So just for fun and some thought about the subject, I'm decided to make a top 10 list of most disappointing Pokemon of all time. I'll also be making a top 10 most surprisingly awesome Pokemon of all time shortly after.
Small disclaimer:
While most of these choices are all around just disappointing as crap, some are based off of competitive use (or lack thereof), and personal experiences. They won't make up the entire decision, but do play a part.


Now it's no surprise that this guy is on the list. When 5th gen starters were first revealed, Tepig was the favorite, as for some reason Oshawott was really hated on when their concepts were first revealed. (Mostly because it looked like a piplup ripoff. Though that changed pretty quickly). But he was pretty well liked. Mostly because a fire pig Pokemon had lots of cool puns, and potential to be a cool and unique Pokemon.

Then everything changed when the fire na- starter trend continued. There was NO reason to make Tepig into a fire/fighting type, and NOBODY wanted him to end up that way. When we first saw the evolutions, there was lots of denial. Oh it'll be Fire/Dark. Right? RIGHT?! Nope. Fire/Fighting.

Not to mention this thing's stats are just weird. High Attack and HP, and pretty good Sp. A. Then everything else is ENTIRELY trash. It takes the entire point out of high HP and high mixed attacks if you're horribly slow, with gross defenses. It's like a poor man's Infernape.

It's move pool was actually pretty good, but holy crap Nintendo. What were you thinking.

I'm not sure how common my opinion is, but Regice is my favorite of the Regis. Just something about his design makes him unique. Maybe because he looks the coolest. (Oh god the ice puns make it stop). Well the thing about Regice is that he was actually REALLY (ice)solid in Ruby/Sapphire. He was the best special wall in the game, had decent special attack and the great combo of Ice beam/Thunderbolt. But the biggest problem was how FAST he plummeted into obscurity.

He got so bad and so quick that it was crazy that such a thing was possible, it was almost like Nintendo was out to get the poor dude. First Blissey came along in FR/LG, outclassing him as a special wall with a MUCH better defensive typing. (Ice is really bad, with only 1 resistance, and a HEAP of common weaknesses. Rock/Steel/Fighting/Fire). Not only that, but unlike Regice, she had reliable recovery and much better HP to go with it.

But that was just one problem. Then came generation four, which brought the biggest change in Pokemon ever. Stealth Rock. Now it's not actually used that often in the casual game, so let me run this down for you non competitive types. It's an 'entry' hazard that does damage based off of the effectiveness of the Rock type on the Pokemon. Remember when I talked about Regice being weak to rock? Yeah. So it takes 25% of his max HP JUST for coming in, and with no reliable recovery, you're not getting that back.

So you switch him into 75% health, then you have to KEEP him there so he doesn't get gimped further. Not to mention, in 4th gen Choice items started becoming a lot more popular. So it couldn't take hits nearly as well as it could before, and a lot more thing forced him out of the fight. Only to be destroyed by stealth rock yet again. It just made him all around...bad.

It's just so disappointing to see him go from a star of the show to being a garbage wall. :'(

There's unfortunately going to be a lot of really cool pokemon on this list. Though I guess that's exactly why we get the most disappointed in the first place. So you might be asking. What's wrong with Weavile?

Well. The biggest issue is the game it was introduced in. See it's no secret that the 4th generation of Pokemon was pretty bad. Especially Diamond/Pearl themselves. With the introduction to much stronger Pokemon, offensive Pokemon with really bad defenses just didn't cut it. Weavile dies to neutral hits with ease, and because of his pretty bleh typing, he gets hit super effectively very easily, and taken out with no problem.

But that's just the beginning. See Weavile is not only fragile, has a bad typing, and you can't even get it until super late game anyways. (Victory Road or right before). His movepool STINKs. He gets some decent moves if you tutor them, but overall his strongest physical move he gets is a measily 70 base power night slash at level 35. Everything else is either bad, or special.

Not even TMs help him out that much. All the moves gives him coverage he doesn't even need, or are just bad and unreliable anyways. The only decent thing he gets from TM that he can make decent use of is Brick Break, and you're just better off getting him Low kick anyways.
The thing is, competitively he's not actually that bad of a pokemon. But it's disappointing how hard you have to work to make him ANY good at all. You have to breed super specific pokemon to get ice punch, you have to grind his weak butt high enough to get Night Slash. You have to bring him into HGSS to teach him any decent tutors. But most of all you have to grind in VERY specific places so he can actually kill the things he's fighting.
Overall his biggest disappointment is how much of a pain he is to obtain, and get to a playable level, even in casual play. Which is why he's on the list.

