We all know that movie games and gam­e movies hardly present good results. Most of the time, third-party companies will only shell out for the bare minimal of what you would call a video game and charge you 50 or 60 bucks for it; it's a complete rip-off. Likewise, I think there is one other video game type out there that doesnít seem to give us gamers positive results as it should and that would be TV show games. Itís easy to see why; TV shows donít make as much money as movies, nor would gamers ever expect good TV show games in the first place, so why even bother for quality.

Still, every once in a while, there are top rated video game companies who do give a crap and use their top creative minds to create something interesting for us gamers. In fact, some of the games that I have listed on this Top Ten TV Show Video Games list are games that I feel are so good that I would easily place them on any future top ten lists. So, put down the TV remote and sit back, relax and enjoy another Top Ten presented by me, BimmyandJimmy.

PS: Just a warning, this will be a relatively Nintendo heavy list, no matter how hard I tried to distill it with other console or PC games, but because Nintendo was known for having all the really good TV show games, then you'll have to just accept it, so sorry.

Letís start out the list right with the Looney Tunes. Founded back in the 1930s, the Looney Tunes are cartoon legends and have influenced more artists around the world with their level of humor and design. The Looney Tunes have been in movies, have a long line of merchandise, have had many spin-off shows, such as Tiny Toon Adventures, and, of course, a long list of video games, most of which have either aged quite well or not at all.

Sheep Raiders is one of the best, and not just in terms of Looney Tune games; it is one of the most original platforming games around with its implication of stealth and comedic elements. Unlike many other Looney Tune games which focus mostly on the main characters such as Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck, this game focuses more on Wile E. Coyoteís clone character Ralph E. Wolf and Sam Sheepdog, a pair know for having a 'friendly' rivalry so to say. If you've watch the cartoon, then it's easy to see where the stealth aspects come in; you are trying to steal the sheep without waking up and getting caught by Sam. Like all good platformers, the game has many challenging puzzles and lots of action. This game, I guarantee, will keep you around with its tricky gameplay and interesting storyline and gags.

Ah, what kid just doesnít love a good animated show? It's really the only type of medium out there where producers can get away with intense slapstick and still make a PG rating. That was until the 1990s showed up and everything became a bit more hardcore, a bit more 'on the edge' so to say. Cartoon shows werenít about being cute anymore, they became vial, disgusting and downright disrespectful. By today's standards though, such shows like South Park and Beavis and Butthead have now become pretty tame since the explosive popularity of the internet and it's desensitize nature it has rained down on us. For nostalgic purposes however, these shows will forever have a place in our lives that we wonít ever get again.

The only thing that sucked about these shows back in the day, however, were the lack of good video games. Take South Park; their games back in the 64 bit console era sucked. The only good game about a cartoon geared towards teens that ever came out was Beavis and Butthead in Virtual Stupidity and that's because it's the only game that didnít seem to screw up the simple rule of just giving us most of the characters from the show and give it good controls and fun gameplay (that and a few music videos to sort of sweeten the deal, especially when you include Primus's DMV song). I guess the only problem that this game has nowadays is that the only way to play it is to either install it on an old dusty computer with Windows 95 or 98 loaded on it, and really how many of these types of machines are hanging around people's houses nowadays, or to use a DOS emulator and being able to understand how it works, which is really a pain in the ass.

One of the longest syndicated cartoon characters around the world, if you haven't heard of Popeye, there's no excuse. For god's sake, the guyís been in newspapers, movies, TV shows and, of course. a video game on the Nintendo, but not just any ordinary video game. His game was one of the first games ever released on the NES or Famicom as it's known in Japan, and for a first generation NES game, it was clearly one of the best right next to games like Mappy or Ice Climbers.

Popeye the game is pretty much what you would expect from a first generation, arcade style platforming game; not a lot of color, the game is relatively short (each round has only three levels before it repeats), but addicting and fun? Oh hell ya. How many other video game characters do you know who have spinach for a power up? No one but Popeye; he is just that bad ass.

You know, I think I'm cheating when I put the X-men on a list about TV show video games since, after all, they started out as a graphic novel back in the 60s, but because the comic syndicated an exceptional cartoon back in the early 90s and spawned an exceptional video game called X-men 2: Clone Wars, then it's a no brainier why this wouldnít appear on this list.

Like any good series, the X-men games hit a few snags early on with game like Uncanny X-men for the NES, created by the masters of unbearable, joyless games, LJN. Complete with dismal graphics, glitchy gameplay and a number of other problems, it was the bottom threshold level that future game developers tried to stay on top of. On the flip side, every problem that the early games had are instead reversed with the later ones. Great graphics, a storyline that follows the TV show, an endless supply of characters and of course, gameplay that you can pick up and play right away.

Chip 'n Dale are, without a doubt, one of the greatest pair of characters that Disney has ever though of. Actually no, Chip 'n Dale are one of the best comedic pairs ever created in history, right next to the Three Stooges and Abbott and Costello. These two have given me so much joy when I watched their Disney cartoons when I was a kid, and I absolutely loved their Cartoon show Rescue Rangers (almost as much as I loved the Power Rangers). The only unfortunate thing was that I never owned their game on the NES as a kid and why? Well I donít know, I'm an idiot and I really should have. Rescue Rangers the game is one of Capcom's finest cartoon based video games that they have ever made. Not only did they manage to include a lot of the characters from the show into one cartridge, they even gave you the ability to let you control both Chip and Dale at the same time in a co-op two player mode, a feature that all great NES games, such as Contra, share.

