So many games were created for the Sega Genesis, and some of the greatest of these games were RPGs. I always remember the days when I was a little kid, playin these games on my Sega Genesis. These ten RPGs stick out in my mind above all others

Treasure was great as a game designer for the Genesis. After creating the almighty Gunstar Heroes, Treasure turned its attention to an RPG. Light Crusader is the result. Your mission is simple: take up your sword, find a bunch of missing villagers, and slay the demon that lays underneath the castle. Fun, no? Well, Treasure does its best by creating interesting landscapes from what could've been six straight levels of labyrinth. I mean, who else would put a tank, a giant blob, and a fire-breathing dragon in the same game? The best part is that it all makes sense. Try this game: I guarantee you'll have fun.

Climax Entertainment has more to its name than just Shining Force. Landstalker is a unique and fun-filled adventure that's fit for any RPG-enthusiast. Your goal: Find the treasure. That's right, you're not out to slay demons, save princesses, or save the world. You're out to fill your own damn pocket. you just happen to do all that stuff in the process. I highly recommend this as a game that eases a player into the harder-core RPGs. Enjoy!

I like to think of this game as a farewell to the FPRPG (First Person Role Playing Game) The first game to take the name Shining, it does not disappoint. You and two of your friends forge your way through a labyrinth to face an evil that is facing the land. Simple? Far from it. Along the way, you must pass ancient tests, forge weapons from ores, and find the mythical weapons of light in order to combat pure darkness. I guarantee this game will consume at least 24 hours of your life. Have fun!

Following in the success of Shining Force, Sonic Team decided to create Shining Force II. A much larger game than the original, Shining Force II does not disappoint players in the variety of characters, number of battles, and myriad of new opponents. One thing though: If one is to play this game, play the original first, to get a grip on the battle system, and some of the storyline.

An interesting combination of first person wilderness roaming, overhead battles and townscapes, and a sidescrolling boss battle system. & it was all done with 1990 graphics. One must admit that this game is extremely impressive for its time. The right balance of magic, story, battling, and variety of towns gives players of this game an engrossing experience. I know this game is 15 years old, but that is no excuse not to play this game. It won't let you down.

Finally!! An RPG that incorporates the Matrix! WOOHOO!!! But seriously, Shadowrun is an awesome RPG that many think isn't an RPG at all. Your brother has just been murdered, and you travel to a run-down, futuristic Seattle to find out who, or what, murdered your brother. Just the right dash of magic, both arcane and tribal, coupled with a splurge of technology and the Matrix, make this game a definite YES on this top ten list. GET THIS GAME! I COMMAND YOU!!

What must be said about Shining Force? The fact that it was the first of many top-view strategy RPGs? That it revolutionized the gaming industry? No. What must be said is the fact that thsi game is just so much fun to play!! Choose 11 characters out of a possible 30 to go with your hero and crush the forces of evil! Enjoy!!

Oh, how 1994 was a great year for RPGs. Final Fantasy III, Phantasy Star IV, Shadowrun, and Beyond Oasis. Beyond Oasis is the story of a young man who finds a magical armlet, and becomes intertwined in the ultimate battle of good and evil. Unique use of the elements, a myriad of enemies, challenging and fun bosses, and an assortment of sidequests all make for a great experience for any player.

Ah, Phantasy Star II. This was the first game I ever played for the Sega Genesis, and the first game I ever played. .As such, it has left quite the mark in my mind. From an objective view, PSII is one of the hardest RPGs out there. As was normal for the time, there was a map and a help booklet that came with the game. Quite frankly, I'm surprised I got as far as I did without the help booklet. Even though this game is over 15 years old, it is by far one of the greatest RPGs on the Genesis, and of all time for that matter.

In 1994, two of the greatest RPGs ever came out on opposing systems. One was Final Fantasy III for the SNES. The other was Phantasy Star IV on the Sega Genesis. It is almost unfair to have to choose between these two games; after all, they were SOO good. PSIV is the last in the Phantasy Star line on the Genesis, and did it go out with a bang. The disappointment left by PSIII was more than made up by this game. The graphics, sound, music, characters, battle system, and original storyline all combine to form this masterpiece. That is why this game is rated as the greatest Genesis RPG. I urge all who have the opportunity to play this game to do so: you will NOT regret it.

To conclude my top ten list, I must say that these games are all great in their own aspects. Some excel in areas others don't. However, when making this list, ALL aspects of the game had to cohere in some form; the list shows those games that combine all aspects in the way that is the most fun.

List by cloudff72000 (11/21/2005)

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