I could probably not even say anything about Flareon, and everyone would understand. What was Gamefreak thinking? Even though he was completely outshined by Jolteon and Vaporeon in 1st gen, Flareon still gets lots of love and pleas from fans to give her stuff to make her not absolute garbage. While later she did get some pretty nice moves, it took a LONG time, and considering you got an Eevee in every generation, it was always in the back of your mind. Flareon is so cute. Why is it so crappy? :(.
Well I guess I could go into a little detail at least. I'd like to think that gamefreak was making a joke, because Flareons attack stat was OUT OF THIS WORLD, especially in 1st gen. Base 130 attack? are you kidding me? I'm not even sure if ANYTHING else got that high in that gen, except for Dragonite who beats it by a small 4 points.
What actually funny is that in first generation, before the special attack and defense split, it was actually a really decent special attacker/special wall while having that huge surprise attack stat for the first ever mixed attacker. So at first it wasn't that horribly crappy!...just until the second generation. It lost it's Special attack as it was taken down to a mediocre compared to it's attack base 95, while it became a decent Special wall of 115 base Special defense.
And that's when the problems began. With no good coverage, horrible speed, no fire physical stab even possible. Flareon was just doomed to failure two gens in a row with no hope of doing well at all.
Then what happened? 4th gen came out! Physical and Special was being changed! Flareon can finally do somethin- except it got NOTHING. All it got was superpower, and fire fang. So an extremely weak physical stab move, and an extremely predictable move that just left Flareon to die to anything before it could even hit back. (Horrible speed and all.)
Now with 5th gen out, it got a little more help with Guts, but it is still just waiting for the right support to truely shine. What we really need is Flare Blitz, Wild Charge. Extremespeed. With this stuff, Flareon could pretty easily shine in RU as a slow all-out bruiser.
Instead of being a horrible disappointing failure.

Now here's a choice you might not have seen coming. It's not something you think about a lot. But once you do, things start to turn up. So go ahead. Do some Pokemon research really quick. What is Pidgeot GOOD at. What does it do that's BETTER than the other normal/flying birds.
....Go ahead, I'll wait.
Alright you done? Did you notice something? It sucks at EVERYTHING. Almost EVERY bird outclasses it in some way(except Farfetch'd), and it has NOTHING redeeming about it except that it's quite possibly the most AWESOME looking bird in Pokemon. Even in first generation, every other (non-joke)bird was better. Fearow was faster and had more attack at the cost of only a little bit of HP and defenses. Dodrio goes even further to outclass it even more with a better movepool and even BETTER stats.
It doesn't end there though. 3rd gen came around, and Pidgeot got some of the WORST abilities in the entire game. These abilities are only beat by abilities that are used to purposely HINDER awesome pokemon. It's bad, it's really bad.
Not to mention that after that point, you got some of the best normal/flying types ever. Swellow and Staraptor don't even make the comparison fair with better stats, better moves, and better abilities. Even Chatot has something going for it that Pidgeot doesn't. A joke bird from 5th generation that doesn't evolve, is BETTER than Pidgeot. That's just sad man.
Overall, Pidgeot has nothing going for it, and no reason to be chosen over anything else except for its flowing feathers. It's too bad.

Well well well. Another 5th gen starter on the list. One of the reasons 5th gen's starters were so bad was because they were hyped up with the game. The game was going to change up the formula. New battles, new animations. Different kind of region. New gyms. It was going to be AWESOME. So what should have come with these awesome new changes? Awesome new starters. Except Gamefreak messed up in that aspect. Bad.
When I first saw Snivy, I was hype for him. It was a snake that was a cross between Buizel and Treecko, two of my more favorite Pokemon. And the hype was even higher when we saw the final evolutions for the first time. Serperior stood out to me as the most badass looking of all the 5th gen starters. He even had yellow lightning like bolts on him! Grass/Electric? That would be so sick!.
Except not only did that not happen, but he stayed pure grass type, in a generation that already had a bunch of cool grass types, almost all of them completely outclassing him.
The worst thing though was how garbage he is. He's literally useless in casual play. Mostly because of his stats. So let's see. 75 base HP, Attack....Special attack....So he's really weak in HP and attacking stats. He's not hurting anything that isn't hit super effectively, and even then. It still won't be strong.
Then the worst part. 95 defense and 95 special defense. So he's...kind of a tank. Except his HP is bad and those aren't even high.