Ok I'll be honest with you; I never really watched this show as a kid growing up. It's not because it was bad or anything, it was just inconveniently out of my TV viewing schedule I had back in the 90s, but from what I've gathered, many praise the Adventures of Batman & Robin as one of the most well written, well animated cartoon shows ever made, complete with a grade A cast of voice actors and a dark, noir kind of atmosphere.

Likewise, the video games for this show, from what I have experienced, are some of the most intense pieces of side scrolling action that you will ever find in the mid-90s. Now, just because I had to pick one game out of all the Batman and Robin games doesnít mean that the others are bad (mostly it proves that Iím really nothing more than an obvious Nintendo fan boy). The Sega Genesis version of this game has more of a faster pace, run and gun style of gameplay and is often cited as the hardest of the Batman and Robin games, as well as one of the more graphically advance games for the console. The Super Nintendo version, however, stuck to the animated series more so, adding more characters and settings found in the show, and had some really creative boss fights to boot. Then again, it's Konami, so I'm not really all that surprised why this version has this level of detail.

Once again, I really must express that Capcom never ceases to amaze me when it came to their contributions on the NES. Megaman, Bionic Commando, these are a few of the quality games that they have under their name. Even their TV based video games, such as, like I mentioned above, Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers and, most importantly, Duck Tales, are some of the best on the console, and creating a great TV show based video game isnít easy compared to an original game. Think about it, to make a good TV show based game, you need to include everything that fans consider important to the series such as characters, locations etc., and still remember to give it the whole package, such as amazing gameplay, graphics and replay value...and Duck Tales managed to surpass all of this criteria.

Letís face it, when you have a TV show that has been on the air for more than twenty years, chances are that at some point during the show's syndication that you are bound to have a video game or two made around it. The Simpsons have a ton of video games out there on almost every single console ever made. The only problem is that most of them suck ass, all suffering from the most obvious of problems all bad games have: broken controls and boring gameplay. Luckily, every once in a while they got a good game such as Hit and Run, incorporating a GTA style of gameplay that was mediocre at best, and of course, one of the best beat em up arcade games ever created by man, The Simpsons arcade game. Why is this game so damn good? Well I could go into detail, but it's easier if I stick to one vital word: Konami. Yep, that one word pretty much sums up why the game is just that damn good.

Ok, I'm kind of cheating again but this is the last time I do so (man what a cheap list I've made so far). Like the X-Men, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actually started out as a graphic novel back in the mid-80s before they made the jump to the small screen, but because mostly every single kid remembered both the TV show and the movies more than anything else, then it just seems fit that the turtles would appear on this list. Besides, why dispute any chance that you can get them on a top ten list of any topic?

Out of a sea of TMNT games out there, it's hard to pick just one because, and including the infamous first NES game that we all know about, they're all just so damn good, but the first game that instantly came to my mind before any other was Turtles in Time, the fourth game in this series of video games. Sure, the other NES beat em up style games were fun too and offer up a nice challenge, but TiT took that formula, made if faster and added more graphical effects, making the turtle games that much better.

Oh hell ya, I absolutely freakin' love this game, ever since I was a little ten-year old kid back in the YEAR 2000! and by god what an amazing time it was for wrestling. Ah yes, it just seems like yesterday when The Rock, Undertaker, Kane or, hell, just about any of the big name wrestlers were all battling against the McMahon-Helmsley Faction for the WWF Heavyweight Championship, or the feud between Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit over the Intercontinental Championship and sprouted one of the best ladder matches right beside the TLC match between Edge & Christian, The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz at Wrestlmania 2000...oh, and May Young gave birth to a hand...which was pretty stupid, but not as stupid as the WCW was at the time (You can blame Vince Russo for that).

This game borrowed everything of what made the WWF great at that time: all the wrestlers, all the stories lines and feuds, amazing gameplay, one of the best, if not THE best, CAW mode in any wrestling game....this game had it all PLUS a ladder match option. Today, there are a ton of wrestling games out there that it's easy to look past how amazing this game was for its time. To give you a brief synopsis, before this game and Wrestmania 2000, wrestling games were horrible (thanks LGN and Acclaim) and nobody gave two sh**s about the genera until the turn of the millennium. Thanks to AKI corp. and their innovative wrestling system that they used in games like Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 over in Japan (arguably the best wrestling game ever created), then it's no wonder why people wouldn't have loved this game, and we still do even to this day.

Well, those are what I would consider the best of the best when it comes to TV show video games. I know I left out a lot of old school classics and a lot of modern-day TV show based video games, but at this point in time, I can't think of anything else either than, you know, game show games, so if I missed anything, feel free to mail me some suggestions (oh and, of course, some praise would be nice as well). So, in a typical stock fashion, I'll end this top ten with a lame ass last line like, oh I donít know, what havenít I used before...oh, how about keep your TV screen lit with both video games and shows? Sure, why not, that works.

List by BimmyandJimmy (02/25/2013)

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