spawned three adventure video games for the PC.

It's entry makes the other entities worth reading because of the way the directors used the Internet to sell this idea to make this movie popular. I also have to add that they don't work in Hollywood studios on big blockbuster movies like rag to riches moviemaker Kevin Smith did despite the release of this movie. So they definitely make number 10 of the list.

Again, it could be easy be called 'Trolling', maybe that's possibly why a second movie wasn't spawned!

You better believe it! I strongly believe that this entity plausible and with strong reason.

During 1995, With the release of Windows 95, the internet was available to the wider public to anyone who owned a computer in their homes or their offices and with 56k modem speeds, it allow a strong and dedicated group with their wild imaginations wrote fan fictions and published them online. Some of them being cross overs of licensed characters from the bigger companies of comic books and .

However looking for inspiration, Capcom looked on the internet and found which way the wind was blowing and quickly teamed up with Marvel to produce X Men vs Street Fighter for the arcade, which was later ported onto the Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn.

Capcom already had the assets to make an X-Men fighting game, as they had already made that game which got released in 1996 (keeping in mind that Windows 95 was released the year before), which saw it's popularity in Japan. followed by X-Men vs Street Fighter (1998) and then Marvel vs Capcom (1999).

Coincidence? The release of Windows 95 did what it did. it allowed users to easily connect onto the internet and type and posted anything they wanted. With website developers already ready to take care of stories from home users. Fan Fiction websites must of allowed it to be easy to write anything and upload it to capture someone's interest.

It's plausible to feature this on the list and it makes some sense considering that the date are close together!

Do developers still turn to the Internet for inspiration today? Of course they do however today, they're beginning to hate us for it.

With Capcom's title 'Remember Me' being advertised thought out the Internet heavily, it makes you think where Capcom got most of their inspirations from to even make games compared to other companies and what they want to leave behind.

It's no surprise that a indie game like Street Fighter X Mega Man is a complete independent Indie title which was created by one guy and manages to be popular for it to be published by Capcom!

Capcom seem to have there way and they're not telling anyone. Maybe something to find out on your own. It goes to show the power of the internet companies are making out of it.

This isn't higher on the list because there alot more stronger titles (despite it's whole library of crossover games over the years) and no company wants to speak up, so it doesn't be higher on the list and no one else is claiming it. Capcom doesn't want to claim this spot to feature it higher on the list!

Miku Hatsume was the persona for the audio software Vocaloid in Japan from the software audio group. It attracted alot of attention with the usage of the software. So much so that the mascot herself has become popular on her own in Japan. Much so that Yu Higuchi produced and released a freeware titled MikuMikuDance, which allows a user to import 3D models and animation to make movies. Originally produced for Hatsune Miku, the program itself went thru alot of upgrades during it's freeware and helped with the success of Miku Hatsune.

It gained so much attention that Sega decided to make a title with Miku Hatsune featured in a form of a music rhythm game, they produced the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva for the Playstation 3.

Miku has also found herself to appear in many other video games in a form of cameo appearances.

South Park started out as animated shorts by some college grad students that made short cartoons after their college years, in 1995. They uploaded the animations which soon became really popular aswell as bootleg VHS tapes. Even thou they weren't techies, they managed to captured an audience, with the help of the internet, it quickly became popular and a sensation.

The popularity of the animation was later noticed and picked up by a television company to be produced into a full length television show and has continued it success then which allows it to add more depth and content over the years to tell it's story.

Having as much depth as the season of shows continued, it later had enough depth to become a video game over the years. The first of which was for the Nintendo 64, released at the end of 1998 and countless other games made on other system.

Happy Tree Friends which feature really interesting and cutie characters who end up getting into supernatural death accidents. was one of the most shared and entertaining shows to be released on the Internet. Which started in 1999, by an animation production company with the help of the Flash player by Mondo Mini Clips, it went on to become very popular to have DVDs to be produced and even episodes to be featured on television networks.

It didn't shop there as an action-adventure game 'Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm' was created for the X-Box Live Arcade which was developed by Stainless Games and published by Sega, Mondo Media and Media Blasters.

Entry Contributed by Yusak_william

A web-comic based series, Penny Arcade were a professional team drawing up and publishing comics onto the Internet since 1998, making the download on people's 56k worth while. Their popularity still continues and also of companies are taking notice of their success. Penny Arcade are one of the most popular and longest web based comics online to date.