Then 113 speed. AT LEAST EMBOAR CAN DO SOMETHING. His ONLY good stat is speed and he can do NOTHING with it. He's not tanky enough to leech seed and survive off of things. He's not offensive enough to use his awesome speed. And his movepool still even then leaves a lot to be desired.

4. Regigigas
Alright so what do you get when you take a really cool Pokemon trio. Say you're going to make a BOSS for them, and put him at the top of a puzzle tower? ALRIGHT MAN. I transferred all 3 of my Regis from R/S for this. Let's go see the BOSS. Regigigas. LOOK at those stats. How on earth could this guy be so disap- oh. Slow Start? What's that? For five turns, his attack and speed are reduced by 50%? Wow.

Regigigas is freaking awesome. Those stats could make a competitive Pokemon battler cry, and a casual one offer up their soul in exchange. He's Normal, so has an awesome offensive typing, he has a decent move pool, so he can use his awesome stats. This is the first and only Pokemon on the list that on paper is AMAZING, only to be trolled with the worst ability of all time.

An ability so bad, that he doesn't even have use in casual play. It literally just makes him a trophy Pokemon. Let's be honest. In the fast paced competitive scene, he has absolutely no hope at all of being anywhere outside of NU. Seriously, if this had been for 3 turns instead of 5, that might have made all the difference. But when you realize JUST how long 5 turns is, you realize just how disappointing this should be awesome Pokemon really is.
Just imagine if he was given a dream world ability that helped him instead of limiting him. This guy would be out of this world. But because of Nintendo's trolling, he will just be staying in the PC.

What's funny about Charizard is how much of a contrast there is about people's opinion about him. There's the fanboys who loved him when they were 5 and have been loving him ever since. Then there's the competitive scene people who know that he's absolute garbage to use.

Hey Billy what does your Charizard has for moves? Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Fire Spin, Slash. Oh really mine is Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Fire Spin, Ember. Gotta have those backup moves, yo. Seriously. Charizard, especially in the first generation, learns NOTHING good. Then the fan boys line up. WHAT YOU'RE SAYING CHARIZARD IS BAD, I'LL OWN YOU KID. EAT SOME HEAT WAVE. The funny thing about Charizard is that all his good coverage moves are physical, when his special attack is the one that shines. (Though even 109 isn't THAT amazing, just above average.)

So to make Charizard even viable at all, you have to run the Belly Drum set. Which worked alright sometimes in the first couple generations, though he was still pretty outclassed by most fire types, mostly due to his flying type giving him some horrible weaknesses and doing nothing but getting rid of the earthquake one.
So besides his horrible defenses, his only above average special attack, and actually pretty decent speed. He just has nothing to work with. Now add in all these common weakesses, and you start to have a probem. Especially when he's visited by his new friend Stealth Rock.

Yeah Stealth rock kicked him in the balls so hard that he can't even belly drum anymore. Took out one of his only niches he could have possibly done.
Charizard man. Just bad.

Articuno is one of the coolest and most beautiful pokemon out there, especially in the first couple of generations. Back in the days of the first generation, she was actually pretty freaking good. Her Special was through the roof, rock type moves weren't horribly common, and Blizzard had an amazing 90% accuracy. What wasn't there to love? You use her ice attacks to take out Lance's entire team, shrugging off any hits along the way. She was truly amazing.
Then when second generation came around, the problems started for Articuno. The special stat was split, and her special attack was left at an average base of 95. Which isn't too bad, but when you consider she's a legendary pokemon, it's really not that good. But that was only the beginning, her favorite move, Blizzard also dropped down to the 70% accuracy we know it for today. So now she had to mainly rely on her Ice beam for everything.
Then came Ruby and Sapphire. XD gave her Heal bell, which was pretty nice. She seemed viable still. She could stall out anything, using toxic to take out her enemies, or use whirlwind and shuffling out problem pokemon. But the effects of the new generations still took a toll on her.
Then came the, you guessed it. Fourth Generation. This was the nail in the disappointment coffin. One of the most favorite legendaries since the beginning, was being gunned down. By what, you may ask. Well first of all those pesky Stealth Rocks we keep bringing up. Since she ended up being a defensive pokemon, losing 50% of your health to those rocks was a pretty big let down. But then, when it came to the 4th gen additions, Articuno got the shaft, along with her sister Moltres. However there was something weird about this.

Zapdos, was BUFFED in the 4th generation. Where Zapdos got Metal Burst to deal with special walls, and baton pass to help his team out. Moltres got Will-o-wisp and Morning Sun (the latter was rendered useless by Roost, which all 3 birds got.) And Articuno got it even worse. Heal Bell and Haze. Heal Bell helped the toxic problem, but Haze was outclassed by Whirlwind/Roar anyways. But that wasn't the end. Zapdos only got hit 25% by stealth rocks, where Moltres and Articuno got hit 50%. While Moltres could still do tons of damage, and get something out of herself before she died. Articuno could do nothing. Her Ice beam was weak, and could barely even OHKO dragons.
Articuno fell into outclassed disappointment, but what makes it so bad was how slow it happened. She started off as amazing, then one generation after another, she got worse, and worse, and worse.
It was too bad.

What has four legs and sucks? Luxray. Which is extremely disappointing because he's one of the coolest looking Pokemon in the entire series, by far. I mean just look at him. How can something SO awesome end up SO bad? Well there's a lot of factors. But yet again the start of it all...was fourth generation. Do you see a trend here? Luxray has a lot of problems. The biggest being his absolutely HORRIBLE movepool. He learns 3 electric attacking moves. And all of them are horribly put in his move pool. Hey man. Gotta wait until LEVEL 17 for your Shinx to learn Spark. Then I hope you like it, because you're not getting another move until LEVEL 42, which is HARDLY EVEN ANY BETTER.
Seriously that is bad. And it doesn't end there. He's also the only Electric Pokemon you have access to for an EXTREMELY long time, and ice Pokemon aren't going to show up anytime soon either. So tough cookies, you're stuck with this awesome lion that can't hurt anyone.

His stats aren't even that good either. 120 attack is great, if he had some moves that could actually utilize it decently. But then everything else is garbage. His HP, Defense, and Special Defense are all under 80, which is very fragile all around. Not to mention his HORRIBLE 70 speed, so you're not out speeding anything, even as an electric type. At least Ampharos had decent bulk and awesome Special attack to make up for its bad speed. But that's not the case for Luxray.
After some tutors you can give him a somewhat okay moveset, but it's still pretty bad, and you have to work hard to even get those things. They're also nowhere to be found in the original Diamond/Pearl. So in those days, when he was introduced, you were just out of luck.
One of the bigger things that really would have helped him was to make him Electric/Dark type. Seriously, his entire line is black and he acts like a badass, while getting lots of dark moves. So why not? It would have helped his cause to have a Stab Crunch. But didn't happen.
He has all the factors of disappointment, all rolled into one disappointing pokemon. Only electric Pokemon accessible early in D/P. Came in the fourth generation. One of the worst move pools. Some of the worst stats. No competitive use. He's just...all around bad, and he was just so cool. Which makes him the most disappointing Pokemon of all time.

Honorable mentions of disappoint:
Electivire. (Only 1 thing kept it off this list. It's amazing movepool, and therefore amazing coverage. Outside of competitive it's a beast in casuals, and that alone only really makes him only disappointing to people in the competitive scene)
Glaceon. (Glaceon just barely loses out to Flareon as worst Eeveelution. Mostly because she can still do something with her extremely painful ice beam, and actually very decent defenses. The problem is her 65 base speed and horrible typing. She's as slow as Emboar and barely faster then even swampert, while her Ice team makes her die to anything super effective, which as we talk about a lot in this list, is everything common.)
Bastiodon (His entire point is to be an amazing wall...then has one of the worst types for it. Rock/Steel makes him 4x weak to fighting AND ground moves. He's not walling anything.
Meganium (Let's be super slow, weak to everything in Gold and Silver, learn nothing good, and be the worst starter of all time. It'd be on this list, except for the fact that nobody excepted it to be good. So there wasn't much to be disappointed about.)
Samurott (Two 5th gen starters on one list? Honestly even Samurott barely slipped by. Let's go from an awesome samurai otter, to a weird ass unicorn...okay bro. But besides that, he's alright for the most part. If you keep him out of competitive battling, he's a beast. And even in NU he's pretty good instead of just outright useless. So he got beat out by his two 5th gen brothers, and instead is just an honorable mention.
There's a topic with the same name on a site called projectpokemon, which helped in a few cases where I didn't need to do as much information gathering myself. It was a help, even though the list is based purely on competitive battling, and is also wrong in a few cases.
Thank you for reading my list, if you have some input on my next list, the most surpisingly awesome pokemon of all time, feel free to contact me with ideas and you will be credited.

List by BlackSabor (03/27/2013)

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