So popular that they've managed to produce a video game trilogy, "Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness", which have been made widely on the PC, Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

Entry contributed by Nodetails and FreshFeeling

In 1997, what started out as a noise of an internal combustion engine produced by a 17-year-old Daniel Malmedahl quickly grew into a popular culture icon over the years.

The sound was picked up by television shows, shared on file sharing websites and presented on a website titled 'The Insantity Test', which featured a Formula 1 vehicle.

In 2003, Erik Wernquist encountered the sound and produced a character and animation in 3D along with the sound. Putting it onto it's website and word got around, which eventfully got to Daniel, which contacted him about the history of the sound, which Erik credited for.

This later became the foundation to what has become Crazy Frog. It was attracting enough attention to be picked up by German company Jamba and was sold as a ringtone with an aggressive ad campaign during the early 2000s featuring a bizarre looking frog and it continues it's success.

Enough success to be formed into music on CDs and later to video games on the PS2 and PC in 2005 and to have a sequel of it too which turned out not to be well deserved.

How did this game have a sequel on the PS2? How did this sound effect become much to be popular that doens't lie to becoming annoying, so annoying that it manages to get video games which were commercially successful despite being a poor received racer?

On an interesting note, the creator of the sound and the Crazy Frog character, just happened to be both Swedish.

This entry did inspired me to do this list, being a sound of an engine to 'drive' me to type up this list to quickly place it, I'm not going to give Crazy Frog to be on the number one spot thou, because being a gamer, I don't like the idea of it being nicknamed 'The Annoying Thing' to be number 1 on a gaming list and thankfully the users here on GameFAQ got me up to speed on other titles which I thought deserved the following position.

The Slender Man (or Slanderman) is a mythical creature often depicted as a tall, thin figure wearing a black suit and a blank face. According to the legend, he can stretch or shorten his arms at will and has tentacle-like appendages protruding from his back.

Started in 2009, it quickly spread on various message boards and website community and quickly became to be known as one of the most popular horrific meme on it's time. So popular that managed to be made into a full 3D video game for the iOS.

This meme seem to be mocking the Blair Witch Project. it's a wonderful take to make a video game allowing the player to survive the horror which all started out by a much of movie makers who trolled the viewers back in the year 2000.

So popular that someone made Slender Girl. A female version of the horror of this entry among as many variations as many people can create which seems to be popular.

This entry was contributed by MatLShini

This meme went thru the same process as much of the meme featured on this list. It started out as a GIF of a pixel art cat uploaded by Christopher Torres, who made the GIF inspired by his cat. It was soon dumped onto the Internet and picked up by someone who made a video mixed in and uploaded onto video sharing website Youtube, uploaded in 2011.

The strong interest is the song, which was remixed by a woman in Japan and uploaded on some Japanese website, which seem to have taken the interest of the user to remix the video. Due to the music saying 'nyan', which is the Japanese way of a cat saying 'Meow', it's been called Nyan Cat ever since which the creator just happened to like too accept.

A video which quickly became viral, which started out as a pixel art and sender e-card to someone kid. It grew so popular that it became viral and found it way into video game mods.

Someone taken the time to develop and release an official game called Nyan Cat Adverture on the Xbox Live Arcade and iOS. Like the viral video, this game pretty much is aimmed at everyone (expect people will epilepsy) with it's colorful visuals and cutie audio topped with a pixel art look to challenge anyone imagination. Making you wonder if Nyan Cat should be an officially licensed toy.

Nyan Cat Adventure may went thru the same contribution processes like the Crazy Frog however due to it's super fast viral success and popularity by viewers like yourself with no forms of trolling like the Blair Witch Project team or powered by a big company with loads of money, it deserves to take number one on this list!

Look at that cover of the game, it's someone GIF file!

Entry contributed by Grendel Prime and Chaos_Missile!

A worthy mention:

Little Gamer - The same thing like Penny Arcade. A web-comic started in the late 2000 that made a game in 2008 on the Xbox 360. Contributed by FreshFeeling

It's interesting how a small idea that be so catchy to be made into a really big huge yet playable idea! What started out as big corporate companies that used the Internet to get their message across to be a success to individuals who were unaware that they ideas became strong successes to have become a video game.

From this list and the way it's explains it's titles, the next generation of games with the help of the internet could belong to someone fully unaware that they have the power to make the big generation of video games in the future. It makes you wonder who it's going to be!

Thank you for reading, special thanks those who contributed and posted in the top 10 list forums to make this list.

List by 91210user (01/11/2013)

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